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808. Dilworth School

Dilworth School is now known for the police investigation into alleged abuse where the charges against several men include sexual violation, attempted sexual violation, indecency and indecent assault.

At this point it remains unclear when the abuse started and when if it stopped, in fact stopped.

Most of the men arrested are aged between 60 and 70 which means that they properly do not work with children anymore. However question remains if the past management knew and if they decided to let the employees go instead of reporting it.

What is safe to say at this point is that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


Update 2023

February 2023 a former employee was sentenced to prison


807. VisionQuest Arizona

Visionquest has been arround for some time and they are mentioned several times in this blog. Now their Arizona department are under investigation after they used the police force which do not have special trained officers to handle their patients – among them many with disabilities.

When we are talking a quadruple amputee most will assume that it will take specially trained personel to handle such a person. However if teenagers become disruptive, they use public tax-paid police officers who do not have this special training to handle their patients. It can only turn wrong for so many reasons and it did in this case where a teenager was bodyslammed by a police officer.

The authorities must look into how this facility is licensed. It cannot be the case that public money should be used for tasks which should have been handled by the employees.

Until a closer look into how this group home is handled, it is safe to say that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


806. Tyler special needs home

Tyler special needs home located in Texas has been put into the media after 2 employees were arrested charged for alleged abuse of teen with autism.

Special needs means that the employees should be educated into the complex nature of the illnesses the children in such places suffers from. Dealing with a child with autism requires a structure. Structure is not equal constant punishment. Structure means that it is the employee which should do their work in a consistant manner so the child knows what to expect in a certain situation.

I hope the group home will replace cheap labor with trained employees. Until that happens it cannot be fun to be there as a child.