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606. The Lord’s Ranch

The Lord’s Ranch also known during company names like Trinity Behavioral Health Care and Maxus seems to have been exposed as a fraud. The owner Ted Suhl are under investigation of having bribed a public official.

Former employees complain about missing salaries and some even wrote that they were hired to alter medical records so the teenagers forced to live at the ranch were registered to be suffering from more illness that they arrived with allowing the ranch to keep them on an extended period milking both parents and money paid by the tax-payers.

Being forced to be treated for an illness you do not have is not for those teenagers who became victim of the scheme.



605. Cheyenne Mesa

Cheyenne Mesa was located in Colorado Springs. It is closed now. If you google the facility all links which pops up are about 15 year old Robert Thomas Pillsen-Rahier, who disappered from the facility in 1990.

What is very odd about this place is that his mother found blod in his underwear during a home visit and the phone calls were monitored so this poor boy was afraid of talking openly with his mother over the phone.

What was his fear about? Were other children affected by the same kind of fear of talking. Was he simply silenced and by who?

Whenever you have a treatment facility which does not allow patients privacy when they talk to family members there is a risk of possible abuse which could take place against the children who are held at such facilities.

It certainly could not have been a fun place to at if you were a teenager forced into treatment there.


604. Lighthouse Care Center of Augusta

The Lighthouse Care Center of Augusta did not conduct a proper background check of their employees properly because they wanted to keep the costs of having employees low, so now the police are doing it for them. 3 times the police have arrested employees charging them with various crimes where the children became the victims.

It is safe to say that it cannot be fun to be at a facility where the police has to wait for crimes to happen before the employees can be ordered to act like the professionals they were supposed to be.



514. The Federico Mora Hospital

The Federico Mora Hospital in Guatamala City, Guatemala is been the center of an article made by BBC. It seems that the hospital is understaffed and they drug the patients to keep track of them.

It also seems that there are employees who take advantage of the drugged patients and rape them while they are under influence of drugs.

It cannot be fun to be there as a child.



513. John Radcliffe Hospital

The John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford is mentioned in an article about two male nurses who took advantage of young teenage patients who were unable to defend themselves while being admitted and under the effects of drugs.

After the first case the administration should have taken precaution to prevent it but it seems that money is more worth than the safety of the patients.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.