280. St. Paul’s, Concord, New Hampshire

It took some discussion in our group whether to put this school on this list. It isn’t that we are against rituals which involve sexual acts. In fact we have a kind of education crisis in Denmark because some of the universities have decided to attract foreign students instead of Danish students by ordering the introduction courses to include less alcohol and sexual rituals.

It is hard to explain to the Danish tax-payers why we should pay for universities which don’t focus on Danish traditions and attract Danish students. We understand that our customs can be viewed as strange and scary for some foreign students but to stop attracting Danish students by denying our customs to be used in the universities should be center of attention for our politicians.

But we do understand that the girl in the case from Saint Paul was forced into something she didn’t want and a gentleman should respect the boundaries of a woman, so Saint Paul want put on this blog because it cannot be fun to be there as female students if the male student body see them as objects instead of human beings.

Boarding School Student Sexually Assaulted in Annual ‘Dating Rite’ (Jezebel)

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Danish immigrant, but very integrated. After having worked for another research center, I have recently started working for International Culture Exchange where I serve the youth and their families wanting to become an exchange student.

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