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911. Green Hill School

Green Hill School is a youth prison located in Chehalis, Washington. Back in the 1970’s incidents took place which punished the children beyond the sentences, the courts had issued upon them.

A investigation was launched into the incidents and it has resulted in a number of convictions.

More recently it seems that the security of the facility has been undermined by actions of some of the employees, which is under investigation as of 2021. Smuggling of items to the detainees has led to other employees to state that they do not feel safe. Acts of violence between the detainees has also taken place.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


910. St Joseph’s College

St Joseph’s College was founded by the De La Salle Brothers, which is a order of monks. The school opened in 1937.

Like to many boarding schools run by religious orders, claims of abuse has risen. Around 20 ‘old boys’ have since written in to allege physical and sexual abuse by teachers at the school between the 1960s and 1980s. The Suffolk police has started an investigation.

Articles speak on an environment you will not see as fun to be in when you are a teenager.


909. Casa La Esperanza

Casa La Esperanza located in Ensenada, Mexico was among the so-called rehabs closed in 2004 after a long thorough investigation. At the time of its closure 20 detainees called students in the press was present.

The exact location and nature of this facility is not known as most of the sources have been lost. If you by chance know something, please comment this article.

However based on the testimonies of others who have been in similar facilities in Mexico it is safe to assume that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


908. Loretto School

Founded in 1827 over the recent years the school has been known in the public for its past consisting with incidents of both bullying and sexual abuse. The present school management has apologized for past managements failures to protect students.

Past managements not only failed to protect the students but also provided good job references to teachers who had committed incident act which must be regarded as a double failure.