281. Duke of York’s Royal Military School

Solitary confinement along with unusual and strange punishments like performing task with the mouth filled with water was part of the life students at Duke of York’s Royal Military School had to endure.

When a teacher and parent tried to inform the public about the environment filled with fear they were arrested charged with stealing documents from the school.

If they should be guilty of a crime, the law must be changed. We are living in a time where we with horror have learned that a large number of children have been abused while none cared.

So to safeguard the children there cannot exist a law preventing teachers and parents to provide the truth about what is going on at such schools.

The authorities need to look closely at this school so the name of the Duke of York will not be remembered with shame whenever it is mentioned.


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Danish immigrant, but very integrated. After having worked for another research center, I have recently started working for International Culture Exchange where I serve the youth and their families wanting to become an exchange student.

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