787. Masters Ranch West

Recently the authorities intervened and removed more than 30 boys from the ranch located near Prescott in the state of Washington. One of the employees are investigated for third-degree child molestation and communicating with a minor for immoral purposes.

The result of a visit by both the Walla Walla County detectives and Child Protective Services case prompted the authorities to relocate the children at the ranch.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


786. Acadia Montana

During its shortlived lifespan Acadia Montana went through a number of changing management, change of staff and the children were not provided with the promised care. In the end all the local community cared about was the loss of jobs rather than the welfare of the children placed at the facility.

Previous it was known as Rivendell of Montana

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


785. Union Juvenile Residential Facility

Union Juvenile Residential Facility located in Raiford, Florida was notified by the state that the children in their care would be removed after a battery case.

The facility is owned by Sequel TSI who had similar issues with their facilities in Utah.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


784. Indian Oaks Academy

Indian Oaks Academy in Manteno, Illinois was mentioned in the media related to cases where youth placed in the facility used the lack of supervision to abuse each other. One article mentions 17 cases of sexual assault or abuse against its at-risk residents over a period of 30 months.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


783. Mingus Mountain Academy

2020 it was revealed to the public that the facility which is a youth asylum marketing some kind of unproven treatment methods had a large number of persons suffering from Covid-19. The nature of the facility properly did not allow the students to be separated from each other and there are no reports that the facility tried to alter the grouping of students to prevent the virus from spreading for start serving individual meals in small groups for the same reason.

More than 80 students were tested positive for the virus and a large number of employees also. This shows that if a facility is unable to group students in isolated groups no bigger than 8 students while still maintaining a minimum distance of at least 1 meter between each person, they should not be operating. They should shut down.

As Covid-19 is a dangerous and deadly illness, some of the students are at risk of dying.

The facility had hoped to keep the outbreak a secret until they were ready to deliver the caskets with dead girls back to the families according to ABC news.

It cannot be fun to be there as a student.


782. The Never Give Up Youth Healing Center

Located on the same property as the now-closed New Horizon Academy, the school was raided by the police. The water on the property is still contaminated. It is not safe to drink. Apparently the employees have something to hide as the police arrested on the employees for obstructing an officer executing the search warrant.

A lot on their website indicate that they use the same structure as the other company. It seems that the methods used by the now-defunct WWASP chain are still used by small firms who rent property at buildings that previous housed WWASP schools.

It remains unclear what they treat the teenagers for. Back in the WWASP days it was only about detention of children, the parents did not have time for. A lot of games were constructed to make it look like it was treatment but it was basically the same nonsens you see at many sales conventions motivating good spirit and results. It was not treatment of serious mental health issues.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


781. Horace Mann School

The Horace Mann School was investigated due to a number of cases involving employees having various kinds of sexual interactions with their students.

The school claims that protocols to prevent future cases have been put in place. However it does not change the past. Back then it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


780. The Lawrenceville School

A quick search on this school has revealed at least two cases where employees have been investigated for misconduct against students.

A dorm duty master and a housemaster are under investigation. The question remains whether the school has implemented policies to prevent future incidents like those who happened to students in the past from happening again.

Until then it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


779. Phillips Academy

The Phillips Academy in Massachusetts used an employee who also worked parttime at the infamous Boston Childrens Hospital best known in the public for the Pelletier case. The employee was convicted of child pornography charges.

The school had received complaints over the actions of the employee for a number of years and decided not to renew the contract hoping that it all just would go away quietly. It did not. The police started an investigation after findings on the Internet.

The school stated

John Palfrey, the head of school at Phillips Academy, also had said in an email to students and parents after Keller’s arrest that the decision to not renew Keller’s contract was based on professional misconduct unrelated to the federal case. Palfrey said Keller had been reprimanded in 1999 for using a school computer to access adult pornography and had shown an inappropriate cartoon to students in 2002.

The questions remain if parents should believe that story. We doubt that it could be a fun place to be as a teenager.

Doctor in Mass. child porn case pleads guilty (San Diego Union Tribune)

778. Milton Academy

Restless Virgins is a book inspired by an incident which took place at this boarding school in Massachusetts. Some might ask why the school did not take precautions to prevent a number boys from having sex with a single girl under circumstances where the girls might have felt pressured into performing the act. Maybe because the culture at the school was bad and corrupted due to a number of boys having become victim of a teacher named Buono.

This toxic environment resulted in humiliating treatment of a girl and the responsability of that is with the school management.

It could not have been fun to be there as a student.