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492. Childcenter Tullebølle

This facility was created to house child immigrants arriving in Denmark without an adult present. Such children have been at risk being used for crime in other countries so Denmark decided to locate the facility on a remote island far from the criminals in the larger cities.

A good idea but what about the employees?

They were hired from the local population. Almost everyone there are unemployed. They spend their lives sleeping and drinking. Older under-stimulated women who would care for the children.

If the children only were children. Many of the children lie themselves younger so they can increase their time in Denmark because Denmark in the past have suffered from crimes committed by adult immigrants, so the Danish politics against adult immigrants are tough.

So now you have a combination of under-stimulated women who compare the almost adult young men with their beer drinking unemployed husband at home with the young fresh meat at the facility. You get the picture. Soon rumors about sex between the women working there and the children reached the media. Then of course there were children who abused younger children at the facility.

In the end the facility had to close.

This toxic environment consisting of rumors and abuse of younger children makes it safe to state that it could not be fun to be there as a teenager.


474. Refugee camp, Thessalonik, Greece

A refugee camp located in a former Softex toilet roll factory near Thessalonik in Greece is known for housing children in risk of abuse. Corruption has undermined the safety so local criminals can target the innocent children placing them in risk of sexual abuse.

This camp was created because the European Union failed as a union. It is every country for itself. Every country has put up fences and border control. The children are stuck in camps with poor supervision and placed in risk of abuse due to lack of control with employees and visitors. The government of Greece are without means to react as the irresponsible population has neglected to pay taxes and work hard for many years leaving the authorities without money to hire proper staff.

It cannot be fun to be there as a child.

‘Sexual assaults on children’ at Greek refugee camps (The Guardian)

180. Home of James Roberts and Natalia Petrova, Fairfax, Virginia

It cannot be fun being a teenager living by these parents. Any slip-ups and the teenager are sent half way around the world to a country she had little knowledge about and language she no longer spoke. The daughter acted out as any normal teenager would do when she was brought up believing that a certain man was her father only to discover at age 12 that she had been lied to.

Well, it seems that her birth-mother has decided to create a new family and in this puzzle there is no room for the daughter. What if the half-siblings in a couple of years also act out? Will they also be kicked out of the home to some kind of remote location?

We urge the Department of Social Services in Fairfax, Virginia to take a close look at this household and remove the half-siblings from their home and put them into foster care. No child should be forced to live an entire upbringing in fear of being exiled like the daughter did.

And we have another plea. It is time for all other countries – not only Russia – to stop adoptions to parents in the United States. It is not right for parents in the United States to dump their unwanted children at the expenses of citizens in the native land the children come from. When you take on the responsibilities of being a parent, this responsibility lasts until the child is an adult.

Mr. James Roberts and his wife Natalia Petrova (Roberts) cheated the tax-payers in two countries. First they let the taxpayers in Chantilly pay for their daughter’s education and when they wanted to start over with new children, the taxpayers in Berdsk had to start paying from there. It is not fair!! The only way to stop this situation is to send the daughter back so she can finish her high school in Virginia. A happy family life cannot be guaranteed but the daughter would have a future in a land where she knows the culture well.