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13 responses to “What did you experience?”

  1. Mike says :


    Look up uwcmentalhealthreform on facebook. Check out the video sections to see the mental health crisis at these boarding schools.
    Also, uwcvoices.com shows the suffering and stress the students feel while at these schools.

    United World College (UWC) is a world wide network of 15 boarding schools promoting peace and a sustainable future through education. They recruit the best and brightest across the world through national competitions and “give” them a 2 year scholarship(worth 80-100k dollars). Based on Kurt Hahn’s educational methods, they indoctrinate vulnerable (ages 15-19) kids with the impossible responsibility of saving the planet! DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE HAPPY GLASSY EYES OF KIDS HELPING OUT HUMANITY. Behind those smiling faces is a lot of pain and mental anguish: depression, low self esteem, and suicidal thoughts plague the students. (See survey results video from 1250 alumni and students on facebook uwcmentalhealthreform).

    Mike Brantjes, Chairman of UWC Alumni Association, explains that the program has been designed with psychological elements right from the start. They uproot youth and break down what they’ve learned and rebuild them psychologically with a new set of values and expectations much like the military. He says that it is important to realize that engrained in this whole set-up, is that UWC actively takes 16 year olds and installs in them an unbelievable mission and set them up for failure and creating stress for the rest of their lives.

    The initiation process gets the teen to cut off all emotional ties to their previous life, family, friends by promising them a supportive loving UWC family. The teens are isolated, loaded with on campus work duties, academics, indoctrination activities, intensive workshops on world crisis, sociliazing, and crammed 4 to a room! Sexual orientarion is questioned right from the start! Second year students prey on vulnerable and scared 1st year students whom they have already stalked on favebook and instagram. Promiscuity is ignored or sanctioned in common areas only (classrooms, conference rooms, camping).

    Many have committed suicide while at/after the United World College experience (look up obits for names in the UWC USA, Wales, Hong Kong school magazine listed under “in memoriam”). I have found 9 in the last 7 years and I am not a profesional investigator.

    In another video (starts at 23:00 mins) clinical psychologist,Lauge Scholer, explains that he was diagnosed with PTSD and depression after graduation. He describes the UWC environment and experience.

    I am speaking from experience. My teen almost committed suicide while in this program. The school NEVER contacted me about repeated cries for help. They completely took over my childs life and identity and shut us out by turning our teen against us. Three days AFTER the attempt and hospitalization we were notified because of the legal risk. Then they tried to quickly and quietly get rid of the problem. Needless to say, we have spent thousands on therapy. Our teen does not understand what happened but does see that there is a mental health problem as there are several students that were struggling at the same time. The kids are left to fend and cope on their own. The school demands resilience and does not recognize that the methods used and demands of the program are mentally damaging vulnerable youth! Their practices and methods are similar to the Moonies! High demand, brain washing, love bombing, and lots of choreographed dance perdormances!

    The school will try to pin the problem on the student citing previous emotional instsbility or problems. This is unacceptable because 1) all teens are unstable at one point or another from basic brain development, 2) they seek out highly intelligent kids who may not have the emotional maturity to endure military like indoctrinization methods, 3) they lack the proper mental health care for struggling teens, 4) they have poor pastoral training, and 5) they have poor quality food and loose monitoring of sleep that produces psychosis and mental breakdowns at one point or another.

    There are 15 private colleges world wide. Each country should have a child protective services agency that regulates and monitors the program. In 2014, there were suicides at UWC Wales and Swaziland and there was a fatal rock climbing accident in UWC Costa Rica.
    I urge anyone who has access to child protective services to put this organizarion on their list of investigations before more people die as a result of their negligence.

  2. Jon S Ferry says :

    Elan School should be #1. Watch The Last Stop on youtube. Look into Dawn Birnbaum, Clyde Marshall. Peter Rowe, so many others. The vast amount of suicides after leaving or while there is sick. They all have gotten away with it.

    • Rotsne says :

      It has been impossible to rate. There are no doubt that Elan School was a bad place. A very very bad place indeed. However we are only scraping the surface in this blog. A lot of terrible things have taken place at the mentioned places in this blog. So many thing that you can make movies and books about every single place. I urge that the movie on Youtube in the future will be supplemented with additional websites where the survivors tell their stories to the future will learn about it and it never will be forgotten. That goes for the rest of the places on this blog too.

    • Harry Kranick says :

      I would tend to agree with you. I spent 18 months at Elan from 76-78 and I witnessed more than I care to remember. Prior to that I was at Lake Grove Academy and prior to that at the Constance Bultman Wilson Center. Most of my friends died soon after leaving the programs, some remain but all of us have scars that will last a lifetime. Each of the owners of these schools had their own concepts and one thing they all had in common was they were last stops for kids like myself. The hardest part was re-entering back into society after our own personal war that we fought in our heads.

  3. anon says :

    I was in the cornerstone program for 2.5 years and pathways for 7 months. Bob meehan stole my damn future frankly, I’ve lost a lot of friends to the place. Many died, many got sucked into becoming counsellors.

  4. Anonymous says :

    Eva Carlston Academy, also known as Mt. Olympus Prepatory school. All girls school that cuts you off from society. Behavioral modification. Previous I stayed at carlbrook school. ECA was worse.

  5. Sam says :

    I was in Hosanna House, Jacksonville Florida for 36 months….during my 3 year stay at this hell hole hiding behind Christianity, I witnessed/ experienced abuse and torture in the form of “silence”, corporal punishment (beatings over and over and over) and food restrictions. I have started a group with some of the other survivors from this program and we are working to bring facilities like this down! I need more information please on how to do so. Also, the owner of our program (which is now closed and handed over to teen challenge) has written a book based off lies and surface information which depicts herself and the program as God-built…that place and that lady is pure evil and abusive and has left us girls with PTSD, social anxiety, nightmares, trust issues, etc…

  6. JettChick Key says :

    Horrible experience-no way to express oneself, and you had better not be gay! They will create a conspiracy and make you the bad guy. Outside of the oppressive and elusive “agreement”, which none of us signed, the country was beautiful and Neil Westen was a bright light.-JettChick Key

  7. Katherine Gibbons says :

    I attended Evoke Cascades in Bend, Oregon, from October 12, 2018, through January 9, 2019. On November 8, 2018, my group member was found hanging from a tree. The five group members continued the program without any additional intakes. Once three of our group members finished their program, one girl and I stayed in the freezing cold desert for four weeks with few staff. Five days after the suicide, my grandfather died and I pleaded to leave to attend his funeral. They would not let me leave and I still have trauma from it to this day. Evoke Cascades has been shut down, but wilderness programs cause so much trauma it is almost unbearable.

  8. Hollie W says :

    Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health in Springfield, IL
    I was 13 when I was involuntary admitted to Lincoln Prairie. My middle school found out that I had been cutting myself and instructed my parents to immediately take me there for an evaluation. After hours of sitting in the same type of interrogation room as murderers with my parents, a doctor came in and immediately told them i needed to be admitted to the inpatient hospitalization program. I was taken upstairs with none of my belongings, stripped of my clothes, given scrubs, and locked behind many sets of doors. I watched them restrain and put a crying girl in a padded room behind the nurse’s station as I was being “input into to the system”. I was then taken to a room where I was informed I would be sleeping with a 17 year old girl named Chelsea. Staff left and Chelsea began to tell me about how she had slept with multiple girls on the floor and she wasn’t supposed to have a roommate. By this time it was past lights out so I tried to sleep in the plastic mattress assigned to me but the nurses came in every hour with a flashlight to make sure we hadn’t killed ourselves. This was only my first night. I was there for a month, in which time I had many other horrific experiences such as: being forced to shower with a male nurse watching, being labeled a “sexual predator” and placed in a room with sensors and cameras for saying I was attracted to women in group therapy, not being able to contact my parents for the first 2 weeks and then only allowed one phone call a day, changing of medications without my parents’ consent or knowledge, being laughed at and made fun of by staff for crying, watching another girl try to hang herself with blankets and staff sedating her and locking her in the group room instead of helping her, a girl with allergies being given food she couldn’t eat and being labeled as having an eating disorder, speaking to a therapist once the entire time I was there, being denied visitation with my family because I didn’t participate in yoga, and so many more things that worsened my condition. From what I hear, this place is still run terribly and staff is worse than ever.

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