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889. St Joseph’s Industrial School, Letterfrack

St Joseph’s Industrial School located Letterfrack, Northern Ireland was open between 1887 to 1974. It was run by the Congregation of Christian Brothers.

The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse concluded that residents at the facility suffered both physical and sexual abuse from some of the employees.

One of the boys who were subjected to the abuse later committed suicide by setting fire to himself.

It could not have been a fun place to be as a teenager.


888. Ridge View Youth Services center

Ridge View Youth Services Center was under contract with the Colorado Department of Human Services to take in minors who were coming from more restricted facilities. Investigation and supervision over some years showed that the facility was not run in a perfect way.

Reports showed multiple reports of abuse and neglect, including marijuana smuggled into the center and an inappropriate relationship between a teenage boy and a female staff member.

It the authorities decided to close the facility down which sounded like a good idea. But the way they conducted the shutdown resulted in chaos and 4 minors escaped the facility and made the choice of a life on the streets.

It was not a fun place to be as a teenager when it was open and the shutdown became no walk in the park either.


Colorado hires private investigators to find teens who went missing when the state abruptly closed a youth center (The Colorado Sun)

Ridge View Youth Services Center Closes After Concerns Over ‘Repeated Licensing Violations’ (CBS 4 Denver)

Colorado shuts down youth center in Watkins after allegations of drugs, fights and improper restraints of kids (The Colorado Sun)

887. Marieval Indian Residential School

This is the second boarding school campus where unmarked graves have been located. Beside teaching in ordinary school subjects the aim with the school was to eliminate the culture of the students.

The identity of the people who were put into the 751 unmarked graves is not known nor how they ended up there.

The students were kept away from their family and the conditions were not healthy.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


886. Lake Alice Hospital

Lake Alice Hospital, established 1950 closed in 1999.

Recently former patients who were minors when they were placed at the hospital have come forward telling how they were treated with electric shock and drugs not for treatment but for punishment.

The authorities failed to monitor the hospital allowing the abuse to take place.

It cannot have been fun to be placed there as child.