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533. Rivendell Behavioral Health Services

This facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky seems to be criticized by parents

My daughter went to the facility 3 times within a month and a half time period. When returning home, she had a UTI, Scabies, and had not shaved nor brushed her teeth the entire time she was there. I’m extremely displeased to have my adolescent child taken there for psychiatric care and come out needing a detox to recover physically. I have joint custody of my daughter and was never contacted about the medications she was using or only once about her recovery. I strongly advise anyone that is having a troubled youth, to reconsider taking their child here. There are many other places to choose from.

Also a now former employee are facing charges due to his alleged improper relationship with one of the patients.

It doesn’t sound like a fun and safe place to be as a teenager.


518. Red Rock Canyon School

Red Rock Canyon School is a youth asylum located in St. George, Utah. In this town such places are almost located next to each other where they enjoy little oversight and have access to low-educatated cheap labor.

A number of incidents occured over the years at this facility:

  • On September 13, 2001, a boy was sexually assaulted by another teenager with whom he had been housed. The Guardians Alvin and Cynthia Robertson created a lawsuit against the school
  • March 2003 a girl was transported from the school to the hospital where she was pronounced death. She had been sick for some days
  • In 2005 they were sued by parents of a teenager based on a claim about a sexual relationship between their son and a staff member
  • In 2012 a staff member was arrest on a charge of indicent relationships with 3 boys

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


517. La Europa Academy

La Europa Academy is a so-called residential treatment facility located in Murray, Utah

There seems to be some concern about teenagers who face challenges regarding their gender identity.

A review on states:

Worst 9 months of my life. Do not send your child here if they struggle with gender identity issues. They will not get respected. And when you tour, they lie about a lot of stuff.

They also use a level system, which has been subject of much criticism among human rights groups.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


514. The Federico Mora Hospital

The Federico Mora Hospital in Guatamala City, Guatemala is been the center of an article made by BBC. It seems that the hospital is understaffed and they drug the patients to keep track of them.

It also seems that there are employees who take advantage of the drugged patients and rape them while they are under influence of drugs.

It cannot be fun to be there as a child.


512. Provo Canyon School

Provo Canyon School was founded in 1971. Over the years there have been a number of lawsuits. The system is very strict and today it is mostly known to have been the reason for creating a number of human rights organizations due to former inmates experiences.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


498. Haut de la Garenne

Haut de la Garenne is name connected to suspicion of abuse, cover up, satanic rituals. The full extent of what took place at this former childrens home located on the Jersey Island might never be fully investigated.

The authorities made som shocking discoveries. They found parts of remains of children. What else they found remains a secret because the management of the childrens home had political contacts among the establishment. Some of the officials connected to the school made quite a career on national and international level.

What remains uninvestigated is the religious part of the scandal. Certain rituals were performed. Were there even child sacrifices? We never might know.

What is clear and is fully covered is that it could not have been fun to be there as a child.


488. Oasis Academy

Oasis Academy was located in Orem, Utah. It was first mentioned around 1994. In 2006 it was reported that a senior staff member had committed suicide while being on the run on charges of child porn possession.

It could not have been fun to be forced to remain together with such a person far away from your parents as a teenager.


487. New Haven RTC

This facility located near Provo in Utah doesn’t sound like a fun plan to be as a teenager. A former resident writes:

New Haven Residential Treatment Centr in Utah has destroyed what could have been. I arrived in early November in 1995 at the East Campus, in Spanish Fork, Utah. I arivd or a serious case of depression and isolation. The first two months were hell, et I seemed to have gotten something out of it therapeautically, from then on it was pure hell. There was nthing left and I was being violate. Emotionally, physically. was being abused by both staff and students. Thank God for my Brother, after writing to him, herescued me. I have never been the same. This should be shut down. It is decieving and it fucks with your head. As of now I am living with my parets and studyin to be an accountant. My life could have been different, yet I am living in fear. Fear of life. Parents, do not send yor chidren to an rtc, they do more harm than good, you can save them.

HEAL-online has located business connections to a now closed treatment center called Oasis Academy previous located in Provo, Utah.


484. Moonridge Academy

Former students writes:

Rude staff, horrible treatment. I felt worse there then I have ever felt. DO NOT GO.

This program is terrible. I went into treatment for depression and suicidal ideation. After a few months, I was lower than I had ever been before. I was eventually pulled out because of the ineffective practices. … … Every new girl is watched all the time. This level of care was not needed for ANY of the girls in the program. Furthermore, after reading about the program on the official site, the program sounds superb. You should know that activities are often canceled, sometimes out of the blue. “Therapy” includes cartoons, no contact with parents, and endless hours of pointless bookwork. I highly recommend that you choose a different program for your daughter. (Student in 2013)

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager


479. Boston Children’s Hospital

Today Boston Children’s Hospital is mostly known outside the United States for the Justina Pelletier. The teenage girl was treated and diagnosed by the Tufts Medical Center when she was admitted to the hospital during a vacation. Here the hospital out of the blue suddenly second-guessed the diagnose the medical center had found.

When her parent protested the new diagnose stopping treatment of the original illness out of fear of the possibility of a worsen health the hospital went to the courts and the parents lost guardianship so the hospital could have their newfound guinea pig for themselves putting the poor through exhausting therapy.

Finally the judge discovered his mistake and reverted the guardianship to the parents. Since her return home she has been through surgery.

This case caught the attention of the media mostly because her parents had the strength to approach them. What if there are several others who go through therapy against their will?

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager if you are held there against your will.