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631. King George School

King George School located near Sutton in Vermont was modeled after CEDU, which again was based on Synanon which was a religious community which closed after an criminal investigation.

It was opened in 1998 and closed in 2011.

The CEDU model used sleep deprivation in marathon seminars which resulted in psycodrama.

Several teenagers who were held there tried to escape and the local police was involved.

It could not have been fun to be there as what they called students.


2021 update

The property is still listed for sale

630. Bromley Brook School

Bromley Brook School was operating as a part of Aspen Education Group, which the public was known as one of Dr. Phil’s sponsors on his TV-show.

The so-called therapeutic boarding school for girls only was known as one of the more soft programs within Aspen Education group. It opened in 2004 when it was fashion to write off teenage problems at home leaving these issues to professionals while the parents took time for themselves and went on cruises etc.

Over the years girls learned that they could get extra curricular fun with one of male teachers. Some of the girls became jealous and then a scandal occured. Not long after the scandal, the school closed down in year 2011.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager as see other girls have all the fun.


629. Growing up in urban Copenhagen

Let me be frank. Not every part of Copenhagen is bad to grow up in. But with a gang war demanding deserted streets if you want to be safe with your friends areas like Mjølnerparken, Tingbjerg and the Urban plan is not fun grow up in.

People are shot right outside your living door. A stray bullet has the potential to hurt or kill your parents and siblings.

That is the sad reality of living in one of ghettos in Denmark. This is a typical area where you as an immigrant or refugee start your life in Denmark if you choose Denmark to live in.

The gangs like Loyal to Familia and Brothas who is the real ruler of these areas cannot guarantee your safety and while membership of the gangs is the only way to get an education because Danish prisons do a lot trying to prevent criminals to come back, the price you pay can be high. In worst case it can mean death.

Social heritage matter. If you grow up in these areas, you are destined for manual job. Forget ambitions. You have to take what you can. Perhaps you can work as aid (SOSU-assistant) for elderlies in better parts of Copenhagen. Then you have really made it with the resources you were given by birth.

Anyhow regardless of your possible future, it cannot be fun to grow up in those parts of urban Copenhagen.

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628. Yuzhang Academy

The Yuzhang Academy located in the Qingshanhu area was founded in 2013. According to its former website it was able to deal with “eliminating children’s bad problems,” including internet addiction, puppy love, aversion to studying, and mental deficiency.

According to articles and interviews with former so-called students which were held at the facility against their will, the facility made use of solitary confinement, corporal punishment and forced labor.

The website of the school is now gone. Whether they closed or just got into hiding until the heat is gone, is not known at the present time. However it remains to conclude that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


627. Kentucky Youth Academy

Kentucky Youth Academy located in Willisburg and Pikesville became the center of an investigation around 2002. It was alleged abuse of children and suspected use of corporal punishment, which caused the investigation.

The facilities were founded in 1997 and 1999. While being created as a non-profit operation, the manager were able to get a large sum of $500,000 per year.

The Juvenile Justice Department (JJD) closed the facilities in 2002 after six weeks of investigation.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.

Two Private Kentucky Youth Facilities Closed for Abuse (Prison Legal News)

626. Success Academy Hudson Yards Middle School

Success Academy Hudson Yards Middle School is a charter school located in Manhattan. Lately criticism has been raised about the school being run as a boot camp. If success demands a boot camp it is better not having success.

All over the world the results of over-ambitious school systems and parents are seen and it is measured in suicides and mental breakdowns.

Whatever success achieved at Eva Moskowitz mockery of a school it is simply too hard-earned. It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


625. Magleby Skolecenter

Magleby Skolecenter (Magleby School Center) which is a treatment center with ties to the Tvind organization. They won a vendor about housing and treat children with autismn based on a cheap price level. Professionals and experts in autismn are concerned about lack of trained employees. The treatment center also have foreign volunteers filling in for the untrained employees.

Denmarks Radio covered Tvind October 2017. It was revealed that Magleby also takes children in with other issues, even criminal convictions.

It cannot be fun to be at this group home as a child if the child suffers from a mental issue which demands high skilled employees and the group home cannot provide it.

Tvind: Skolecenter ufrivilligt i vælten (Sjællandske Nyheder)

624. Småskolen ved Nakkebølle

Småskolen ved Nakkebølle is a group home in Denmark. A television program revealed that the management had connections to the people behind Tvind which is a company which used to control a number of boarding schools. Now Tvind has built an empire of group homes and treatment centers all over Denmark.

Denmarks Radio broadcasted two TV-programs October 2017 showing that the employees were untrained and the youth not screened before they were sent to the group homes which resulted in poor treatment and even violence against the teenagers and employees.

Some of the employees were even foreigners with no knowledge about what it take to treat the teenagers who suffer from various mental issues.

It cannot be fun to live there.


623. Randolph High School

Just because a beercan was found near students at a game in which students from Randolph High School participated, Superintendent Jennifer Fano decided to demand testing of 75 students.

It is difficult to say why a society choose to see alcohol among teenagers as a problem. Sidelining it with drug use is absurd. Alcohol establish a social circle. It is something which brings the students together. In a world where all it takes is for a student to be isolated with a computer watching videos from ISIS aiming at radikalizing the student before we risk bombing or shooting at the school, the very least you want as a Superintendent is a practice which encourage students to remain isolated at home risking them to become a terrorist.

It happened with the Kundby girl in Denmark who was 15 years of age before the police discovered plans of bombing several schools. It has happened to many teenagers who left countries in Europe to join ISIS. Some even returned trained to run people down in the streets or stab them during suicide missions in shopping centers.

If ISIS does not get them, then they sometime join youth gangs. In Denmark a gang war is ongoing and foreign embassies including the Embassy of United States in Denmark now warns tourists walking the streets of Copenhagen so they can avoid being shot down.

When the age limit for alcohol consumption was raised to 21 in the United States, there was no Internet. There was no risk if students isolated themselves at home instead of partying. There was even a future for them. Jobs were not moved out of the country to Mexico and the Eastern parts of Europe. There is fewer lowpaid manual jobs so if you do not have parents who are loaded so they can finance your study the future is not looking bright. What is left then than partying or killing time in front of the computer.

Superintendent Jennifer Fano should have realized that the laws are outdated. In Denmark we do. Teenagers aged 16 can gather in the number of several thousand drinking massive amounts of alcohol without anyone getting killed.

They cannot do it where Superintendent Jennifer Fano is in charge. It cannot be fun to study at this school.


622. AMIkids Sand Hills

AMIkids Sand Hills is a wilderness styled youth prison located in South Carolina. The teenagers are sent there by local courts. In november 2015 a boy died while serving his time. Articles suggest that lack of supervision made place for gang related rituals which led to the death of the boy.

It is not supposed to be fun to be there as a teenager because it is a punishment. However it is doubtful that the courts had the thought that the punishment should include death.