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506. Kendall house

Kendall house in Gravesend, United Kingdom was closed in 1986. Unfortunately after it made the lives misserable for a lot of girls.

One of the former “students” wrote:

Kendall house Gravesend Kent. This happened to us too in the uk. A home office psychotherapist was doing it to us. All our children were born with birth defects and all the kh girls who lived got ill with a serious unknown autoimmune illness in our 40s. I have all our records of the abuse, severe overdosing drug logs, cover Ups documented in files. It was first exposed in 1979 and the uk government mps refused to help the abused children in the care institutions and said it was a medical problem not a government problem. It wad exposed again on a tv documentary in 1980 and the government still refused to stop it. I was sent to kendall house in 1980 by Wandsworth social services. I was there 3 years. I was locked in a small room for over 160 days isolated, massively overdosed with 11 psychotropic drugs for 3 years every day and sexually abused in that room. The psychotherapist sent me to stone house mental hospital with dangerous severely disturbed patients as punishment if i alerted anyone. Kent police have not investigated the abuse at kendall house and lied publicly. My mp Eric pickles has refused to talk to me for 18 years and recently told his secretary to call me and tell me to drop it. I wont drop it. A social worker who witnessed the barbaric abuse and brain training called it ratamorphism. I have all the evidence fortunately. The gov are lying publicly and are making sure this abuse is totally ignored. Its still hapenning to kids in care today and I can prove it. The uk government are lying publicly and saying they dont do it but they are doing it. The children are locked behind closed doors and can not get help. They are screaming in silence here in the uk. My website is no2abuse and my book trust no one that I wrote because all those in authority ignored the abuse.

A television station later investigated and found 10 ex-residents at Kendall House had gone on to have children with birth defects after being forcibly given cocktails of drugs, including tranquilisers, during the 1970s and 80s.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


502. Blue Creek Academy

Yet another religious reform school was in the media for its abusive methods against teenagers. The structure of the school looked very much alike many others. Now where it is closed lawsuits are piling up. Unfortunately a little too late for the boys who endured the alleged abuse.

To make it even worse the manager – pastor James Waldeck – should be involved in a new private prison project in Montana.

Safe to say that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


486. New beginnings Maternity home / New Hope Maternity Home

First located in Kanab and later in Spanish Fork in Utah this boarding school for pregnant girls was shown to be involved in some kind of adoption business which caused 3 pregnant teenagers to attack the staff and escape in order to provide a better future for their children that the children would have experienced if the girls had remained at the facility. Pretty babies are a good business and very easy money with few questions asked.

The owners was reported to have ties to the infamous WWASP organization.

It cannot be fun to end up as a pregnant teenager in such a place.


457. Mesabi Academy

Mesabi Academy in Minnesota operates like a private detention facility. They were in the media for not reporting possible abuse to the authorities. Instead they were aiming at legal action against the county in order to keep their business.

Private detention facilities are supposed to be punishment. However this kind of abuse was not written down by the judges who sent the juveniles to the facility. What the tax-payers get for their money is teenagers tormented by these possible acts of abuse which easy can lead them further into a line of crimes once they are released. Hunger Strikes among the teenagers are also seen.

It is cannot be fun to be there as a teenager (it shoudn’t but this is extreme.)


363. Victory Acres Children’s home, Alice, Texas

Victory Acres Children’s home was located in Alice in Texas. Whoever enters the now abandoned buildings may have the possibility to read confidential papers made about the girls who lived there because they didn’t destroy the records when they closed down.

Corporal punishment was used and it is safe to state that it wasn’t fun to be there as a teenager.


283. Gatesville State School for Boys

Gatesville State School for Boy was operated by the authorities in Texas in the years between 1889 and 1979.

The former inmates who happened to be children while they were sent there has spoken of physical, sexual, mental and verbal abuse at the facility.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.

A blog has been made for the survivors to share and remember.

Gatesville State School for Boys (Memorial blog)

152. Vaerebro boys home

Actual vault from the boys home. The markers were made by the police showing where traces of blood was found

“Værebro’s drengehjem” as it was called in Danish existed until 1984. Ironically the boys home was founded by a so-called humanitarian organization named “Foreningen af 1838 til Forsømte Børns Frelse” (The organization of 1838 for the salvation of neglected children).

The boys were disciplined by being tied to the vault in the Gym. Then the employees would use a tawse or often af piece of rope on their bare backs until blood was drawn. It is difficult to understand the level of torment and abuse these boys were put through.

Under no circumstances could it have been fun to live there as a teenager.


138. Project PATCH

Somewhere in the rural Idaho teenagers are isolated by orders from their parents until they surrender to a life with God. Of course most try to runaway. In one case a girl found help with a dorm supervisor from the school. He was sentenced to 20 years for his help.

If a teenager is willing to live with a stranger it tells me that it is not a fun place to live as a teenager.


98. Calvary Academy

Calvary Academy is a religious boarding school where teenagers can be held from the so-called temptations of the world. The management fled Wisconsin because legislation was too strict so they wouldn’t have been able to jail the teenagers all year. Another issue was a court case involving charges of Sexually assault which ended in the charges dismissed. In Florida none cares how minors are treated. The state is a heaven for such places as this boarding school.

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


94. Arthur G. Dozier School for boys

OK. You don’t get to be sent to the Arthur G. Dozier School for boys if you have not broken the law. It has been so since year 1900 when they opened the place.

But beside the judgment given in court it seemed that the employees did run their own little court. A number of graves. Corporal punishment. Boys who vanished in the system. A lot of cruelty short to say.

In the end it didn’t matter how much they stated that it was all something from the past. They had to close it down.

Now they are trying to sell it for development so this site of shame can be forgotten.

How can this be allowed because it wasn’t a fun place to be as a teenager.