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82. The Cornerstone Program

A former addict named Bob Meehan created a number of drug rehab programs. Once the clients were able to leave the program they were not that satisfied.

About the founder it is stated:

Meehan is a bigot. He refers to Muslims as “towel-heads”. He refers to Jesus as a “dead (((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE)))-boy on a stick”, offending both Christians and (((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE))). Africans are referred to as “(((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE)))” and staff is taught that Africans are less evolved than whites. Hispanics are called “(((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE)))” or “(((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE))).” Women are b***hes. Gays, according to Meehan are “(((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE)))” or “(((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE)))” who “suck their own s*** off other people’s d****.” These are Meehan’s words.

Meehan sits atop this empire yet he has no education, no training, no license (as a clinician), no certifications, and no degrees. To my knowledge he has not attended a single training class in his 30+ years as the “Father of Drug Intervention”. He knows nothing of pharmacology, cannot state the 12-core functions of substance abuse counseling, and has never completed any type of supervised practicuum. He is simply an ex-convict who claims to have a better understanding of addiction and recovery than anyone else in the world.

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


81. The Brown Schools

The Brown schools was located all over the United States. There was a time for them and then they ran into tons of lawsuits.

They closed. Teenagers was nu prevented from entering a place so depressing that life seemed to hard to survive.

It was not a place for teenagers.


80. Royal Gorge Academy

Royal Gorge Academy was located in Canon City, Colorado. From the very start some people believed that it was a part of the horrible WWASP-chain responsible for looking thousand of teenagers up in the United States for no good reasons.

It was not existing for very long as the police intervened against the violence used at the facility. The manager got sent to prison which should have happened sooner as he had a long dark history working within this line of business.

Not all students were freed. Some were send to Louisiana to a place called Red River Academy, which was just as bad and placed in a state where the well-being of children is not something the policians and the police concern themselves about.

Goober napping is a term used in connection with this school as well as with others. It is when parents hire goons to drag their children off to schools like Royal Gorge in shackles.

Royal Gorge Academy or Royal Peak Academy as it also was called did not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


79. Pathfinders Wilderness Program

Pathfinders Wilderness Program run by a certain guy named Mike Parr was just a wilderness program like many others. Teenagers ran from the program. The employees used violence. The police investigated. License they didn’t care about.

In the end it wasn’t a place you wanted to be as a teenager. Maybe that is the reason that they are no longer in operation.


78. Open Sky Wilderness Therapy

Open Sky operates one of the dangerous wilderness therapy programs in the United States. They are based in Colorado but do also operate on land in Utah.

In Salt Lake Tribune you read the following text:

Recent sheriff’s records: In October 2007, a girl ran away from Open Sky and ended up on a woman’s porch with no shoes, saying she had been kidnapped and her wrist was hurt when she refused to submit to a strip search, according to a report from the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office. Her father, who lives in San Francisco, retrieved her and said it was the fourth such camp she had run away from. The same month, another girl fell about 20 feet and was taken to a hospital with neck and back pain.

It does not sound like a nice place to be as a teenager.


77. Mountain Homes Youth Ranch

It has been used by Dr. Phil and it is located in Colorado. It does not sound very nice if you are there as a person. It is in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do like ordinary teenagers do.

One mother managed to secure $40,000 from the school for the time her son spent there.

Something was very wrong and that is why the school are listed on the website of HEAL-online, which is a human rights organization in the United States.

It does not sound like a nice place for a teenager.


76. Monarch Center for Family Healing

It has been featured on the German version of “Brat Camp” known as “Teenager ausser kontrolle”. There was once a girl who got pregnant during the program.

It sounds a little out of control. And the Gestalt Therapy things sounds odd as best. It does not sound like a place to be as a teenager.


75. Prague

Normally I write about boarding schools, wilderness programs and other places teenagers can be sent to. In this case I will write about a town I have been to recently. It was marketed as a place to binge drink so 12,000 Danish students were lured to the town with promise of cheap drinks, hot girls and a lot of party.

What we did experience was a town which didn’t like tourists. I guess that the massive invasion of Danish students caused some xenophobia among the citizens but the entire concept of the Czech Republic being for teenagers was a scam. It was as we had been detained at some worn down second rated boarding school like the Morava Academy the authorities in the Czech Republic closed due to suspicion of abuse.

It is a town with nothing to offer beside what we was promised and even that they could not manage to put together. Prague is not a place for teenagers.

74. Excelsior Youth Center

Escapes, suicides and employees taking personal items belonging to the teenagers who are forced to live at this treatment center is just something which are known to these two places located in Washington and Colorado.

On Myspace there was stories of suicides. A parent writes:

If you honestly want to send your daughter somewhere DO NOT SEND THEM HERE. Absolutely rude staff. They stole my daughters earrings and three of her books, one tried to pocket her iPod Touch but I came in to their office and needless to say she got it back immediately after. The therapists make the girls feel like less than dirt, and junk them up on medications not even fit for an issue they have. They tried to get my daughter on an antipsychotic and other meds for a slight depression. The teachers in the school are rude and make the girls feel worse than the therapists do. Absolute crap.

It does not sound a fun place to be as a teenager.

Update 2017

The management informed the medias that they will shot the treatment center down: Iconic Excelsior youth center shutting after decades in Aurora and roots that go back a century


73. Emily Griffith Center

This treatment had been in operation for almost 70 years when it closed. A woman working at the center had started a relationship with one of the children. A massive no-no.

It does not sound like a fun place to be for teenagers and it is closed today.