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925. The Franklin Academy

The Franklin Academy is the latest facility on the campus which house it. Before the campus housed Haddam Hills Academy. Other schools who used to be located at the campus was Becket Academy and the Founders School.

Testimonies speak of employees which could use training to deal with the issues the children arrive with. Training they clearly never got before they started working.

I was in a difficult position in high school. I didnt have any understanding of any difficulties and how to manage such difficulties. Looking back at Franklin academy I recognize my own short comings in me putting forth a full effort in my time there but also in retrospect I did not receive any meaningful help into understanding myself and recognizing any of my core strengths and how to cope with my struggles with my own mental health. I understand that for some it does work but I find that was mostly due to the kids and social environment they were in rather than the support or education received at Franklin. Most of the staff seemed overwhelmed when kids had meltdowns and couldn’t spare the attention to manage such situations appropriately. I hope one day this institution finds away to help kids more than it does just take in money

Cobb on Google maps

School prohibits all activities that are enjoyable during non class hours, This School is run by the least empathetic and caring staff ever, every teacher who was even the slightest bit caring or kind to students was fired average teacher there only lasts a couple years with such a ruthless and budget cutting administration that tells teachers “My way or the highway”. The administrative practices and structure in punishing students are a stain on the great reputation of Connecticuts schools

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Very poorly run school with lots of very troubled kids who are often unattended and in stressful situations and academics are very standard public school basic courses. Not worth your money when its basically an extra white public school with the price tag of a fancy collage

Jerry W

The lack of training of the employees suggest a poor management which means that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


919. Marine Leadership Academy (Logan Square School)

The Marine Leadership Academy is part of the Chicago School System. High School exam is offered.

Investigations conducted in 2021 revealed that employees were grooming the students using a loophole in the legislation. New legislation has been put forward to stop this loophole. Some employees have been discharged in wake of the scandal.

It could not have been fun to be there as a student targeted by the adults.


898. Northwoods Academy

Northwoods Academy is the Bibb County School District’s early childhood learning center opened in 2009. It services families with special-need children and the website of the school speaks about about a good environment for the children.

However an article from 2016 paints another picture about what is going on at the school. Violence against the students. It is not in line with what the website promises.

It cannot be fun to be there as a special-need student.


852. Den Maritime Base

The idea sounds fine. Putting youth out on a ship so they can skip possible drug use. The execution far from fine. Lacking teachers and being confined in a foreign harbor where the children can go into town unaccompanied. According to a TV2 documentary in the Danish TV2, it did not take very long time before the teenagers connected with a local drug-dealer so they could smoke weed almost every day.

We are talking about an arrangement which put the taxpayers back some 39,800 dollars per student.

And we are not even talking about the security risk a teenager alone in another part of the world would risk. Fact is that some of the teenagers came back without proper schooling which they were promised and it is a huge setback for their future. That is not something which is fun for the teenager when reaching adulthood and face the reality of life without proper career due to lack of education.


744. Guiding Hands School

Guiding Hands School located in El Dorado Hills, California experienced a death of one the students, they had enrolled. A policy at the school seems to be confronting the students behavior in a very aggressive way. Maybe so aggressive that it is in violation with state rules. It is a subject of an investigation started after the tragic death.

The school was later closed down

When even restraint by staffmembers can be caused by a student not stop tapping a pencil on desk, then it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


652. Shimber Beris

This very alternative school was located first in California, then in Mexico until the started ended its time in Guatemala.

They used an alternative curriculum and the children attending the school were basically isolated in an environment organized like a cult.

The school closed in the 1990’s and both founders are now dead. It looks like a bad place to be as a student.


650. The Arcade Circus

The Arcade Circus is a private circus school located in Katoomba. A number of employees were arrested charged on rape, kidnapping, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and production of child porn.

Needless so say that it does not sound like a fun place to be as a child.


539. Paramount Academy

Paramount Academy is run by Camelot Education (Which has origins from the infamous Brown Schools which closed around 2005 due to upcoming lawsuits which would have bankrupted them).

It seems that this alternative school is run like a prison and the school district responsible for the operations at the school closed their eyes instead of providing an oversight which could have ensured the safety of the students.

In one incident a police investigation resulted in conviction of two school employees for violence against a student and a try to cover up the incident. The school administration which urged the employees to cover up the violence was not convicted.

It cannot be a fun place to be as a teenager.


534. Camelot Education

Camelot Education provides special education services in Pennsylvania.

In order to do that they have created a structured environment. However teenagers find that the structured enviroment resembles prisons. Two employees where charged with violence and alleged cover-up of troublesome incidents. One employee went to prison.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


491. Edgewood Student Services

A 13-year-old student had to have amputated a part of his leg after a so-called trained specialist slammed his body on the ground after a dispute. The facility contains the AIM program, the Muscogee County School District’s alternative school for students who violate the district’s conduct code and are temporarily assigned away from their home school.

Now the facility tries to defend themselves by claiming that the specialist was not their employee but someone from a company used in an outsourcing agreement. However, that defense is not good at all. You cannot not hire people from other firms and deny any responsibility.

Fact is that the boy is missing a part of his leg. That is enough to make it safe to state that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.