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368. Blue Ridge Military Academy

It has been some years since the police found boys on the point of starving at this academy. At the time of its closure the boarding school was named Blue Ridge Military Academy but earlier it was run under the name Bunker Hill Military School.

Among the key employees were Sean Mask who in 1995 was charged with videotaping boys in the shower at a camp in Indiana, but charges were later dropped. At the time of the closure Sean Mask was on probation for being a felon in possession of a firearm. Another employee was Irene Elizabeth Bradbury who later became involved in a traffic incident. Two employees Robert Earl Herrington and Dale Curtis were mentioned to have been arrested in the case.

It didn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


367. Young Judaea

This company has wilderness trips for young people. If the teenagers were there on an exclusive voluntary basis we wouldn’t write about it here but it seems that some teenagers were forced to attend these activities against their will. We even heard of a foreigner named Hannah Nuszen from the United States being forced to attend these activities on the what for her is the other side of the world.

That is where we must be alerted. Not only can nothing good come from being pressured into an activity it can lead to psychological damages or posttraumatic stress disorder. Around the millennium many teenagers from the United States were forced into discount rehabs in countries like Samoa, Mexico, Costa Rica and the Czech Republic. The suffering they endured was terrible and the number of former students in these facilities has a high number of suicide attempts where many tragically were successful.

Israel is located near a warzone where any use of force towards teenagers who might already have been traumatized should be avoided at all cost.

We can only urge parents to consider very carefully using force to achieve the goal of having a Stepford child. It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


366. The Well of Grace Boarding Academy

The police found the bruises on some boarding school students were too severe to be justified according to the law. While this boarding school like so many make use of corporal punishment the court now have to decide whether the employees were out of line. Sources have told us that the bruising were “ordinare” and what both students and parents should expect when they sign kids up for a stay in a religious based Baptist boarding school. The police came to another conclusion.

But based on the common knownledge about how it is to be student at such a place it is safe to state that it wasn’t fun.


365. Maximum Life Skills

Sometime you have to endure something to achieve something. For two teenagers it meant that they had to live in prison for years. But still many think that it was a better outcome than staying additional months at Maximum Life Skills.

Unfortunately an innocent counselor died during the events which led to their imprisonment – A man with so much potential whose life was cut short. This counselor was led down by the management. The other teenagers forced to live at the facility was led down forced to witness the terrible events.

The state of Utah closed down Maximum Life Skills. They had not secured proper paperwork when they took in out-of-state students. They had not employees in the right number working at all time 24-7.

It seems odd that the manager in charge now runs Second Chances located in LaVerkin. Maybe it is only a question of time before the next tragedy happens.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


364. Blessed Hope Boys Academy

This facility is marketed as a religious boarding school for male teenagers aged between 12 and 17. It is located in Robertsdale, Alabama. The management seems have been working for some of the infamous religious boarding schools in Missouri.

Communication with peers back home is restricted. The curriculum is ACE which makes it hard to be accepted into most colleges.

Spending time where you don’t achieve real credits and missing out of high school parties makes it safe to state that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


UPDATE 2017:

The authorities raided the facility December 2016.


UPDATE 2018:

After the state of Alabama closed a legal loophole allowing them to inspect religious schools, the founder Pastor Gary Wiggins moved his operations to Missouri, where this loophole continues to exist. In Missouri, the state do not care about the safety of children in religious boarding schools. Instead the state of Missouri picks up the pieces when people are hurt or they are killed. And deaths there have been. Teenagers escaping a facility “Lives under Construction” or LUC Ranch killed an elderly couple. Two teenagers killed another when they tried to escape “Mountain Park Academy”.

It is a mystery why the state of Missouri allows this legal loophole to exist.

Religious boarding school raided in Alabama reopens in Missouri (

363. Victory Acres Children’s home, Alice, Texas

Victory Acres Children’s home was located in Alice in Texas. Whoever enters the now abandoned buildings may have the possibility to read confidential papers made about the girls who lived there because they didn’t destroy the records when they closed down.

Corporal punishment was used and it is safe to state that it wasn’t fun to be there as a teenager.