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802. Bellevue Baptist Church

Bellevue Baptist Church is a large church in the Memphis area. When so many people attend a church among them young people even children, the church have a special responsibility to monitor their employees and report incidents to the police when needed.

It seems that Bellevue Baptist Church failed this responsibility. An employee were able to engage in sexual relationship with a underaged girl. A now former pastor showed some interesting photos of his wife special situations.

It cannot be fun lot let your children go to a so-called safe place and then find them as potential victims. It cannot be fun for the children either.


763. Unnamed residential treatment facility in Romania

Unnamed residential treatment facility in Romania located in the village of Viseu de Sus was raided by the police and several of the adults were detained.

The managers had set up the program in connection with local officials who informed them of inspections in advance so they could drug the teenagers so they were sedated and not able to make any complaints to the inspectors. The teenagers were Germans imprisoned outside their own country with approval from German authorities because such a facility could be run cheaper with low-paid Romanian labor rather than running it in Germany where the salary levels are higher.

It could not be fun to be detained abroad under such conditions.


749. Unnamed religious school near Regueb, Tunisia

The government has intervened against a local religious school located near Regueb, Tunisia.

The owner has been arrested and there are investigations into various forms of child abuse including sexually abuse.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.

Tunisia in shock over ‘religious’ school abuses (Gulf News)

705. Vision Quest, Greene Township, Franklin County

Girls continued to run away from this facility. In 2018 3 girls ran way – one had run before.

Vision Quest has been in operation for many years. Over the years several teenagers have died in their custody.

It is clear that the girls felt unsafe and decided to leave. Based on the history of the organisation it seems justified. It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


703. Box Hill and Bayswater boys’ homes

The Box Hill and Bayswater boys’ homes was run by the Salvation Army. The government which should have secured oversight did not care and as result some of the boys were abused.

Beside the government having having neglected their duty, also the Salvation Army failed as an organization, denying that they had the to look after the volunteers they allowed near the children.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


684. Gateway to Independence

Gateway to Independence located in Nashville, Tennessee were supposed to be a good place for teenagers who needed extra structure, their families could not provide.

Unfornately that demanded enough employees to provide this structure and they must have been understaffed as the facility is now known for riots, vandalism and violence. A federal judge has put a stop to transferring youth to the facility. Some teenagers have tried to commit suicide in order to leave.

Maybe it has always been so. The facility suffered the same issues when it was run under the name of Woodlands Hills Development Center.

I cannot not be fun to be there as a teenager.


682. Open Door Baptist Church

The Open Door Baptist Church is not a good place to be as a minor. Not only there is the risk of sexual abuse as it too sadly is very common in religious communities. At this church abuse was not reported when it was discovered. The police arrested the leader of the church due to his failure to report the abuse.

It could not have been fun to be a child without protection of responsible adults at this church.


656. Danish Teenage actress or actor in 1970’s

Young Danes dreaming of a life in the movie entertainment business were abused by the directors Ernst Johansen and Lasse Nielsen. Ernst Johansen had a taste for young girls and Lasse Nielsen a taste for young boys.

They made a number of youth movies like “Du er ikke alene”, “Måske ku’ vi” and “La’ os være”. They were the hottest partnership in the Danish movie industry back then. Young talents wanted to be part of the movies and the ambitions was abuse by the directors. One of the girls comitted suicide.

It could not have been fun being a teenager finding out that the agenda never was to make the movies, but rather using the movies to get easy and quick sex.


632. Youth living in Iceland

For many years youth in Iceland lived a normal Nordic life until Iceland decided to crack down on the concept of teenage life. Iceland sneaked out of the Danish–Icelandic Act of Union in 1944 and it seems that they lately adapted a more fundamentalist culture.

Teenagers aged under 16 are not allowed to be out after 22:00, even during summer hollidays where youth here from Denmark stay out and socialize over beers, fire and food instead of sitting isolated alone at home in front of the computer where they can come in touch with evil preachers which can persuade to become radikalized and in some cases even leave their homes to fight abroad or bomb local schools.

The law that prevent teenagers on Iceland to live a normal life is Child Protection Act (no. 80/2002 Art. 92). It is legislation that resembles laws in countries located far away from the Nordic countries.

Being prevented to live a life like teenagers in the other Nordic countries make it safe to state that it cannot be fun to grow up in Iceland.


629. Growing up in urban Copenhagen

Let me be frank. Not every part of Copenhagen is bad to grow up in. But with a gang war demanding deserted streets if you want to be safe with your friends areas like Mjølnerparken, Tingbjerg and the Urban plan is not fun grow up in.

People are shot right outside your living door. A stray bullet has the potential to hurt or kill your parents and siblings.

That is the sad reality of living in one of ghettos in Denmark. This is a typical area where you as an immigrant or refugee start your life in Denmark if you choose Denmark to live in.

The gangs like Loyal to Familia and Brothas who is the real ruler of these areas cannot guarantee your safety and while membership of the gangs is the only way to get an education because Danish prisons do a lot trying to prevent criminals to come back, the price you pay can be high. In worst case it can mean death.

Social heritage matter. If you grow up in these areas, you are destined for manual job. Forget ambitions. You have to take what you can. Perhaps you can work as aid (SOSU-assistant) for elderlies in better parts of Copenhagen. Then you have really made it with the resources you were given by birth.

Anyhow regardless of your possible future, it cannot be fun to grow up in those parts of urban Copenhagen.

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