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38. Copper Canyon Academy

Copper Canyon Academy was a girls only private prison in Arizona. It opened in 1998 and closed 2014 due to bad media coverage and former students speaking out. It was used as entertainment in several episodes of the Dr. Phil entertainment shows where girls have been locked up for doing what is both legal and normal in other countries.

It was not odd that there have several cases where some of the girls have escaped. In one case the police had to be called due to knife episode. The facility was also involved with Randy Young who was arrested for having pornographic images of children on his company laptop at his new job where they had a security policy preventing this kind of actions which was not the case at Copper Canyon Academy

They had horses but the girls are isolated far away from family and peers.

Update 2017

The facility was sold and renamed Sedona Sky Academy. At the time of its closure it was owned by Aspen Education Group but the founder purchased it back and renamed the facility due to the bad press coverage it had gained on various message boards and news.


37. Academy of Eastern Arizona

Academy of Eastern Arizona was a small lockdown boarding school in Holbrook, Arizona. It was one of those schools where the student entered in chains because their parents had paid a transport firm to get their child and put it in the boarding school.

I have to quote the homepage:

Transportation to The Academy of Eastern Arizona: Transporting the adolescent from their home to The Academy of Eastern Arizona is a sensitive matter from both emotional and security considerations. There are several alternatives available to the parent depending on the troubled teens circumstances and the parent is advised to discuss this aspect of the transition with a member of our staff. We highly recommend Parent Solutions LLC for transportation. They have some of the best agents along with a sincere passion for what they do. Call them at (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

It does not sound like fun.


36. Rachel Academy for Girls

I have previous mentioned Reclamation Ranch which was raided by the police. They found shackles meant for the students. Not far from Reclamation Ranch this ranch called Rachel Academy for Girls was placed. It was run by the same owner.

It seems that the Academy is closed and to call it an Aacademy must be the an overstatement.

They taught the ACE curriculum. Here the Department of education judged that it wasn’t good enough for the students of today, so I doubt that the department of education in Alabama would allow it for their students.


35. America’s Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo Soldiers were name reused from a decade ago. The idea was to let teenage boys re-enact the conditions back then so they would focus less on wrong-doings.

The discipline used turned deadly for one of the boys. For others they would carry emotional scars for life. The manager of the program was given a 6 years prison sentence for the death and only recently released. Maybe the death should have meant an end to wilderness programs in Arizona but it didn’t and other programs continues to endanger the lives of teenagers even up til today.

34. Paint Rock Valley school

The school closed in 2011. An employee wrote about this time working for the school.

We received minimal medical training, minimal training in how to deal with violence, minimal training in dealing with people who were upset. All in all we received very little useful training to prepare us for covering the group we were being trained to cover.

Based on target-group they sought for this school it is safe to state that it wouldn’t be a nice place for a young human in need for care.

33. Pathway Inc.

Pathway inc. a residential wilderness camp – not to be confused with a company with a similar name running detox programs ran two camps named Camp Pathway and Camp Davis.

It seems that the boys didn’t enjoy it because there were numerous escapes from the camp. It doesn’t sound like very much fun to be put out in the forest for 12 weeks.


32. Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls

It sound so nice when the TV celebrity founded a boarding school for girls in South Africa for the girls who hadn’t much chance of success in life.

But the story soon turn ugly when the girls and their families complained about isolation from their families and restrictions on visitation.

Later there was news about use of corporal punishment.

It is not a fun place. The cost of getting a second chance at this place despite the poor financial situation in South Africa is too high.


31. Grey High School – South Africa

In the human rights group I volunteer for we saw a British TV-show called “The world strictest parents” about two teenagers from Australia who were sent to South Africa.

The boy was forced to do a hair cut.

They had wear uniforms which we all know is damaging to any the identity of every teenager.

In generel it was a pretty awful place and the trip showed to be emotional damaging to the poor Australian guy who turned to drinking once he got home.

Datasheet of the school on Fornits Wiki