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667. Daruk Boys’ Home

Daruk Boys’ Home also known as Daruk Training School was created hoping the change to lives of young offenders. Instead it became a place where adults could have sex with minors. Basic guidelines to prevent such things from happening were not followed and young boys aged down to 12 ended up with men who had other things in mind than the welfare of the boys. And the sexual abuse was just part of some of the gruesome things which could happen to the boys confined at this facility. The Australian government rewarded the management for their efforts.

It could not have been a fun place to be as a child.


666. James Lyon Boarding School for Boys

This school has been gone for many years. 100 years ago (2018) all the boys at this boarding school in Spokane, United States left the school after the food had been bad for some time. On the top of it, the headmaster also treated the boys badly.

The boys went home and the owner blamed his employee.

We have not found a lot of sources but it is safe to state that it was not a fun place to be as a teenager.

100 years ago in Spokane: Boarding school boys stage revolt, walkout (The Spokesman-Review)

665. Canyon State Academy

Canyon State Academy earlier known as Arizona Boys Ranch was a place where other states sent children to in order to send them somewhere so the case workers caseload would be lighter. None seemed to care how the children had it. In the end this attitude claimed the life of a boy. None were punished for this death.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


2021 Update

In 2009 the police had to be called in and break up fighting among teachers and students.

In 2020 a 17 year old boy was found dead on the campus. His name has not been released. Investigation is ongoing. Also a Covid-19 outbreak caused concern.


2022 update

A death of 16-year-old student was reported. Other students needed treatment after an incident involving alleged drug overdose. The facility was quick to blame the family of the teenager who died but the investigation is still pending.


664. Parc Place

Some children seeking help for substance abuse problems try Parc Place in Arizona. Official records show that the place suffers from some problems.

An article in a newspaper states that the facility did not report properly when children hurt themselves. How can the state then help and guide if they do not get the correct numbers in reports?

Also another article states that some employees seems to have been involved in sexual misconduct with patients prompting the CPS to react.

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager seeking help.


663. Oak Creek Ranch School

Oak Creek Ranch School was boarding school in ranch styled environment focusing on teenagers suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

A former resident states:

I went to OCRS for about a year and a half and was expelled for not snitching on someone that brought vape paraphernalia into our dorm. Which I wasn’t even involved with. The whole reason I was sent OCRS was because someone at my high school screwed my life up by telling on me for a small amount of weed. It was a very hard thing to be asked to tell on somebody for something I wasn’t even involved in. I just couldn’t. Oak creek expelled me for that reason, even with a 4.0 gpa, and kept my parents money for the whole year. Oak creek ranch school is a complete scam to kick your child out and keep all of your money due to their policy. There’s even a week at the beginning of every year that we called “sweep week”. In which the school expels a bunch of students within the first month. It was about 20 kids when I was there. Emptied out my whole dorm. Hands down would not recommend. This school is a COMPLETE SHAM. I urge anyone to think twice if they are thinking of sending their kid to OCRS

An article also mentions that satanism and drugs brought in by other children was something residents could be exposed to.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


662. The Lucton School

The Lucton School might have provided decent education and had been around for many years. However it the male student got the attention of now convicted David Panter who groomed seven pupils into sexual activity, things could look very bad despite getting fine papers in the end.

The school administration did not act for all too long. It could not have been fun to study there coming this unwanted attention.

Later a person named Michael Carrigan was jailed for having abused children over the Internet, but this time the student body was spared.


661. Jubilee Leadership Academy

Beside the failure related to the MTV TV-show “True Life” where they only managed to make a young man so much worse that he ended up in state costudy, various feed backs are not positive. We found those two below on Yelp:

Jubilee Leadership Academy (New Name-same bad reputation) is one of the worst therapeutic residential programs for boys out there. The abuse and neglect along with under staffing causing any parent to wonder why they are still open. Unethical questions to why there are no longer counselors staffed and where all of the funding from donors and parents go to when the living conditions are so poorly maintained. When staff and the director ignores safety issues and would rather lie to parents then they’ve crossed the line.

Much has changed in the last couple of years at Jubilee Leadership Academy. Our experience was one of heartache, failure on Jubilee’s staff, bullying, emotional damage and out right blindness in what was going on around the staff. Drugs and Alcohol usage a major problem but staff was in denial. 10 to 1 staff ratio within the dorms making it a very dangerous environment. Money so poorly managed that one should question what accountability they adhere to. Talk to the Walla Walla judicial system and you will here true accounts of the mismanagement and poor supervision to keep these young men safe in a hostile environment. Please reconsider sending your young man to Jubilee Leadership Academy until they make major changes from the top down.

Needless to state that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


660. Echo Glen Children’s Center

Echo Glen Children’s Center has been around for a long time. There have also been a number of suicide attempts and suicides for a long time.

At least 3 of these deaths are mentioned on the Swedish run memorial board “Today a child died”.

It cannot be fun to be there as a child.


659. Alpine Boys Ranch

Today the facility is mostly known for having been closed down after Joseph Bolt Jr. downed attempting to escape the facility.

But there was more reasons when the Department of Social and Health Services intervened against the facility after the death. Articles mention inadequate supervision of residents, treatment issues and disciplinary measures.

It means that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.

The Ranch could not proceed as the parents of the boy sued the ranch and the insurance went up as result of the lawsuit.


658. Remuda Ranch

Remuda Ranch is a private owned asylum for people suffering from eating disorders. Sadly it seems that they use “one-strategy-fits-all” leaving some not having been met considering their needs.

Some former patietns wrote on Yelp

In August 2015, my daughter arrived at Remuda Ranch’s inpatient program after spending almost a month at Denver ACUTE. She was very motivated to continue the great work she had done at Denver. She definitely wanted help. Unfortunately, Remuda mishandled her case and lost her trust so that the whole two month experience was a disaster. I would not recommend Remuda Ranch’s inpatient program to anyone.

I came to remuda ranch wednesday November 25th, 2016. I would not recommend this place to anyone. They were understaffed for one. And also the food was TERRIBLE. When you are first entering treatment and refeeding its scary while doing that you need to eat food that at least tastes okay. The food was from a place 10 minutes away, and it was not good. Often dry and not warm. They also wouldn’t allow us to heat up our food. You only has 30 mins to finish a meals and 15 for snacks. I didn’t talk to any of the doctors until i was there for almost 2 days! I should have seen every staff member i would have been working with day one. There are only 2 therapist there and 12 girls. They need more because i was expecting to see my therapist 2-3 times a week i saw him 1 time in the 8 days i stayed. They also don’t have any “down time” we weren’t allowed in our rooms at all until night time. Which i found really frustrating i had a headache and i couldn’t even lay down. Everything they say on their website is ONLY for the php and iop programs you don’t do anything they say on that site until you get there. Also i saw the horse one time the whole time i was there because unless you are on level green you are not allowed to work with the horses at all, and that was unfair. They have MAJOR restrictions at this place when it comes to the horses. Overall i didn’t even end up staying because i felt SO neglected as a patient. Some of the other girls felt the same way as i did. I cried buckets of relief the second i left. If you are recovering from an eating disorder i strongly strongly suggest that you go else where.

This place said they treated more than just anorexia and bulimia. Lies. No matter what disorder you have, they’ll treat you like youre anorexic and need to be shoved with food constantly. I went here in March 2015 on my own free will because I was desperate for help. They were completely disorganized, didn’t give one fuck about actually helping you. It was all superficial bullshit. “You can be fat and happy” , feeding poor girls who just wanted to be their idea of perfect about 3000 calories a day. 6 meals a day. 3 of which they called “snacks” but were the size of meals. And every thursday you went out to eat (pizza, burgers, mexican, etc) and still had to eat 5 other meals, which no normal person does. They lie to your parents. Ugh, just so many things wrong with this place. I realized they werent helping me and never were going to a week in. They forced me to stay 2 whole months, when I signed up for it myself (though I was a minor, age 17, so they could keep me there legally as long as they wanted) I sort of erased my memory of the place for a long time.. but have been thinking about it recently, which is why I decided to write this jumbled mess of a review.

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.