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626. Success Academy Hudson Yards Middle School

Success Academy Hudson Yards Middle School is a charter school located in Manhattan. Lately criticism has been raised about the school being run as a boot camp. If success demands a boot camp it is better not having success.

All over the world the results of over-ambitious school systems and parents are seen and it is measured in suicides and mental breakdowns.

Whatever success achieved at Eva Moskowitz mockery of a school it is simply too hard-earned. It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.



620. Adams Memorial Junior High School

The Adams Memorial Junior High School also known as Adams Memorial Middle School which is now closed has been the center of a recent investigation due to possible child abuse conducted in 1970’s.

A school custodian used his job to lure on the boys when they were in the showers. Some boys were also invited to the school during the holidays when the school was closed. The abuser confirmed his actions and told investigators that he lost his job as result of his actions.

However strangely enough there are no records showing how he lost his job. The abuse was not reported. The questions remain: Who covered up the incidents? Why was there not a police investigation as result of his loss of his job? If he got fired because of his improper relationship to the boys, other employees and his manager should have reported him.

It cannot be fun to have been there being a victim of the school custodian actions.


601. Whitmore Academy

Whitmore Academy in Nephi, Utah ended its operation with lawsuits combined with misdemeanor counts of child abuse and hazing.

The facility seems to have been converted into a bed and breakfast place. Hopefully the guests get better treatment than the girls received.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenage girl.


590. The Ukaliusaq School

The Ukaliusaq school in Godthaab called Nuuk by locals has been the center of a molestion case where students tied a girls up, removed her trousers and took photos posting them on social networks like Facebook.

The last day of the school-year 2016-2017 where the students celebrate was cancelled. Investigation is ongoing.

The harsh climate has not made it easy to run a school. In 2008 the school had to be closed due to risk of power shorting. In 2011 there was fire which meant some days off.

However the social conditions on Greenland are bad. It is estimated that ever third teenager aged below 15 years of age at one point during their lives have been molested.

The problem is that the Danish government has granted power to a small elite in their so-called capital and outside the city alcoholism and poor conditions is the standard. Near their capital the infant mortality is almost on European standard. On the other side of Greenland, it resembles the conditions you find in poor regions in Africa.

Nothing can be done. You cannot turn back time and order Greenland to become a colony once more. It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.

Souces (In Danish)

579. Darlington School

Today Darlington School is mostly known to have hidden abuse according to various media articles. An investigation was lanched to establish knowledge regarding the amount of teenager having beeen abused.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager


578. The Family Bridges workshops

The Family Bridges workshops are used when one parent is claimed to have alienated the children against the other parent. However in many divorce cases it is not the parent who have the best interest in the children who wins custody in the courts. It is the parent with the most money.

In the case involving the Loudon sisters these critized workshops were used and the children had to endure time in court as they were criminals.

It cannot be fun to be forced to attend these workshops as a teenager when you really wants to be with a parent who loves you.


511. Oxbow Academy

Oxbow Academy is a so-called Porn School where teenage boys who have been caught by their parents can send their children if the watching of porn is so against the parents strict religious viewpoint that they feel that they cannot get their family life to work again.

The teenagers are restricted from normal Internet use and communication with peers are also restricted.

It cannot be fun to be there as a male teenager with normal physical needs.


501. Wild2learn residential school

Wild2learn was a residential school located near Glenlivet in Scotland. It was marketed as inspired by the controversial CEDU schools in the United States which closed down due to future lawsuits.

It wasn’t in operation for long before the local authorities ordered it to close.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


500. Halfway towards the goal. What have been achieved ?

This is a special post. This is post number 500.

When our group was approached years ago asking us to make this blog, we didn’t believe that it would have brought so much good. As I write this yet another place has been raided by the authorities saving children. It is far from the first one.

Not every raid ends with a conviction. The laws covering such places in various countries are very relaxed. Often what is criminals for parents to do in their own home is legal when it is done in group homes or residential treatment facilities. Even when it is cut clear case involving criminals actions the convictions in the end are jokes.

In Denmark a male employee got 60 days in prison suspended when he had sex with a 15 year old girl who was isolated in a cabin on the island of Laesoe ordered by the social services in the girls hometown. When children die we see fines as punishment.

Our blog is using on a SEO code provided by another human rights organization in Denmark. Due to actions by the socials services in the Egedal area near Copenhagen the person behind the SEO code and system does not want to be running this blog. It is a question of money as so many things are in Denmark right now. He wanted us to put up a blog where places could be closed as result of our posts without tracing it back to the person who runs a large wiki database based in Denmark where a lot of criminal acts against children are recorded only to be handed over to the authorities if they want them.

That is unfortunately the case in a lot of countries around the world. They really want to close their eyes. They have skipped troubled teenagers away and they dont want to hear about the abuse the children suffer when they are in various residential treatment programs.

We have written about a lot of places. Our articles are not well received by everyone. Some actually believes that their torment helped them become a better person. Of course some of the owners of residential places we have made articles about, are angry at us. If you look at entry number 28, this is a good example. Years after our article was published the local authorities brought charges against the owner. For many other places on this blog it is only a question of time before the same destiny hits them.

Many accuse us of being judgmental. They accuse us on writing our articles based on Danish values. What can we say? They are right. However we do not believe that is wrong. We are proud of our background. We believe that we live in a superior society with superior values. If people do not like our view on life, they are free to read other blogs.

Our work is not finished. 500 posts more lacks before we can call it a day. When will we finished ? We don’t know. In fact we hope that we never will be finished because that means that children will live happily at home enjoying a life with partying and friends.

In a globalized world where there no longer is work for everyone and being elderly means that you only get our diapers changed once per day in the retirement homes as it is the fact in many retirement hoems in Denmark. So why work hard? You will get neglected in the end anyway.

We urge young people to enjoy life. If they get send away, we will hunt the people responsible and close the residential treatment options which causes so much torment and emotional pain.

It should be fun to be in the world as a teenager.

399. Caribe Vista, Haiti

Caribe Vista was located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

In 1974 the authorities in Haiti closed them down forcing them to relocate to the Dominican Republic. What wasn’t known by the authorities at that time because they closed the boarding school down due to non-existing licenses to operate it was that the founder Rev. Gordon C. Blossom was involved with acts of pedophilia.

After they reopened in the Dominican Republic the boarding school was renamed Escuela Caribe.

In 2009 they lost their license in their home state Indiana. Today another organization continues to run Escuela Caribe under another name.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.