483. Majestic Ranch Academy

Majestic Ranch Academy is now known as Old West Ranch Academy. It used to be a part of the WWASP organization. When WWASP closed down due to negative press many of the former facilities were renamed and started to function independent of the previous organization while maintaining the curriculum.

Despite new names many of them continued to be target of investigations and later closure like Midwest Academy and Red River Academy which is not closed but hit by a lawsuit.

While no lawsuit presently is public, the track record of the place makes it safe to claim that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


482. Brookhaven Youth Ranch

2016 marked the second time a boy lost his life while he was forced to stay at Brookhaven Youth Ranch near Waco in Texas. The place is for teenagers courtordered by local juvenile courts but none of the punishment instated by the courts seem to include death penalty. Still two boys didn’t leave the ranch alive.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


481. Shandong Science and Technology Defense Academy

A girl who was there and escaped the facility managed to stab her father and starve her mother to death. We can only guess how cruel the conditions must be when the outcome can become so tragic for the entire family.

The entire concept of treating Internet Addiction – an illness invented as part of a hoax in 1995 – is tragic. It is an industry motivated by money displaying no remorse against all the victims they hurt.

It is safe to say that is not fun to be there as a teenager.

480. Elmbridge Boarding School aka Fyfield Boarding School

Recent arrests show that it was more than a rumor that there was abuse going on at this now-closed boarding school for boys. The school was located in Ongar, Essex. Brentwood Police is doing the investigation.

The children were shown porn movies, provided with alcohol which due to their limited experience into drinking made them easy targets. Rapes were mentioned in the media.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


479. Boston Children’s Hospital

Today Boston Children’s Hospital is mostly known outside the United States for the Justina Pelletier. The teenage girl was treated and diagnosed by the Tufts Medical Center when she was admitted to the hospital during a vacation. Here the hospital out of the blue suddenly second-guessed the diagnose the medical center had found.

When her parent protested the new diagnose stopping treatment of the original illness out of fear of the possibility of a worsen health the hospital went to the courts and the parents lost guardianship so the hospital could have their newfound guinea pig for themselves putting the poor through exhausting therapy.

Finally the judge discovered his mistake and reverted the guardianship to the parents. Since her return home she has been through surgery.

This case caught the attention of the media mostly because her parents had the strength to approach them. What if there are several others who go through therapy against their will?

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager if you are held there against your will.


478. Logan River Academy

Logan River Academy located in Utah has been criticized for their use of isolation as punishment called DEVOs. While some claim that the facility has tried to address this issue, teenagers are still prevented from communication with peers back home after their so-called enrollment.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


477. The Red House

The Danish organization Tvind, which is under investigation by the authorities while their manager is wanted by Interpol, also has a department in United Kingdom called The Red House.

The authrorities in the United Kingdom use is because it is cheaper than a secure unit without doing proper supervision to ensure that the stay benefits the children in the care of The Red House. It is unclear if the involved social workers are fooled or they receive kick-backs.

The children are used as child labor benefitting the for-profit so-called humanitarian unit also run by the Tvind organization.

They are also exposed to damaging group pressure.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


476. Den Internationale Efterskole and Friskolen in Tvind

Both schools are a part of the Tvind imperium where the owner has been wanted by the Danish authorities for several years.

Today the leader of Tvind is hiding in the northern part of Mexico where he owns is own designed city. The Danish author Synnøve Søe was sent there while she was a teenager. She put boiling water on her feet in order to get an injury so she could escape. Even the teachers became a part of socialist confession and were obliged to place part of their salary in a fond controlled by the management. Many never saw any benefit from the paid money. A lot of teenagers suffered accidents as part of the poorly supervised labor they were ordered to do. Others were suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder as result of their stay there.

Most had their stay and tuition paid by the social services even after the authorities started their investigation and the lawsuits. In some cases the social services failed to realize where they sent the children. They were not caring as long the children were not heard from. It is still the case today although the total enrollment has lowered.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


475. Liahona Academy

This facility located near Hurricane in Utah is male-only. Today it is mostly known for a death, which occured around 2010. Several employees used to work for the now-closed controversial Cross Creek facility.

The students seems to have been subjected to forced hair cuts. A former student named Ryan writes:

It’s my moral obligation to inform parents of the abuse. After suffering from clinical depression and being diagnosed as having a true chemical imbalance I can tell you The actions takin at this school only worsened my condition. After attempting suicide while in attendance and being beaten by Parker Haslam (on multiple occasions) I was told by Parker himself that I should kill myself, But I wouldn’t be able to because I was so selfish. Every cry for help was called manipulation by the staff and this facility left me with trauma that still creeps up till this day. I’m a grown man now, I’ve had real phsychological help from a therapist who actually addresses my issues including the trauma I received from the mental/physical abuse at liahona. I’m happy and have found joy in life again thanks to God and the love of my family. I just have to speak my peace about the abuses here and both me and my mother regret ever deciding to attend this program.

A strange essay program combined with schooling which is difficult to get credits for when the teenagers return to their home state makes it safe to state that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


474. Refugee camp, Thessalonik, Greece

A refugee camp located in a former Softex toilet roll factory near Thessalonik in Greece is known for housing children in risk of abuse. Corruption has undermined the safety so local criminals can target the innocent children placing them in risk of sexual abuse.

This camp was created because the European Union failed as a union. It is every country for itself. Every country has put up fences and border control. The children are stuck in camps with poor supervision and placed in risk of abuse due to lack of control with employees and visitors. The government of Greece are without means to react as the irresponsible population has neglected to pay taxes and work hard for many years leaving the authorities without money to hire proper staff.

It cannot be fun to be there as a child.

‘Sexual assaults on children’ at Greek refugee camps (The Guardian)