196. Wilson Center

The Wilson Center (full name Constance Bultman Wilson Center) in Faribault Minnesota does no longer exist. It was sold in 2009.

In the public it was mostly known for the poor treatment of Nikki Bacharach who lived there for 10 years suffering from Aspergers which was not known as an illness. As result she didn’t get the treatment she needed and she properly ended her life based on the teaching of the center many years later. The Center also experimented with treating teenagers suffering from gender identity problems, which was not helpful.

Being treated for something there is no treatment against cannot be fun for any teenager.


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About Rotsne

Danish immigrant, but very integrated. After having worked for another research center, I have recently started working for International Culture Exchange where I serve the youth and their families wanting to become an exchange student.

59 responses to “196. Wilson Center”

  1. David clickner says :

    I was there I know Jamie before the incident I seen them take her

  2. Melissa says :

    I was here when I was fifteen I do have some Goode memories but also very bad ones like my Bff hanging herself there another patient a guy beating me up campus riots etc . but I did bond with some staff and still am in contact with friends from there . I liked my schooling there lol.

    • Sarah says :

      I was there for being crazy and going mental because my sister killed herself one week before I went there I was there for one year…

    • William (bill) Snyder says :

      i was there a long time ago, back when the smoking tree was out past the football field, kevin mahoney and janine were the ceo back then. I made many good memories there and friends i wish i could reconnect with around 1992-1997 long time ago.

      • Mystery Ministry'z says :

        I was there in 1997 for 5 weeks the Christian dude

      • Namegoeshere says :

        Pretty sure I remember you Bill. Only a few people for as many years as it sounds like you were in the 90’s. You weren’t in the older teen/adult unit, you were in the younger folks unit back then, right? I was there for like a year.

      • jeff cannell says :

        i remember kevin and janine well. they were always very good to me. i remember the field but we smoked everywhere except the school building. i never knew in my 4 years there it was such a financial burden on my family.

      • Paul says :

        you must be joking as the shit hole was rose than prison!

      • Jennifer DiBlasio says :

        I was there summer of 1992 I left Dec 1992 I remember the smoking tree

    • bill snyder says :

      Melissa was your last name smith when you were there, and was your case worker from indiana if so drop me a email, i have some old photos of us at the wilson center!

      • Larietta says :

        I remember u bill dont know if u remember me Larietta I was in there for like 6 months with Melissa both of them dustin I think it was around 97

      • Jennifer DiBlasio says :

        If it’s Melissa Smith with red hair I think she was my room mate!

      • Melissa smith says :

        I’m am so sorry that I am just now seeing this, but yes this is Melissa Smith. I was there and I remember you. What is your email address? Here is mine Lissasam0416@gmail.com

      • Melissa Smith says :

        Hello Bill it’s
        Melissa Smith you didn’t provide me your email so I don’t know how to reach out to you.

    • Jennifer DiBlasio says :

      Melissa i think we were room mates? Melissa Smith? Red hair?

      • Melissa smith says :

        My name is Melissa Smith and I was there during this time but I had redish blond hair but had more red then blonde.

  3. Liam says :

    My mom went here in the 70s

  4. Liam says :

    Really? Nikkei was loved. Things were very different back then. The sex abuse scandal was evil. The gym teacher and JG. He suffered abuse for real…..

  5. jeff cannell says :

    i lived their for 4 years, about 1882-1886. i remember Nikki B as a very quiet nice person. no question i was a troubled youth. i do think back now and their would have been tons of better options for me. at 12 years old i should not be allowed to smoke and bought them by the carton through the account money my parents sent me for example. perhaps the shots of Thorazine to make me a drooling fool could have been handled differently also. best to mike mahoney and all that did their best at the time. jeff c aka JJ

    • Troy kirchoff says :

      Was u a head banger? chad northcott, ryan san- something?i remember nikki as well used to hang with agirl named polly….weird that i remember this i was also the youngest there at the time at 12 my names troy kirchoff, isay this to u cuz i went through the same with the smokes,i escaped once with all these head banger dudes and we went to a fair,,,,made it back but got caught.lol i remember a guy named jj long brown blond hair curly heavy into metal, let me know if this rings a bell.disregard if not

      • damon says :

        I hung out with Chad and Ryan me and Chad used to play chicken with cigarettes I still have about 15 scars down my arm. Chad stole a gravestone from the old graveyard we drug it to his room. Don’t know if you ever went to the cheese caves but that was always fun.

      • jeff cannell says :

        i was a headbanger. i remember chad n, paul g, and jason b. the good days….sorta. jeff c aka jj

      • jeff cannell says :

        we used to take off often. went to a fair on a few unauthorized outings. most if not all of us had long hair and wild. i miss chad and paul, they were good people. jj was my nick name and troy yes i think i remember.

    • damon faria says :

      We had to be there at the same time. I used to hang out with Chad northcott and Ryan tiets I believe his name was. I forget the red-headed guy s name I got in a fight with him a couple of times lol.

    • Stacey says :

      I remember you very well.

  6. Damon Faria says :

    I don’t remember the exact years I was there but it was in the 80s my name is Damon. I remember the security guard tiny being really nice. I remember the shots of Thorazine turning me into a zombie. I remember being completely out of control there, more out of control than when I was at home. I remember riots taking acid and drinking. I remember being transferred to mounds park and a couple other places when we got to out of control.

    • jeff cannell says :

      the security guard was named tiny i think. we always had drugs then.

      • Sharon Morgan says :

        I stayed there in 1988 til 1989 and so did my brother Joe … We hung out with the punk rock crowd guys named Jeep and birch and a metalhead named Brent we all were good friends …. We must have known you

      • jeff cannell says :

        i remember jeep and brent well. i just found a picture of jeep. funny

      • jeff cannell says :

        hello, thank you again for connecting with wilson certer people. damon is a good guy and working hard to connect us all with our past. i have pictures of tiny and jeep, many others. thank you jeff cannell

  7. Paul says :

    Dr Wilson was a monster and was forced to resign after being charged with sexually prostituting his patients in Faribault. The whole place was a scam for money and people who who were there that really needed help were being tortured and others like myself were throw a ways by parents like myself who only needed a good home and there was absolutely no medical reason I needed to be there. Please see my trailer link herein

    • Mystery Ministry'z says :

      Paul, I want to learn more about this.

      • Paul says :

        Go to Illinois Circuit court docket search for cook county and type Abramson v Abramson chancery case 2013 ch 17457 to find out more about the daddy dearest responsible for these unspeakable crimes!

  8. Namegoeshere says :

    Can confirm that this place was often literal torture. I was there for about a year. I remember watching a huge male staff member pick up a little kid by his arm and slam his body against a wall because the kid didn’t want to go to bed. They would restrain me and inject me with tranquilizers just for raising my voice, and I wasn’t even in one of the more restricted units where they would put people they deemed dangerous. That’s how they treated people in the more privileged units. And that doesn’t even touch on the weird bullshit they’d try with with “psychiatric” care for LGBT kids, that was just day to day life, getting beaten up and drugged by staff just for being a normal kid.

  9. Kev says :

    I was on the same unit as Nikki…I was there around 1982…would like to talk with people that were there …

  10. Paul says :

    We need to set up a Wilson Center support group like Paris Hilton has for the the facility she was abused at as an adolescent
    can someone please set up a face book page asap and post the link here
    or you can start making posts at the face book page below


  11. Damon says :

    I made a Facebook group for Wilson Center survivors please join its private

    • Paul says :

      thanks. I hope you can get all the victims on here asap or at least the ones that are still alive.

      • Damon says :

        I just saw this reply thank you for joining.

      • van richter records says :

        I was a victim of this monster

        On Mon, Jan 10, 2022 at 11:49 AM 1000 places You don’t want to be as a teenager wrote:

        > Damon commented: “I just saw this reply thank you for joining.” >

  12. Kev says :

    I was there in 84 -85…
    I stayed in trouble..
    Would.like to reconnect with anyone who was there same.time

  13. Kevin says :

    I was there around that time…I was definitely troubled myself…I do have some.found memories of some of the people…I rember Angie’s daughter well..she told me she had named all the trees on the property….she was always nice to me.i would like to find Dorsey…if anyone remembers her and knw how to get intough please send info.

  14. Jennifer DiBlasio says :

    I was there summer 1992 to the winter of 1992 if anyone was there at that time and remembers me my email is jennydiblasio@gmail.com
    I remember Becca Anderson from West Virginia and Jason Greene from the Bronx i remember a girl Katie that was anorexic and Brian Barnes from Aurora. I met my first love Brian Way there.

  15. Tianessiea Vanzant says :

    Omg tears are in my eyes I was there in 92-96 My best friend Angie Roberts also hung herself I tried to escape a lot That damn haunted ass smoking tree my boyfriend then Donnie… Wow un chained memories here I am age 44 with beautiful children and remembering this nightmare in my past.. I remember the torture we survived it most of us…..

    • Jennifer DiBlasio says :

      I was there in 1992 i remember a guy named Donnie, he liked fires i remember him running through the bonfires. Not sure if it was the same Donnie though.

    • Melissa Smith says :

      I was there during that time and I also was really good friends with Angie Robert’s, I still remember the song they dedicated during her funeral at the center they played, Stay, by Lisa Loeb.

  16. Kev says :

    I was there about 1984….
    Very crazy times…Allen and I got into massive trouble….I had a few friends there and some of the staff was good people.

    • Kev says :

      I believe it was my 15th birthday when we decided to get drunk at dr.willison’s house that was on the property…thta didn’t end well.

  17. Alice says :

    Reading this list had tears rolling down my face for so many reasons, so freaking angry, so freaking sad, so many of those name could have been mine. Idk how many times I was restrained and past out due to my neck being twisted so far. How many of us thought this was all normal? How many of us thought about saying something and realized we were raised to believe it didn’t matter what we said they’d never believe us? I want to do something but I don’t know what.

    • jeff Cannell says :

      hello Alice, your right on everything. most of us came from other places first. so, for sure we thought it was normal. i hated those shots in the butt as you were held down and a minute later you couldn’t even talk yet alone move. i wish someone would write a book and bring things to people’s attention. i have talked to a few people over the years about stolen childhood etc and very sad. we all feel the same. there are many of us out there. i spent from 1984-1988 at the Wilson Center. best to you jeff cannell

  18. John m McCarthy says :

    I was here in I wanna say like 89 or 90 I remember my doctors name was doctor shocker he was more fu%@ed up then I was I remember getting sent to a locked unit in the twin city’s

  19. John Mccarthy says :

    I can’t remember exactly when I was there I think maybe 89 or 90 I remember getting held down and shot in the ass with thorazine a bunch of times and even being sent to locked units in the twin city’s I remember my doctors name was Dr shocker he was more fukked up then I’d was I remember my counselor name was Steve he was a good dude remember me and I think 2 other kids bearacaded the room door and would not come out and they busted the window out trying to get us to come out I think that kicked off a riot kinda . I remember the apple orchard I’m pretty sure that’s were I lost my virginity lol

  20. johnmccarthy3326 says :

    I remember being here I think it was I wanna say in 89 90 I can’t really remember I remember me and I think 2 other kids bearacated the door in our room and busted out the windows I think I ended up in a locked unit In st Paul I remember my doctor’s name was Dr shocker man was he messed up I remember my counselors name was Steve he was a good dude

  21. Trent says :

    I was there in ‘98. Anyone else?

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