947. Pilgrims Rest Ministry and Reconciliation

Pilgrims Rest Ministry and Reconciliation is mentioned in the press in relationship with arrest of several employees charged with abuse charges.

One of the employees who was arrested used to work for Agape School in Missouri which is a school that have been center of abuse accusations and is also closing in 2023.

The police now have the employees in custody and if just a little bit of the alleged abuse had been taken place, it is safe to state that it could not have been a fun place to be as a teenager.


946. Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents 

The Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescentslocated in New Kent, Virginia is based on reviews found on the Internet accused of being understaffed which can affect the result of the treatment the children get.

Here is one the reviews made by a parent

While I am happy that my child is getting the treatment he needs for weight, the behavior of the other children has set him back severely. He is starting to give up hope at ever returning home. He has no access to counseling on the weekends and most of the weekdays and he needs more consistent mental health care than they are able to provide. The fact that they are always understaffed doesn’t help at all. I feel lost as a parent hearing my child cry over the phone and constantly being told I cant speak with him because they are doing protocol

Deckland Knee


My friend has a child that was transferred from NY to this facility and not once they allowed my friend to speak to his son , it’s been about 4 months. We called, he called left numerous messages not once they reached out to us.
Than one day before this all started, I came across the hospital ratings, it was so disturbing to read what I have read. It’s crazy. Could anyone give some advice, or referrals plz …thank you
God bless.
I know abuse is definitely an issue

Izabella Iriz

There are also a number of reviews made by former patients. Over all it does not paint a bright picture of the facility.

More recently it was revealed that a former long-time employee might have abused his position and as result the police has charged him with four felony sex crimes in connection with abuse. Also a lawsuit has been filed. The outcome of the legal proceedings is yet not over, but in general it must be considered safe to state that it is not a fun place to be as a child in need of treatment.


946. Arivaca Boys Ranch

The facility was located in Arizona. The target group was teenage boys. Feedback from parents were very mixed as it seemed that the diagnoses the teenage boys arrived with was a bit too complicated for the mostly untrained staff to handle.

Here are some of the reviews.

Absolutely DO NOT send your kiddo here for treatment of ADHD, PTSD, ODD or other mental health issues.  They are not qualified to provide care for these types of challenges.  I placed my son there just last Friday (6/18/2021) and by Monday I received a call that they couldn’t handle him.  The therapist who called me literally said “I am talking to him softly and trying to redirect him but it is not working”.  She then asked me what she should do!!  They were fully aware of his history of prior hospitalizations, trauma and aggression and yet they still led me to believe they could help him.

Keep in mind, we live 1600 miles away and I had literally just returned home after placing him in their care when they called me.  My son was transferred to a local crisis center and then to a local behavioral center (he is actually still there until we can make other arrangements to get him back closer to home).  I cannot even begin to imagine how much additional trauma my son has experienced with all of this.

Jody P. from California

My son went about five years ago and now I hear about all the things that went on. I fought with Ron that entire 10 months he was there because they did not have the people and staff that were adequate for what these kids needed. Kids were getting the drugs for the horses, Ron sold out to my sons father who was the enabler for a truck and other things that could be used by his school. He doesn’t care about the children that are there and it’s only about the money. This is the most unprofessional, understaffed,
And enabling place you could send your child. The counselors aren’t even to the caliber they should be. Once they get your money, they care less what your child does or if he ever gets healthy. If you have a parent that is enabling your child, they can buy Ron out to let the child do whatever they want as long as you give Ron money or other things. It is a big joke now with my son five years later and what a horrible place this was and not helpful at all! Ron is basically a money hungry uncaring human. Save your money and put it somewhere else. If this place isn’t shut down now it should be shut down! When you look at the bad reviews, trust them. I noticed that my review from years ago that was bad was taken down by them. So, I am putting another one on here in case they are not closed
people should be aware that this just a money making scheme for the owner. That would be you Ron. You should hang your head in shame. You care nothing about the boys or their sobriety.

Sandra L. from Mesa


945. Brooklawn

Brooklawn is a treatment center in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2022 the media reported that a child aged only 7-year-old had died at the facility.

When the cause of death was reported to be positional asphyxia it became clear that the guidelines the employees follow was very wrong. In the end, it is always the responsibility of the management and in the end the owners to secure that employees work using guidelines that does not bring risk of harm and death to the children, they have in their care.

It cannot be fun to be there as a child.


944. Vista Dimple Dell Canyon

In 2022 the center was reported to be about to close. The media spoke of numerous complaints concerning the treatment of the patients.

Reviews are not that positive. Here are some testimonies from former patients:

Nobody should EVER go through the abuse kids are put through here. Every single day since the day I was released from this prison atmosphere two years ago I have to deal with the trauma I have from this place. Not only was I not allowed to speak (a basic human right) for weeks at a time (once for leaving a bottle of shampoo in the shower on accident), but staff forced kids to turn on each other and bash each other in group settings. I will never be the same person and left the program with lifetime resent towards my parents and countless mental health issues.

Kristen on Google

I am about a year and a half out from this program and have had time think about the six months i spent there. I still have a lot to work through and am currently working on with my current therapist. I feel as if I can confidently say that Vista Sage shattered my trust in the therapist client relationship for a while along with my confidence to succeed. I would highly recommend finding other places ( preferably in the woods ) for your children if you don’t want them to resent you for the rest of their lives. This place is a breeding ground for people to get rich off the backs of kids that are just trying to get by. Very Disappointing and I hope more people come out about their experience.

Celeste on Google

I attended this place in 2018. When I got there, instantly I knew that this place was not going to benefit my mental health. The staff basically makes it known that snitching on other students and betraying their trust, would further your treatment. If I did anything wrong, their solution was to not allow me to speak, or anyone to speak to me for a week. Not too sure how that is supposed to do anything other than make the child feel alone and desperate. I had multiple staff/ therapists tell me I was never going to change if I decided to leave when I turned 18. One of the therapist, who wasn’t even assigned to me, made it a point to have everyone gather in a group and literally shame me for everything I did infront of me. Not to mention they tried to hide from the parents the fact that staff were sneaking vapes in for the kids. This place is truly disgusting to the core. It’s because of places like this that breaking code silence exists. I hope everyone who went here is recovering from the trauma I know most of us still deal with. I honestly wish I could write a whole book on how horrible Vista Sage is.

Anna on Google

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


943. Take Care

Take Care was a group home located in Maribo on the southern island Lolland in Denmark. In 2021 and 2022 the media published several articles questioning the use of force against the youth placed at the facilities. Late 2022 the police in Denmark charged 6 employees for the use of unnecessary force against the youth.

Also the question about the economy was questioned as the facility charged the social services DKK 75,000 per month for treatment of the youth while the facilities donated an amount of between 150,000 and 200,000 to care abroad.

The facilities were closed by the authorities in 2022. The management is trying to reopen the facilities under new names. Ubasen seems to be one of them.

Later a trial against 6 employees were started. They were charged with various accounts of assault.


942. Pohjolakoti 

Pohjolakoti located in Muhos, Finland is a group home controlled by the organisation Nuorten Ystävät. They run a number units for the child welfare authorities, people with special needs and people in need of social rehabilitation and employment. They also control some private schools and clubhouses.

The Pohjolakoti group home became a subject of investigations back in 2011 when it was revealed that they had detained children in prison cells. Also the use of restraints was criticized. While the investigation did not result in any criminal conviction, it forced the facility to make changes in its policies.

However it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager before the attention by medias forced the changes to be made.


941. Solbacka Läroverk

Solbacka Läroverk was a boarding school foundeed in 1901 which closed in 1973.

For the first number of decades it was for boys only but in the late 1940’s, girls were allowed to enter. It closed due failing enrollment.

Later the daily life and testimonies of abuse were revealed. The book “Ondskan” by Jan Guillou is written based on his experiences at Solbacka.

It could not have been fun to be there as a student.


940. TSI Owens Cross Roads

This facility will change name. If it will change its way, remains to doubt. Fact is that criticism against the facility include unsafe living conditions, staff abuse and neglect, and improper and excessive use of restraints. A number of students tried to escape the facility over the years making themselves and possible residents at risk.

As of May 2022 it is empty.

Numerous facilities operated by Sequel TSI have been investigated. Because Sequel TSI basically is a business they rebrand as Brighter Path of Alabama, so they can continue their way to conduct business after using some paint and money on new marketing material. Why the authorities fall for this scheme remains a mystery.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


939. Capital Christian School

The Capital Christian School located in Sacramento, has recently been in the news when former students told the world of the abuse they suffered of the hands of a former teacher. An abuse they claimed the school was informed of. Also more recently parents were surprised that they were kept in the dark of alleged abuse while the police investigated.

Sometime might indicated that it could not be fun to be a students at the school if you are one of the unlucky ones who falls victim for a molester.