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775. Wood Creek Academy

Wood Creek Academy located in Thompson Falls, Montana is mentioned in an article about use of isolation in private treatment program. While the state does not use isolation much due to the emotional damage isolation can caused, there seems to be no rules regarding use of isolation in private so-called treatment programs.

In the article it is stated:

The most recent inspection, which was conducted in response to a complaint, found that “alternate meals” — oatmeal, powdered milk and an apple — are served to the boys as a form of discipline. When kids want to run away, staff said articles of their clothing are taken away as a deterrent.

“For example, a participant’s pants were taken away when he tried to run away,” a staff member at Wood Creek told inspectors. “Staff also stated if a participant is placed in separation for bad behavior, he has to shower outside using a hose and tarp for privacy.”

31 runaways from Wood Creek has been reported during the last 10 years.

It cannot be a fun place to be as a teenager.

Former students describe isolation, physical punishments, ‘cuddle puddles’ (The Missoulian)

Update 2021

September 2021 it was announced that the facility will close


Another Montana therapeutic boarding school closing (Westport News)

Update 2022

An article confirms that the facility was not penalized for the severe violations of the laws but that they closed down in the end