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291. City of Refuge school

This boarding school is run in connection with a local church where they use a faith based curriculum which will not count as credits at several schools.

An employee was confronted by some of the employees at the church about his relationship with some of the students instead of reporting it to the police. It gave the employee a chance to commit suicide. It is not known how many students this employee were able to molest before he was confronted due to the lack of interview with him.

It is not a school which believes in background checking of their employees. Had they conducted a backgound check on this employee they would have found that he had previous convictions on many charges including possession of marijuana, soliciting the sale of cocaine, probation violation, disorderly conduct and violation of court order.

Of course if they made background checks of the management previous investigations into child abuse would have popped up.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


290. Skorpeskolen

For more then 250 years Skorpeskolen aka Den kongelige opfostringsskole (Royal orphanage school) operated first from a building in the central of Copenhagen, later from a farm in the village Hellebaek in the northern part of Sealand.

It closed in 2005. Today a day-school is using the buildings in Hellebaek. They have no connections to the past.

A number of articles published in Danish newspapers revealed that students in 1970’s had to offer their bodies to at least one teacher. Everybody seemed to know, but none stopped it. A case worker promised the molested students that he wanted to report the teacher but he also molested the teenagers. The case worker died in a traffic accident. We have been approached by various sources who have told us that the investigation into the mysterious traffic accident was stopped as result of orders from people higher in the system. A lot of evidence indicate that students had doctored the brakes. The car was destroyed after the investigation stopped.

We have not been able to find out when the sexual molestations stopped.

To be forced to satisfy a teacher in a private manner cannot be fun for any teenager.


289. About Face Youth Camp

The program started being used for entertainment. The long gone Jenny Jones show used to make a laugh out of kids being bullied on stage by employees from the camp. However some of the boys were not bad, they were just from broken homes and didn’t need a army dressed guy to yell at them.

The camp was closed by the authorities at a point for handcuffing a boy and stopped working some years ago.


288. Wolfeboro Camp School

Wolfeboro is a primitive summer school where parents can get their children detained at if the child does poorly in school. A former student wrote about this place:

Ugh it was a shit hole. It was this “Summer boarding school” but it was really just boot camp with school mixed in. It was extremely structured and there were no computers or cellphones or anything like that.

Another student wrote:

I went here as a high school student when my parents decided they wanted to punish me. I hated it. Hated, hated, hated it. Hated every moment of it. It’s sheer torture and a terrible place in every way. If you’re parents are sending you here, avoid it at all costs. It is an awful place.

Dr3rdeye (September 19, 2009 at 07:18 AM)

I find it odd that such a place exist when we today are talking year 2014. No computers and no cell-phones outside classes. If my wallet gets stolen I cannot even go down to the policestation and report it. My grandmother tried and she was sent back home to report her crime to the police by computer. Everything is on a computer these days.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


287. Underley Hall School

The school functioned as a special boarding school from around 1970’s to 2012 where it was judged “inadequate” by Ofsted which ended with its closure.

Now claims about abuse has reached the media. Perhaps it is the reason for students running away from the school.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


286. Linton Hall Military School

Linton Hall was a military school from somewhere in the 1930s to somewhere in 1980s. Having read the blog belonging to one of the former students it is safe to state that many students didn’t find it funny to be schooled there.

A boy died at the school in 1954.

Linton Hall Military School alumni memories

285. Abounding Grace School for Boys

The school was first located in Yanceyville but was around its closure located at a local church named Believer’s Baptist Church.

The school used according to testimonies corporal pusnishment.

My son went to that school and unfortunately, was abused as well. I volunteered my time for six months there after my son did his 18 months. To my utter shock, I saw and heard things that were in fact abuse. I want to testify to that effect that these people are horrible and abusive, manipulative, and money hoarders. They sold a house that was donated to them only to keep over $300,000.00 tell me that isn’t unjust! Some one needs to take these people and treat them the same way they treat people. Oh, the boy who got 200 spankings was Timmy from N.Y. I was a witness to that. He ran into the bathroom and slid in after the first 50. Anyone who wants to challenge my knowledge on these so called Christians… feel free to contact me at: <email removed>

Charley Garcia

In 2005 the founder and his wife – Lucinda and Stanley Mitchell – were indicted on child abuse charges. They got off the charges being placed on probation.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


284. KIDS of North Jersey

KIDS of North Jersey was marketed as a drug rehab program. It basically functioned like a prison. What exactly took place there is hard to tell. The video below gives an idea. If you research memorial sites you will find that a larger number of the “students” have died since they graduated from the program.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.

Factsheet about the program (Fornits Wiki)

283. Gatesville State School for Boys

Gatesville State School for Boy was operated by the authorities in Texas in the years between 1889 and 1979.

The former inmates who happened to be children while they were sent there has spoken of physical, sexual, mental and verbal abuse at the facility.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.

A blog has been made for the survivors to share and remember.

Gatesville State School for Boys (Memorial blog)