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703. Box Hill and Bayswater boys’ homes

The Box Hill and Bayswater boys’ homes was run by the Salvation Army. The government which should have secured oversight did not care and as result some of the boys were abused.

Beside the government having having neglected their duty, also the Salvation Army failed as an organization, denying that they had the to look after the volunteers they allowed near the children.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


702. Idaho Youth Ranch

An article speaks about the demise of Idaho Youth Ranch. Budgets, constant change of staff and confusing strategies from the management has resulted in poor service towards the youths they are supposed to help.

Having real problems reaching out for help makes it not a fun place to be if you get not the help you expected, if you as a teenager stay at the Idaho Youth Ranch.

Idaho Youth Ranch in trouble and failing to help children, say former employees (The Idaho Statesman)

701. Eliot Atlantic House

The idea for this place is serve adolescents children and adolescents referred by the Department of Child and Family Services. Our homes offer comprehensive residential treatment and intensive clinical services focused on preparing youth to return home or to transition into an alternative structured, therapeutic or independent living situation.

It sound very fine, but the type of job a counselor suggested to guide girls forwards independent living was criminal. Selling their bodies can hardly be legal. It does not sound as a fun place to be as a teenager.


700. Children Having Overcoming Power (CHOP)

The idea sounded good. Taking in at-risk teenagers and teaching them faith and be a guide for them.

Unfortunately they guided the teenagers in other more personal matters which benefitted them also.

It could not have been fun to become part of Children Having Overcoming Power (CHOP).


699. New Directions YTA Inc

New Directions YTA Inc was a so-called youth transport firm. It is a company, parents can hire to transport their children to a residential programs if they do not want to burden themselves with the emotional stress of breaking the news to their children that they will rather spend time on themselves rather than doing the hard work of parenting.

The process often starts with employees entering the room of the teenager in the middle of the night together with one of the parents telling the teenager that the teenager has to go with the employee who the teenager never have met before. Then the parent leave the house, so the employees are cleared of facing potential vitnesses who could testify against them if case of possible violence or other forms of molestation.

The companies operating within this industry has in the past been known to use various forms of mechanical restraints. The website of this firm does not state which forms of restraints or use of force the employees are allowed to use.

It must be very clear that the entire process of such a transport must be very traumatic or in clear violation of one of the first rules, parents learn their children: Never go with a stranger!

It is very clear that it could have not be fun to a teenager transported by a company like CNew Directions YTA Inc.

The website is gone so it seems that the world is now free from having this firm operating.