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598. Copper Lake School

In an early post we wrote about Lincoln Hills School and now it seems that the problems have hit Copper Lake School for girls also.

It is welknown that many of the teenagers who are locked up in reality should have been offered treatment because they in reality are suffering from various mental issues. Suicide attempts are a cry for help and should not be met with punishment but hospitalization instead.

Big central institutions are a thing of the past. Specialized group homes which can make individual plans for the childrens return to the society as productive citizens are the path of the future.

Of course it is not fun to be placed in prison as a teenager but at these two prisons the punishment extend what the judges metered out in courts and that is not fair.


597. Northeast Parent and Child Society

The Northeast Parent and Child Society in Schenectady, New York has been the center of some media coverage recently. We are talking alleged illegal relationship between teacher and student, alleged violence against students. We are talking about the massive number of calls and responses by the police to the facility.

For vulnerable teenagers who are forced to be there in order to heal it cannot be fun to be placed in such an environment.


2018 update

Group home pays $450K to family of boy who recorded abuse (WKRN News)

596. Triangle Cross Ranch

The Triangle Cross Ranch established itself in the state of Wyoming quiet believing that they could run the place without state supervison and approval. When the Wyoming Department of Family Services discovered the presence in the state, they demanded the state facility should aquire a license and subject them self to state supervision.

In the end no license were issued and the facility closed down. It could not be fun to be at this place being forced to deal with various issues using prayers only without the security the license and the standards state supervision sets.


595. Whakapakari boot camp

The Whakapakari boot camp located on the Great Barrier Island opened in the late 1970’s and closed in 2004. Already in the 1980’s there were allogations of abuse. However the authorities made the choice to ignore them.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


594. St Mary Goretty Dede Girls boarding school

At this boarding school in Awendo, Migori in Kenya, they allow caning. In 2017 some girls had invited some boys over for fun. As punishment they were caned and expelled.

It cannot be fun to be left out of these activities and certainly not fun to be caned just because you were enjoying normal teenage activities.


593. Sequel TSI Madison

One of those places youth in Alabama can be sentenced to serve in is Sequel TSI Madison owned by Three Springs. There seems to be a number of people who have tried to escape from this facility and in 2017 it was revealed that a youth counselor had performed oral sex on some of the boys confined at the facility.

It is not every boy who wants to allow this to happen in order for various favors and that is enough to state that it can not be fun for every male teenager forced to live there.


592. Fairbridge Farm

Fairbridge Farm located near Pinjarra in Australia was a dumping place for helpless children exported from United Kingdom so the workload of case workers could be lighter.

At the farm they suffered unkind treatment from the staff. Some were lied to and told that their parents had died.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


591. Bindoon Boys Town

Bindoon Boys Town was located in Australia. The buildings can still be seen. It can be located on the maps by searching for Catholic Agricultural College in Bindoon.

From around 1950 until 1974 a number of children were sent there from United Kingdom. Some lied to that their parents had died. The reason for the move was to ease the workload of case workers at the social services in United Kingdom. Many of the children were put into manual labor and some sexual abused.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


590. The Ukaliusaq School

The Ukaliusaq school in Godthaab called Nuuk by locals has been the center of a molestion case where students tied a girls up, removed her trousers and took photos posting them on social networks like Facebook.

The last day of the school-year 2016-2017 where the students celebrate was cancelled. Investigation is ongoing.

The harsh climate has not made it easy to run a school. In 2008 the school had to be closed due to risk of power shorting. In 2011 there was fire which meant some days off.

However the social conditions on Greenland are bad. It is estimated that ever third teenager aged below 15 years of age at one point during their lives have been molested.

The problem is that the Danish government has granted power to a small elite in their so-called capital and outside the city alcoholism and poor conditions is the standard. Near their capital the infant mortality is almost on European standard. On the other side of Greenland, it resembles the conditions you find in poor regions in Africa.

Nothing can be done. You cannot turn back time and order Greenland to become a colony once more. It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.

Souces (In Danish)

589. St Peter’s College and seminary

The present facility is no longer a seminary. When it was a seminary incidents occured which meant that the facility was featured in the Ferns Report covering sexual abuse.

It took some time to clean out the criminals and too many students became victims.

It could not have been fun to be there as a student back then.