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742. Roskilde Cathedral School (Roskilde Katedralskole)

In 2018 a number of students were expelled after they conducted a birthday related show fight and posted online. In many cultures there are ritual spanking traditions. In China people go to Taoist the Dong Lung Gong temple in Tungkang where they are whipped. A Slavic tradition takes place on Easter Monday and in Slovania can climp to the top of Mount Triglav and get some blows in a dry spot on their body.

Of course the school is located in Denmark but the question people have to ask themselves is whether the students were expelled because they have poor parents. At Herlufsholm – a boarding school for the rich the court ruled that a bloody sex routine was not rape. The department of education in Sweden closed the boarding school Lundsberg due to their tradition of branding new students with hot irons but large firms and rich parents forced the department of education to back down because the Swedish business sector needed tough graduates both able to hand out and receive such treatment.

In Texas the spanking was issued by the school administration for years until parents stopped it as it can be seen in the video below. Of course local traditions are sometime something you can question but the limit must be whether it is a crime.

The Danish police investigated the show fight and found no victims. They did not charge any of the students as no crime had taken place.

Regardless of that the school expelled the students which is not and of course never will be like Saxo, Absalon, Jean Pio, Eduard Reventlow, S.C.W. Bindesbøll, Asger Ostenfeld, Poul Sørensen, Elias Bredsdorff, Lise Nørgaard, Ib Michael and Mark Strudal, who all attended the school in the past. But does the lack of higher social heritage mean that they should be expelled?

It is easy to conclude that if you are from a lower social class, it cannot be fun to attend this school where you are forced to keep whatever ritual based on your ethnic origin hidden.