348. Future Expectations Today

The program located with an office near Flower Mound in Texas is best know for having been one of the programs which were kicked out of Mexico due to what the local authorities in Mexico called human rights violations.

Today they market themselves as a kind of rehab program lasting typical 6 months.

Based on their past history and feedbacks from the teenagers who have been there it is safe to state that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


347. Five Oaks Achievement Center

In 2010 a 17 year old teenager died during a hike while being forced to live at the facility. Because there were so many incidents at that time involving foster kids in Texas nothing was done in relationship with the death.

In 2015 it was reported that the local sheriff was very worried due to the high number of runaways from the facility. It is safe to state that something is wrong there when no less than 16 times the sheriff can to respond to cases involving 23 runaways.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


346. Daystar Residential, Inc.

Daystar Residential, Inc. was located in Manvel, Texas. They are most likely best known for the death of 4 teenagers in the years between 1993 and 2010.

The state reported that the facility had to close down in 2011 because their license was revoked.

It is safe to state that it could not have been a fun place to be as a teenager.


345. Azleway Boy’s Ranch

Two boys from Azleway Boy’s Ranch ran away. Not wanting to go back to the place they were held, they decided to end their lives on the tracks. We can only wonder how the conditions at the ranch must have been if they saw death as a better option for their future.

Years later the state of Texas decided to close the charter school the owners also ran.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


344. The Village

The Village formerly known as Peninsula Village consisted of a residential program with two difference phases. First there was a strict hospital like environment where the teenagers were put in mechanical restraints or simply physical restrained whenever the employees wanted fun. The second phase was a boot camp styled wilderness experience in a nearby enclosed wilderness area.

A book was written about the facility called “Bad Girl” by Abigail Vona.

Having read the book it is safe to say that it was not fun to be there as a teenager. The program has been sold to new owners since the period where the author was committed to the asylum but almost everything was awful to read about.


343. Basic Life Principles Training Center

Basic Life Principles Training Center located in Little Rock, Arkansas is now best known for having housed Josh Duggar for a period after he admitted to have molested some girls. It was founded by Bill Gothard in 1961. However the founder had to resign after he was accused of sexual harassment against 30 young teenagers and women.

What Josh Duggar might have received of “treatment” in a place based on such values towards women cannot have improved his behavior and it produce the question whether he still pose a threat against women under certain circumstances.

It couldn’t have been fun to be there as a female teenager.


342. Advent Home Learning Center

Advent Home Learning Center located near Calhoun in Tennessee claims that they can treat severe medical illnesses like ADHD with prayers.

This is dangerous. Real illnesses demand real doctors and real medicine.

A parent wrote:

The man who runs this placed convinced me that my son needed to be here; that what I was doing as a parent wasn’t enough and that this was the only answer. I listened, but over the following months my son became increasing hateful towards myself, God, and himself. He was an atheist to begin with, but this was the most emotionally violent I have ever seen him. His grades did not improve (and actually, he didn’t receive credit for the courses he took here), and he became steadily more unstable. I agreed to take him out, after his father and I talked about it; it just wasn’t helping. He attempted suicide, and we removed him a few months later. Our relationship is not the same. Be wary of the claims made. This program has the potential to help SOME children, but it does not and cannot address disorders such as clinical depression and a.d.h.d.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


341. Achievement Valley Ranch

Achievement Valley Ranch in Westmoreland, Tennessee existed for 6 years before it closed. No reason were given for its closure. It was founded by a mother who had abandoned her own kid to another place.

It is listed on HEAL-onlines list of closed programs.

To be shipped away by your own family like damaged goods is always traumatic and it makes it hard to believe that staying at the ranch could be fun for the teenagers.

Rest in pieces (HEAL-online)

340. New Hope Carolinas treatment center

New Hope Carolinas treatment center is a treatment center in South Carolina. In 2010 a boy died at the facility shortly after being enrolled there.

Difficult issues demands both professional treatment but also treatment in respect for the patient and it seems that the treatment lack that element.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


339. Himmelbjerggården

Himmelbjerggården is a facility located near Ry in Denmark. It houses children and teenagers which need treatment for various issues. Around 2014 they accepted a 15 year old boy despite not being able to handle the teenager. As result of this decision an employee was raped. Before this tragedy the facility had been ordered to upgrade their security but at the night of the rape the phones were not working and due to the remote location no cell phones will work in the area.

The boy was sentenced to two years and 6 months in prison. In an earlier trial he was sentenced for an assault on another resident at the facility.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager if the security is not in order and the employees are not trained to handle the issues the teenagers are sent there to be treated for.



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