Victims of the Troubled Teen Industry

While many have to live with the terrible memories of their stay in a residential program, there are those who never made it home.

Below is an incomplete list of teenagers who never made it home. They died attending the residential program, they were sent to. A terrible loss for their families. Many families believed they signed their children up for help. In reality they were fooled and signed their child up for death.

So while operators and referral agencies count their money, the families left behind can only count the memories they have of their lost ones.

United States

1970 – 1979

NameAgeProgramDateCause of death (If investigated or published at all)
Lorene Larhette17Northwest Outward Bound SchoolSeptember 1971Froze to death along Joyce Howden
Joy Evans17Forest Haven Asylum1976Choked to death after being forced fed lying down
Jonathan S. Lenoff?Grove School1979Died as result of a fire in the Lodge building
Peter Cooper?Grove School1979Died as result of a fire in the Lodge building

1980 – 1989

NameAgeProgramDateCause of death (If investigated or published at all)
Connie Munson14Bethesda home for girlsAugust 1, 1980Died during escape attempt
Robert Doyle Erwin15(BA) Vision QuestNovember 24, 1980Downing in the Golf of California
Lyle Foodroy(age unknown)(BA) Vision QuestNovember 24, 1980Same as with Robert Doyle Edwin
Robert Zimmerman17(BA) Vision QuestNovember 24, 1980Same as with Robert Doyle Edwin
Charles Lucas16(BA) Vision QuestNovember 24, 1980Same as with Robert Doyle Edwin
James Lamb14(BA) Vision QuestNovember 24, 1980Same as with Robert Doyle Edwin
Bernard Reefer19(BA) Vision QuestNovember 24, 1980Same as with Robert Doyle Edwin
Eric David Schibley17(BA) Vision QuestNovember 24, 1980Same as with Robert Doyle Edwin
Tammy Edmiston(age unknown)(BA) Vision QuestSeptember 11, 1982Fall from a bridge
Philip Williams Jr.15Elan SchoolDecember 27, 1982Official cause of death was labeled brain aneurysm but no proper investigation was conducted. Was beaten severely in the therapeutic boxing-ring before his death (I have never heard about this concept before but it is true that they had this bizarre concept. A confession to a murder related to the Kennedy family was apparently beaten out of a boy in this ring).
Mario Cano16(UK) Vision QuestApril 27, 1984Died in a Boot Camp – Unknown cause
Leon Anger(age unknown)(UK) Vision QuestSeptember 16, 1984Unknown cause
Gregory Owens Jones13SUWSJuly 3, 1985Fell after the group he hiked with had been without water for 9,5 hours in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees according the local sheriff. It was ruled an accident as Idaho to this day is without rules in that area.
Carey Dunn15(A) Victory Christian AcademySeptember 23, 1988Killed by building materials falling down over her.
Leroy Prinkley14(R) Western CenterSeptember 28, 1988Restraint
James Tomas Roman14Hyde SchoolsFebruary 21, 1988Brain aneurysm.
Joshua Ferarini13(R) St. Aemelian HospitalJanuary 8, 1989Restraint
Wauketta Wallace12(R) Marysville AcademyJuly 11, 1989Restraint
Roxanna Gray17(R) Family and Children’s CenterJuly 6, 1989Restraint
Danny Lewis16(A) Vision QuestJune 1989Accident

1990 – 1999

#NameAgeProgramDateCause of death (If investigated or published at all)
1David Sellers15Camp O’NealFebruary 19, 1990Downed in an icy lake during an outing on President’s day 4 adults (staffers and rescuers) also lost their lives.
2Shawn Diaz15Camp O’NealFebruary 19, 1990As above. Downed in an icy lake during an outing on President’s day.
3Ryan McCandless13Camp O’NealFebruary 19, 1990As above. Downed in an icy lake during an outing on President’s day
4Diane Harris17(R) Sequin Community Living CenterApril 14, 1990Restraint death
5Michelle Lynn Sutton15(N) Summit QuestMay 9, 1990Negligence
6John Vincent Garrison18Vision QuestMay 31, 1990Unknown
7Kristen Chase16(N) ChallengerJune 27, 1990Negligence
8Brad Glickman15Elan SchoolJuly 4, 1990Shot during escape
9Anthony Green15(R) Brookhaven Youth RanchMay 12, 1991Restraint
10Geoffrey Alan Vorhies13(S) Echo Glen Children’s CenterJanuary 8, 1992Found hanging
11Paul Choy16(N) Rites of Passage (Nevada)February 4,1992According to members of the staff he became violent and that he stopped breathing even though they followed carefully drawn rules on retraining residents
12Christy Scheck13(S) Southwood Psychiatric HospitalMarch 6, 1992Found hanging
13Dawn Marie Birnbaum17Elan SchoolMarch 23, 1993Murdered by a trucker during an escape attempt from the facility
14Dawn Renay Perry16(R) Behavior Training ResearchApril 10, 1993Restraint
15Jason Tallman12(R) Kid’s PeaceMay 12, 1993Restraint
16Casey Collier17(R) Cleo Wallace CenterDecember 1993Restraint
17Aaron Wright Bacon16(N) Northstar ExpeditionsMarch 31, 1994Neglected illness among more
18Thomas Mapes17(R) Youth Center of TopekaJuly 8, 1994Restraint
19Jamar Griffiths15(R) Allen Residential CenterOctober 18, 1994Restraint
20Shinaul McGraw12(R) New Directions 2nd ChanceJune 5, 1994Restraint
21Lorenzo Johnson17(A) Arizona Boys RanchJune 27, 1994Downing in a attempt to escape
22Carlos Ruiz13Vision QuestDecember 16, 1994Unknown cause
23Jonathan Avila16(S) Rocky Mountain AcademyJuly 25, 1994Found hanging from a pipe
24Jeffrey Bogrett9(R) New England Center for AutismDecember 1, 1995Restraint
25Earl Smith9(R) Children’s VillageJanuary 11, 1995Restraint
26Dawnne Takeuchi18(A) Vision QuestJune 25, 1995Fell of a wagon
27Bryan Jones15Broken Shackle RanchJuly 24, 1995Electrocuted due to faulty wiring
28Eric Roberts16(R) Odyssey HarborFebruary 22, 1996Restraint
29Will Futrelle15(H) Mountain Park Baptist AcademyMarch 25, 1996Silenced – properly from other detainees
30Bobby Sue Thomas17(R) Northwood Children’s HomeAugust 16, 1996Restraint
31Rochelle Clayborne16(R) Laurel RidgeAugust 18. 1997Restraint
32Melissa Neyman19(R) Private Group Home in WAJuly 24, 1997Restraint
33Jimmy Kanda16(R) Crow’s Nest Family CareSeptember 20, 1997Restraint
34Chris Campbell13(R) Iowa Juvenile HomeNovember 2, 1997Restraint
35Robert Rollins12(R) Devereaux SchoolApril 21, 1997Restraint
36Sakena Dorsey19(R) Foundation BehavioralJune 10, 1997Restraint
37Jeffrey Demetrius17(R) Crockett State SchoolAugust 26, 1997Restraint
38Kelly Young17(R) Brisbane Child TreatmentJanuary 5, 1998Restraint
39Dustin E. Phelps14(R) Lancaster foster home (Ohio)March 1, 1998Restraint
40Laura Hanson17(R) Unknown FacilityNovember 19, 1998Restraint
41Mark Draheim14(R) Kids PeaceDecember 1998Restraint 1 out of 3 children to die at this facility
42Nicholas Contreras16(N) Arizona Boys RanchMarch 2, 1998Restraint
43Ashley Shaddox14(SH) Echo Glen Children’s CenterMarch 1, 1998Found hanging
44Andrew McClain11(R) Elmcrest Psychiatric HospitalMarch 22, 1998Restraint
45Tristan Sovern16(R) Charter Behavioral HealthcareMarch 4, 1998Restraint
46Mark Soares16(R) Wayside Union AcademyApril 29, 1998Restraint – placed in headlock.
47Edith Campos15(R) Desert HillsFebruary 4, 1998Restraint – had a photo of her brother which was against the rules in the group home
48Chad Andrew Franza16Polk County Boot CampAugust, 1998Found hanging in his cell
49Kristal Mayon-Ceniceros16(R) New AlternativesFebruary 5, 1999Restraint
50Jerry McLaurin14(R) New Horizons RanchNovember 2, 1999Restraint
51Brandon Hoffman17(S) Mount Bachelor AcademyDecember 16, 1999Suicide
52Joshua Sharpe17(R) Wisconsin Treatment CenterDecember 28, 1999Restraint

2000 to 2004

#NameAgeProgramDateCause of death (If investigated or published at all)
1Michael Ibarra-Wiltsie12(R) Eckerd Youth AlternativesFebruary 5, 2000Restraint – 300 pound staff member restrained the 65 pound boy by lying on the top of him
2Sabrina E. Day15(R) North Carolina Group HomeFebruary 10, 2000Restraint
3Randy Steele9(R) Laurel RidgeFebruary 6, 2000Restraint
4Willie Wright14(R) Southwest Mental HealthFebruary 4, 2000Restraint
5Candace Newmaker10(R) Evergreen Attachment CenterApril 18, 2000Died during re-birth
6Joseph D. Bolt17Alpine Boys RanchAugust 2000Downing
7William “Eddie” Lee15(R) Obsidian Trails Wilderness CampSeptember 18, 2000Restraint
8Dionte Pickens14(S or M) Three Springs DetentionOctober 2000Suicide or murder. The leather belt he was found hanging from was not supposed to have been in his cell
9Tanner Wilson11(R) Facility in Gerard, IowaFebruary 2, 2001Restraint. A staff member – Lori Ann Ingham – was charged
10Stephanie Duffield16(R) Shiloh Residential Treatment CenterFebruary 11, 2001Restraint
11Ryan Lewis14(S) Alldredge AcademyFebruary 13, 2001Found hanging
12Angela Miller17(S) Echo Glen Children’s CenterMarch 1, 2001Suicide
13Tony Haynes14(N) America’s Buffalo Soldiers (Arizona)July 1, 2001Heat stroke. Staff was sentenced, which are rare.
14Valerie Ann Heron17(A) Tranquility Bay, JamaicaAugust 10, 2001Official recorded as accident, but several vitnesses have seen a suicide note being destroyed by staff
15Aaron Albert Grey16(N) Alberta Children’s Group HomeDecember 21, 2001Frozen to death during an attempt to escape
16Katherine Lank16(N) Red Rock Canyon SchoolJanuary 13, 2002Fell to her death
17Victoria Petersilka14Maryville Academy for GirlsFebruary 9, 2012Found hanging from a rope
18LaTasha Bush15(R) Daystar Residential Treatment CenterFebruary 14, 2002Restraint
19Matthew Goodman14(R) The LindensFebruary 6, 2002Restraint
20Erica Harvey15(N) Catherine Freer Wilderness ProgramMay 27, 2002Neglect
21Kiley Michelle Jaquays17Integrity HouseDecember 24, 2002Fell from rock
22Ian August14(N) Skyline JourneyJuly 13, 2002Neglect – heat stroke
23Jeremy Gaulin15Summit School and Children’s Residence CenterOctober 3,2002Fell from a window after being pushed by a fellow students
24Charles “Chase” Moody17(R) On Track Wilderness (Brown Schools)October 14, 2002Restraint
25(Unknown)15Catherine Freer WildernessOctober 20 2002Unknown reason
26Jamal Odum9(R) New Hope For Children S.C.2003Restraint
27(Unnamed girl)?Red Rock Canyon SchoolMarch 7, 2003Had been ill for some days at the school. Was pronounced at the arrival of the hospital
28Orlena Parker15(R) Devereux Cleo WallaceMarch 10, 2003Restraint
29Corey Baines16(A) Catherine Freer WildernessMarch 26, 2003Head crushed by tree – recorded as accident
30Daniel “Danny” Jack Matthews17(B) Pinellas County Juvenile DetentionMay 31, 2003Fatal fight in prison
31Jerry Trivett15(R) High Pointe, OklahomaJune 1, 2003Restraint
32Omar Paisley17(M) Miami Dade Regional JDC, FloridaJune 2, 2003Ruptured appendix
33Maria Mendoza14(R) Krause Children’s CenterOctober 12, 2003Restraint – ruled homicide
34(Unknown from Virginia)17The Family Foundation SchoolMarch 4, 2004Maybe suicide – fell from second story balcony
35Unidentified Boy16(S) Island ViewJuly 2, 2004Hanged himself at the facility. The facility promised to conduct an evaluation
36Karlye Newman16(S) Spring Creek LodgeOctober 8, 2004Found hanging
37Matthew Meyers(unknown)(UI ) Lonestar ExpeditionsSeptember 9, 2004Unknown cause
38Roberto Reyes15(N) Thayer Learning CenterNovember 3, 2004Neglected illness
39Garrett Halsey13(R) Grafton School, IncDecember 23, 2004Restraint

2005 to 2009

#NameAgeProgramDateCause of death (If investigated or published at all)
1Travis Parker13(R) Appalachian Wilderness CampApril 21, 2005Restraint
2Linda Harris14(R) Chad Youth Enhancement Ctr.September 18, 2005Restraint
3Shirley Arciszewski12(R) Group Home, Charlotte, SCSeptember 2005Restraint
4Kasey Warner13(UI) Via Quest Behavioral HealthOctober 8, 2005Under investigation
5Willie Durden17(M) Cypress Creek Juvenile Correctional Ctr.October 13, 2005Medical
6Christening “Mikie” Garcia12(R) Star Ranch Youth CampDecember 4, 2005Restraint
7James White17Summit Quest Academy (PA)December 12, 2005Undiscovered enlarged heart
8Martin Lee Anderson14(R) Bay County (Sheriff’s) Boot CampJanuary 6, 2006Restraint
9Joey (Giovanni) Alteriz16(R) Summit Quest AcademyFebruary 4, 2006Restraint
10Richard DeMaar16Laurel Ridge Treatment CenterApril 9, 2006Possible suicide
11Angellika Arndt7(R) Northwest Counseling & Guidance ClinicMay 26, 2006Restraint
12Lenny Ortega12(A) Star Ranch Youth campMay 30, 2006Accident
13Natalynndria Lucy Slim17(UI) Presbyterian Medical ServicesJuly 13, 2006Under investigation
14Dillon Peak14(UI) De Soto Outward Bound CampJune 17, 2006Neglected Illness
15Elisa D. Santry16(UI) Outward Bound WildernessJuly 16, 2006Under investigation
16Rocco D. Magliozzi12(M) SUWS IdahoJuly 28, 2006West Nile virus treated too late
17Alex Cullinane13(M) Back to Basics Christian Military AcademyAugust 12, 2006Untreated illness
18Harry Tyrone Rutledge15Azleway Boys’ RanchSeptember 2006Run over by a train
19Christopher Ladell Hill17Azleway Boys’ RanchSeptember 2006Run over by a train
20Darryl Thompson15(UI) Tryon Boys Juvenile Rehabilitation CenterNovember 18, 2006Possible death due to restraint
21(Unknown male)16Aspen Achievement AcademyApril 2007Found hanging
22Caleb Jensen15(UI) Alternative Youth AdventuresMay 2, 2007Neglected infection
23Brendan James Blum14(UI) Youth Care/Aspen Education GroupJune 28, 2007Neglected illness
24(Unnamed boy)?Red Rock Canyon SchoolDecember, 2007Found hanged
26Ashlie Bunch15McGraw Center of the Seattle Children’s HomeJanuary 2008Suicide
27Katherine Rice16(OD) KidsPeaceMay 2, 2008Overdose
28Faith Finley17Parmadale Family ServicesDecember 13, 2008Restraint
29James Richard Shirey14Diamond Ranch AcademyJanuary 10, 2009Unknown
30(Unnamed girl)?(Unnamed facility)July 23 2009Found hanged
31Sergey Blashchishen16Sagewalkaugust 28, 2009Waiting for police investigation
32Alexis Evette Richie16SSM DePaul Health CenterOctober 26, 2009Restraint, left unsupervised after being medicated

Additional names will be added to this list as soon as we get it from one of our partners

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