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801. Atlantis Leadership Academy

This facility is located in the area of Treasure Beach, Jamaica. The owner has a past as student in one of the WWASP schools and sought to create a modernized version of the school system he became a product of. The feedback from the students confirm his success in doing that.

Former students claim:

I was mentally abused and been told I was worthless and disgusting as a method to change my behavior. I was underfed as a punishment at at times forced to do long strenuous labor for friends of the programs director. I was kicked, punched, and was told I was going to be killed as a knife was put to my throat for not cooperating. every time I tried to contact my parents to ask for help my letter to them was edited and deleted. we were also forced to smile in every picture taken by the programs staff member so it looked as if we were enjoying our time in the program.

We were starved, beaten and kept in seclusion for months at a time. I personally was forced to lay in a room on my stomach alone for 3 months and ate nothing but rice and drank nothing but water… i lost 50lbs while i was there at the program i was 6’ 186 when i got there and when i left i was 6’ 135.

I give WWASPSurvivors permission to use this statement. I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on(date: MM/DD/YY):

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


800. Silver Sands School

The Silver Sands School in Fort Walton Beach, Florida used a rather cruel approach dealing with autistic students. The children were locked into a dark room where the teachers then tormented them with use of loud whistling.

It has been impossible to find this bizarre treatment approach described in any medical paper. It must have been for entertainment of the employees only. Hopefully an police investigation into the treatment approach can be conducted.

It cannot not have been fun to be there as a child.


799. U.S. Jones Elementary School

The story of the suicide of a 9-year-old girl touched me very much because I know why we were allowed to use the Egedal SEO system on this blog.

A kindergarten teacher who was an alcoholic which the Danish police thankfully pulled off the road and another teacher who was a bully created an environment where a child of creator the SEO system was hurt so bad that the now adult life consist of a battle against depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and Schizoaffective disorder, which means that the person is alive despite the Egedal Schools failure to intervene against bullies – adults and kids.

However the story could have ended as tragic as it was the case with 9-year-old Mckenzie Adams. This poor girl was called a numerous number of things, some even things which would have led to a criminal case and conviction if the statements were made by an adult.

No school in the entire world should let bullying pass. People should be allowed to see themselves as beautiful regardless of how others see them. Freedom of speech does not mean obligation to speech against other people based alone of how you see them. If you do not like certain people do simply not speak to them unless it has a professional purpose and then remain professional sticking to whatever task which is needed to be completed alone.

It cannot be fun to be a child at the U.S. Jones Elementary in Demopolis City, Alabama

Mckenzie Adams’ suicide caused by school’s failure to stop racist, sexist bullying, lawsuit claims (

798. Calvary Gospel Church

Calvary Gospel Church in Madison, Wisconsin has been the center of some media attention lately. So far the local police has not been so keen to look into the claims of now-adult women who claim that they were lured into sexual relationship with older men from the church.

In many religious communities the enclosed nature of community make it difficult to come forward to get protection and justice. Especially if some of the church members also have close ties with the local police. And until recently it has been the norm for many religious communities to deal with such problems internally rather than contacting the authorities to allow them to investigate whether some criminal activities have taken place.

All this secrecy needs to stop. The authorities should always be informed and if the local authorities have too close ties with the church, then the investigation must move to state level or even federal level when needed.

It cannot have been fun to be a teenage girl in this church if the allegations are true.


797. Unnamed spiritual educational institute, Alandi, India

An 11-year-old boy remains in treatment after he was not able to complete some kind of homework related to some heathens scripture. His failure got a “teacher” named Bhagwan Maharaj Pohane to beat him with a stick so severe that the police has booked him for attempted murder.

This kind of insane corporal punishment is normally something you will find in religious schools in Missouri or other countries or states where religious schools are not regulated.

It cannot be fun to attend such institutes.


796. Tippen

Tippen was a group home located near the town of Varde in Denmark. It was run by the local authorities. A report from a government supervision organization revealed unnecessary use of restraints, poor standard of reporting and children who did not attend school when they were supposed to.

The supervision organization were tipped by an anonymous letter claiming that a group of teenagers living in the facility controlled the group home. These allegations are yet to be proved. Also the rumor that people in the local department of social services were aware about the conditions will be either hidden or revealed by the investigation. Not all evidence are expected to be surfaced as it is often the case when the public sector investigate themselves.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


795. St Columba’s College

A now closed school named St Columba’s College located in Larg, Ayrshire in Scotland was the center of an investigation and also the center of a murder rumor.

A 7 year old boy named Aldo Moroni died at the school. Somehow the employees managed to convince the authorities not to look into the death at the time back in 1980. According to a newspaper, he was beaten to death because he took too long using the toilet.

Other awful incidents which took place at the school are now recognized as a abuse. It could not have been fun to be there as a child.