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927. Faderhuset

Faderhuset is a cult with roots in Denmark. Officially it has been disbanded but Danish new media have found traces of it located abroad in countries like the Czech republic where the Danish authorities cannot get an agreement with the local authorities to protect the children.

The cult was founded around 1990. They started a school in Copenhagen in 1994 which was closed by the Danish authorities due to the use of an ACE-based curriculum which is found as totally inadequate as curriculum in a civilized society like Denmark is.

They became involved in the political intrigue and basically used as tool by the authorities against Ungdomshuset which was a public house for youth culture in Denmark that was teared down resulting in citywide riots for a full week.

They etablished themselves in a village on the southern Danish island Lolland and took over a hotel in the village of Bandholm. When the local child protection services and the media became concerned about the welfare of the children, the cult declared itself closed and official dismantled. The hotel was sold and went bankrupt because the workers now had to be paid instead of serving for free for the good of the cult. However, the children disappeared and in 2019 the children was tracked to the Czech republic which is known to have housed cults like the infamous WWASP school Morava Academy before.

The Danish child protection services are investigating the cult but they live in protection in the Czech Repulic due to the local authorities lack of interests.

It cannot be fun to live in a cult like Faderhuset if you are a child.


Update 2023

A recent article suggest that they were sided in Greece near the village of Melissohori near the city Thessaloniki. However they seemed on the move and is no longer residing in the region.


A mysterious sect that came and swiftly left (Ekathimerini)

823. Revival Church Kawaala

Being a 15 year old looking for answers regarding religion, it would not be the best choice to go to Revival Church Kawaala. A young woman did and as result she was raped, she claimed. A lot of investigations were pending against the church but with the death of Pastor Augustine Yiga, only the future will show if the problems were due to him or the church in general.

However it is safe to state that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


798. Calvary Gospel Church

Calvary Gospel Church in Madison, Wisconsin has been the center of some media attention lately. So far the local police has not been so keen to look into the claims of now-adult women who claim that they were lured into sexual relationship with older men from the church.

In many religious communities the enclosed nature of community make it difficult to come forward to get protection and justice. Especially if some of the church members also have close ties with the local police. And until recently it has been the norm for many religious communities to deal with such problems internally rather than contacting the authorities to allow them to investigate whether some criminal activities have taken place.

All this secrecy needs to stop. The authorities should always be informed and if the local authorities have too close ties with the church, then the investigation must move to state level or even federal level when needed.

It cannot have been fun to be a teenage girl in this church if the allegations are true.


797. Unnamed spiritual educational institute, Alandi, India

An 11-year-old boy remains in treatment after he was not able to complete some kind of homework related to some heathens scripture. His failure got a “teacher” named Bhagwan Maharaj Pohane to beat him with a stick so severe that the police has booked him for attempted murder.

This kind of insane corporal punishment is normally something you will find in religious schools in Missouri or other countries or states where religious schools are not regulated.

It cannot be fun to attend such institutes.


792. House of Prayer for All People

The House of Prayer for All People was a kind of church labeled a cult located in Gainesville, Florida has been mentioned in relationship with a number of missing children cases. The cult where the belief was based on the Old Testament. The women had to wear special clothing like full-length robes with head coverings. They also ate a special diet.

At least two children vanished never to be seen. Some of the children are named: Marcos Antonio Cruz was 2 years old at the time of his disappearance. Catherine Barbara Davidson was 6 years old when she vanished. Anna Elizabeth Young has been charged in relationship with the mysterious circumstances at the facility. Finally she is being investigated for the missing 2 year old Emon David Harper.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


737. St. Patrick’s Cathedral choir

St. Patrick’s Cathedral choir in Melbourne has been revealed to be the hunting ground of a pedophile hiding in the service of the church. He was brought to justice but not before the damaging caused upon the children resulted in the death of one of the victims properly as result of the horrific memonries.

It could not have been fun to be member of the choir as a teenager.


729. McCollum Ranch

2018 became the end for John C. McCollum who had been arrested for forcing children to work unpaid at the ranch and local fish market. Sadly he did not live to be convicted.

The authorities still need to deal with 4 women involved in activities.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


728. Twelve Tribes sect

This cult located in Germany was the center on an investigation and the courts have ruled that the children should be moved into foster care in order to protect them from the violent environment inside the cult.

Children were beaten on regular basis – even small children. The authorities intervened and removed the children.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


727. Grace Road Church

Grace Road Church is run by a woman from South Korea. She has detained a number of followers on Fiji. There they are forced to work all day long preparing them for alleged disasters to come. Members are encouraged to inflict violence against family members.

There are no real schooling for the children. It cannot be fun to be a child in that environment.


726. Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps

Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps has been the center of an investigation and a trial against members of the cult is about to start. A father reported his son missing and the search for the son led to the discovery of his grave.

Further investigation showed use of forced labor and no real schooling in a quality which would allow the children to function in a modern world.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.