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481. Shandong Science and Technology Defense Academy

A girl who was there and escaped the facility managed to stab her father and starve her mother to death. We can only guess how cruel the conditions must be when the outcome can become so tragic for the entire family.

The entire concept of treating Internet Addiction – an illness invented as part of a hoax in 1995 – is tragic. It is an industry motivated by money displaying no remorse against all the victims they hurt.

It is safe to say that is not fun to be there as a teenager.

480. Elmbridge Boarding School aka Fyfield Boarding School

Elmbridge Boarding School was the result of a 1980 merger between the Fyfield Boarding School and two boarding schools Hockerill and Elmbridge located in Essex. The new school was named Elmbridge.

Fyfield Boarding School was founded in 1958. The buildings had housed a truant school from 1885 and was run under different names like  West Ham Truant Industrial School,  Fyfield Certified Industrial and Truant School. From 1925 it was known as The Fyfield Open Air School or West Ham Open Air School. Due to the WWII the school closed down and the buildings served other purposes during the war before it opened as boarding school again in 1958.

Below is a video recorded in 1995 from the school.

Recent arrests show that it was more than a rumor that there was abuse going on at this now-closed boarding school for boys. The school was located in Ongar, Essex. Brentwood Police is doing the investigation.

The children were shown porn movies, provided with alcohol which due to their limited experience into drinking made them easy targets. Rapes were mentioned in the media.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child if you were among the victims.


479. Boston Children’s Hospital

Today Boston Children’s Hospital is mostly known outside the United States for the Justina Pelletier. The teenage girl was treated and diagnosed by the Tufts Medical Center when she was admitted to the hospital during a vacation. Here the hospital out of the blue suddenly second-guessed the diagnose the medical center had found.

When her parent protested the new diagnose stopping treatment of the original illness out of fear of the possibility of a worsen health the hospital went to the courts and the parents lost guardianship so the hospital could have their newfound guinea pig for themselves putting the poor through exhausting therapy.

Finally the judge discovered his mistake and reverted the guardianship to the parents. Since her return home she has been through surgery.

This case caught the attention of the media mostly because her parents had the strength to approach them. What if there are several others who go through therapy against their will?

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager if you are held there against your will.