592. Fairbridge Farm

Fairbridge Farm located near Pinjarra in Australia was a dumping place for helpless children exported from United Kingdom so the workload of case workers could be lighter.

At the farm they suffered unkind treatment from the staff. Some were lied to and told that their parents had died.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


591. Bindoon Boys Town

Bindoon Boys Town was located in Australia. The buildings can still be seen. It can be located on the maps by searching for Catholic Agricultural College in Bindoon.

From around 1950 until 1974 a number of children were sent there from United Kingdom. Some lied to that their parents had died. The reason for the move was to ease the workload of case workers at the social services in United Kingdom. Many of the children were put into manual labor and some sexual abused.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


590. The Ukaliusaq School

The Ukaliusaq school in Godthaab called Nuuk by locals has been the center of a molestion case where students tied a girls up, removed her trousers and took photos posting them on social networks like Facebook.

The last day of the school-year 2016-2017 where the students celebrate was cancelled. Investigation is ongoing.

The harsh climate has not made it easy to run a school. In 2008 the school had to be closed due to risk of power shorting. In 2011 there was fire which meant some days off.

However the social conditions on Greenland are bad. It is estimated that ever third teenager aged below 15 years of age at one point during their lives have been molested.

The problem is that the Danish government has granted power to a small elite in their so-called capital and outside the city alcoholism and poor conditions is the standard. Near their capital the infant mortality is almost on European standard. On the other side of Greenland, it resembles the conditions you find in poor regions in Africa.

Nothing can be done. You cannot turn back time and order Greenland to become a colony once more. It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.

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589. St Peter’s College and seminary

The present facility is no longer a seminary. When it was a seminary incidents occured which meant that the facility was featured in the Ferns Report covering sexual abuse.

It took some time to clean out the criminals and too many students became victims.

It could not have been fun to be there as a student back then.


588. Seton Keough High School

In the 1960’s and 1970’s students at Seton Keough High School in Baltimore, Maryland were offered the partnership of Father A. Joseph Maskell. It was not that fun for the students. Only the father enjoyed the abusive relationships.

A Netflix-documentary from 2017 covers the unsolved murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik. Whether her death had something to do with a possible cover-up of the abuse conducted by Father Maskell remains uncertain. Fact is that the abuse remained a secret for too many years.

The school will close down. It is safe to state that it could not have been fun to be there when the Father had access to the high School.


587. Wasilla Ministries

When claims of possible abuse from parents arise it is a police matter. They will work together with the social services to uncover the truth about about what took place and bring possible criminals before the courts so they can be convicted.

It is not the job for the church to intervene in such cases. In Alaska the church and their pastor Marion Sands took it upon themselves to convince a girl that her parents were demons. Their actions destroyed the possibility of a police investigation and they should have been convicted of obstruction.

It cannot be fun to be teenager in that ministry.


586. Oak Plains Academy

Oak Plains Academy which used to be known as Chad Youth Enhancement Center didn’t report to the family of a teenager that she had run away, so they could aid in the search. A mistake which could be fatal if the girl would be taken advantage of during her time on the run.

When it was known as Chad Youth Enhancement Center a 17 year old boy was strangled when an employee tried to restrain him by holding both his hands against the boys neck. In 2005 a 14-year-old-girl from Long Island died after a confrontation with other employees.

A large number of negative reviews made by former residents can be found on the Internet. It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


585. Christ’s Hospital boarding school

Founded in 1552 the boarding school was the first so-called Bluecoat School, which is a boarding school where children from families who do not have the income which is normally necessary in order to send a child to a boarding school with high standards. However as it has been the case with a large number of boarding schools also Christ’s Hospital boarding school have been forced to look into possible sexual abuse forced upon the students.

One thing is to wear clothes which is totally outdated daily to honor some kind of bizarre customs but another is to be quiet about being the victim of sexual abuse because you know that this could be the only chance at a shot on a proper education.

It cannot be fun to be student under those circumstances.


584. Magnolia Academy

Magnolia Academy in Tennessee was a for-profit group home located in Columbia, Tennessee. Sixty girls escaped from the facility in the period from 2011 to 2014.

In fact the entire firm – ResCare – running the facility seems to have difficulties. A wilderness program was shut down by the authorities years earlier.

For a long time all the involvement the authorties did was to bring the girls back. None seemed to ask why the girls ran or they would be better served if the courts gave them community service tasks they could do after school instead of probation and a stay at these low-security group homes where they would interact with girls exchanging what they learned about crime. Acts should result in consequences not in learning courses in crime which too often is the case when you lock minors up.

While it sounded that the girls saw their stay at these facilities as an adventure in the long run it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


583. New Vision Wilderness Therapy

The New Vision Wilderness Therapy program seems to take every teenager in regardless of what the problem is. In a case descriped in the US Observer, a boy ended up in the program because his parents went through a divorce. The judge handling the case punished the boy because his parents could not agree on visitation. The boy did not commit any crime but Judge Judge Gerking decided to confine the boy as result of his parents problems. About 90 days where the boy was denied contact with parents, extended family, school and friends.

To make matter worse the wilderness program did not commit the boy to a local hospital for treatment when the boy experienced health problems. Why the authorities allow treatment in the field conducted by biased doctors or medical staff is very unclear. In 2009 a boy died in the very same area in another wilderness program operating in the exact same way as New Vision Wilderness Therapy. The authorities should have made more clear rules which allow teenagers in such program access to independent treatment in hospitals if they experience health issues while they are out in the wilderness.

Pure luck prevented tragedy in this case. In other news it can be read that the firm seems to be very critical against the trans-gender community.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.