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936. Shirley Oaks Children’s Home / Lambeth children’s home

Lambeth children’s home also known as Shirley Oaks Children’s Home was in operation from 1903 to 1982. The responsible owner was London Borough of Lambeth. So far 1887 victims have been identified having been suffering various forms of abuse.

The investigation has been subjected to attempts of having it covered up, properly due to the ownership which could affect the careers of politicians, who basically have neglected their duties to supervise the facility.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child and have been subjected to abuse.


933. Hope Haven

Hope Haven located near New Orleans in Louisiana was founded in 1911 as  St. Vincent’s Hotel. The targetgroup was homeless men and boys. Over time it grew. Maybe the facility became too big to monitor as information now surface that a priest abused boys. The organization in charge at the time of the alleged abuse is the religious orders of Salesians of Don Bosco and School Sisters of Notre Dame as they are named in a lawsuit.

It would not be the first time lack of supervision results in abuse.

It sounds like it was not a fun place to be as a teenager.


904. ViewPoint Center

The ViewPoint Center is located in Syracuse, Utah. On the address a facility mentioned in this block named Island View RTC was located. Bad feedback from patients and parents made the operation of this facility difficult so it shut down and this new facility was started employing many of the employees who worked at the previous facility.

Was it all an effort to escape the poor reviews on the Internet and the newspaper articles about the suicide of one of the teenagers? Many believe so.

The treatment approach seem to have been changed very little.

Also the poor reviews and bad feedback continues to this day. One of these sounded:

I flew my daughter from the East Coast to participate in ViewPoint’s program with a belief they would compassionately and expertly assess her mental health in order to make recommendations for optimal future care. I do not recommend their program.

I withdrew her from ViewPoint during the third week, though wish she had never been admitted.

We hired a consultant in an effort to match her to a residential program, one that would address depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation in a gentle and structured manner. Having a short deadline as she was coming from an emergency department, we had little time to locate a solid program who had space and was not constricted by covid regulations.

Pre-admission, I was advised by our consultant that ViewPoint typically did not have “behavior kids” and that most patients were depressed, anxious with suicidal ideation. His perception fell far from reality, as confirmed by physical fights that erupted among patients as well as counselors confirming to me that they often DO have “behavior kids” and that the consultant was misinformed.

My daughter has panic attacks, feeling unable to breathe, terrified. She felt trapped at ViewPoint and began hitting her forehead on the walls when the emotions consumed her, choosing this release over panic attacks – which were more frightening to her. She chose pain and anger over fearfulness and temporary suffocation of a panic attack. Several of these episodes occurred and no one advised me. I was also not advised that she was physically carried into a concrete isolation room and left for hours so that she could “cool off”.

During the three weeks of admission, she was never once allowed outside. At ViewPoint, it is a “privilege” the kids must earn. Under whose directorship are children deprived of sunshine and outside air? Even inmates are allowed the basic right of being human.

It is not an exaggeration that children for whom safety is a concern are put on a cot in the hallway, saturated in typical fluorescent lights of a hallway, to sleep because “they do not have the staff to otherwise watch them.” Again, this treatment was imposed on my daughter without informing me of their actions.

The longer she was there, the more worried she became that her attacks of being overwhelmed would create a negative stigma of her being a “bad kid” and her question was, “Then, how will they treat me?”.

My daughter continues her journey with medication, DBT therapy, psychiatric care, social support and academic structure from the safety of home. In addition to the challenges of depression and anxiety, her therapy now also includes a focus on PTSD of her residential psychiatric experience. She has nightmares and flashbacks.

ViewPoint likely falls within their legal rights of behaving in this manner. Or do they? Where is the line? Their actions would rightly precipitate removal of children from their program if their actions were shared with parents. I can tell you that I received only a trickle of information during the supervised 15 minute video call that I had with her once a week.

ViewPoint crossed the line of primum non nocere. First do no harm.

It does sound like a review which could have been written when the facility was named Island View. It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


900. Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services

Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services established in 1925 is owned by Universal Health Services.

In the media the facility is mentioned when video tapes were leaked from the facility showing employees assaulting the young patients.

It could not be fun to be there as a teenager.


890. Mount Cashel Orphanage

Mount Cashel Orphanage also known as Mount Cashel Boys Home was located in St. Johns, Canada. It was open between 1898 and 1990 and operated by the Congregation of Christian Brothers.

Starting in 1975 the authorities began an investigation into child abuse. A number of further investigations resulted in a number of lawsuits and convicts.

It could not have been fun to be there as a student.


886. Lake Alice Hospital

Lake Alice Hospital, established 1950 closed in 1999.

Recently former patients who were minors when they were placed at the hospital have come forward telling how they were treated with electric shock and drugs not for treatment but for punishment.

The authorities failed to monitor the hospital allowing the abuse to take place.

It cannot have been fun to be placed there as child.


884. Elmcrest Hospital

Opened in 1942 Elmcrest Hospital was a former hospital in Portland, Connecticut. Also going under names like St. Francis Care Behavioral Health it closed its door in 2006 after a period of 3 years where the inpatient services had been discontinued. The area is now waiting for to be used for other purposes.

Some former patients who were minor wrote:

I spent time there when i was 13. After being sexually assualted by another patient and telling, they punished me too nu restaining me in a body bag then locked in a padded room for hours. I couldnt breathe, no one could hear me crying and no dr ever came in. Im lucky they didnt kill me. I have flashbacks 30 yrs later. Place was as close to hell you can get


I was there twice in 1987 and 1988 as a teen. EVERYONE was put on psych meds which enabled insurance payment due to being labeled. The environment made us crazier than we started. Spooky place.


Abuse by the staff probably been going on at that place since the 1940’s when it opened. I was there around 1983 and every other day something was always going on, being staff related or other. I saw this kid get his arm pulled out of the socket by the staff’s infamous arm behind the back restraint. Not to mention the body bags. For those of you who don’t what a body bag is, it’s a rectangle shape (the length of a human body) canvas and board “straight jacket” that the staff would put people in and have them lay in that thing on their back on the floor until the staff felt like letting the person out. It had boards inside along the sides where the person’s arms were and straps outside so the staff could tighten as tight as they wanted to. They didn’t use straight jackets like in movies and !*it like that. Now, there was some good staff members but a lot of them were bad. So, this is all I have to say about the bad staff, ya’ll can eat a !*ck and die.

RIP Andrew McClain

They should of closed that place years before the staff killed you.


Also newspapers report of a death which occured in 1998. The poor 11 year old boy is on the victim list you can find on this website and also has a memorial page on “Today-a-child-died”

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


883. Lake Alice Child and Adolescent Unit

The facility operated from 1950 until 1999 where it was shut down. Recent information suggest that the employees made use of electroconvulsive therapy and paraldehyde injections as punishment.

In 2021 a hearing into the conditions will be held. Regardless of the outcome it is safe to conclude that it was not fun to be there as a teenager.


879. Daya Dan orphanage

This orphanage in India connected to the well-known Mother Teresa was not a nice place to be in general. Dirty, the children being under-medicated, children tied to their beds is not the right environment for children. However, as they say: “Given the alternatives”.

But the alternatives only exist because a state was allowed to be created too fast leaving place for no income tax system as we know it in the civilized world where money are distributed from the people well-off to the poor. The blame is on both the government who mismanagement their country and the welfare organizations working there without addressing the real issue, so the International community could put pressure on the government to look after their own country instead on playing with muscles against surrounding countries.

Mother Teresa might not have gained a lot personally from running her charity but she still managed to prey on volunteers who worked for what they believed was a good case and in her actions support a regime in an over-corrupt country who used her organization to fix what they should have taken care of long time ago.

Yes. For sure being a child in this kind of orphanage cannot be fun.


877. Northern Illinois Academy

In 2021 Northern Illinois Academy was closed down after the authorities took interest in the poor management the owner – Sequel Youth & Family Services had installed at the facility.

The management lacked putting in place proper supervision with their employees often hired to secure as much profit as possible over other considerations like qualification and interest in treating the children at the facility with the care they needed.

The lack of a proper management at the facility led to a number of incidents according to local media coverage including use of dangerous methods of restraint, criminal charges had been brought against an employee for choking a child, sexual relations between employee and patient, removing family pictures as punishment, increase in medication due to changing rules of use restraints instead of issuing medication based on the patients needs.

Overall it sounds like a bad place to be as a child.