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729. McCollum Ranch

2018 became the end for John C. McCollum who had been arrested for forcing children to work unpaid at the ranch and local fish market. Sadly he did not live to be convicted.

The authorities still need to deal with 4 women involved in activities.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


728. Twelve Tribes sect

This cult located in Germany was the center on an investigation and the courts have ruled that the children should be moved into foster care in order to protect them from the violent environment inside the cult.

Children were beaten on regular basis – even small children. The authorities intervened and removed the children.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


727. Grace Road Church

Grace Road Church is run by a woman from South Korea. She has detained a number of followers on Fiji. There they are forced to work all day long preparing them for alleged disasters to come. Members are encouraged to inflict violence against family members.

There are no real schooling for the children. It cannot be fun to be a child in that environment.


726. Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps

Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps has been the center of an investigation and a trial against members of the cult is about to start. A father reported his son missing and the search for the son led to the discovery of his grave.

Further investigation showed use of forced labor and no real schooling in a quality which would allow the children to function in a modern world.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


725. Catholic Diocese of Lincoln

The Catholic Diocese of Lincoln in Nebraska has been around for a long time. They operate youth camps. Maybe they should stop doing that after a number of incidents have reach the media. Several young people seem to have experience improper behavior by elder staff members and attendees surrounding the Diocese.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child being exposed to such behavior.


717. Knights of the Crystal Blade

Knights of the Crystal Blade is one of the many small church communities who divert their belief a little bit from the more common version of mormonism.

Recently the police investigated the church community because it was suspected that the community was involved in the disappearence of pre-teens with the aim of getting the “ready” for marriage at a young age.

The police has made a number of arrest and some has ended in conviction resulting in lenghty prison time.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


700. Children Having Overcoming Power (CHOP)

The idea sounded good. Taking in at-risk teenagers and teaching them faith and be a guide for them.

Unfortunately they guided the teenagers in other more personal matters which benefitted them also.

It could not have been fun to become part of Children Having Overcoming Power (CHOP).


618. Jehovah’s Witnesses in Canada

This problem is currently under investigation in Canada but could sadly apply to Jehovah’s Witnesses in other countries too. The problem is that the religion allows a parallel court system to function instead of involving the police from the very start and let them investigate when sexual child abuse occur.

The children should be allowed to report their abusers to the police. They should be allowed to get real justice and see that their abusers go to prison. This religion robs the children of justice.

It cannot be fun to be part of what we will call a cult as long as they do not give up their internal court system and bring conflicts to the official courts to be solved.


587. Wasilla Ministries

When claims of possible abuse from parents arise it is a police matter. They will work together with the social services to uncover the truth about about what took place and bring possible criminals before the courts so they can be convicted.

It is not the job for the church to intervene in such cases. In Alaska the church and their pastor Marion Sands took it upon themselves to convince a girl that her parents were demons. Their actions destroyed the possibility of a police investigation and they should have been convicted of obstruction.

It cannot be fun to be teenager in that ministry.


581. The Colonia Dignidad cult

An isolated small community run by German immigrants were for decades a terrible place to grow up. People were not allowed to live as families. If the parents were against the government they were tortured and the children adopted into new families.

All controlled by a former priest which ended his days in prison after first having escaped Germany accused of abuse. He took control of this small community and turned it into a cult protected by the government in Chile. Electro shock and other kind of turture were used.

The government changed and the police raided the community in 2005. The priest tried to escape abroad but were caught and sentenced to prison where he died after having served 6 years of a 20 years sentence. He got off easy.

It could not have been fun to be there as teenager, while the priest were in charge.

A good movie called Colonia has been made about this community.