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878. 220i leadership program

In year 2021 several media sources began to broadcast information about abuse going on in this program which is marketed as a leadership program for youth if the youth have values in choice of life partner and other similar areas. Then the teenagers are bullied by the employees.

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


868. Angel Gate Academy

In the media the camp is mostly known because an employee is on the death row for killing her husband for insurance money and the building being used by a professional scammer after classes are over.

Angel Gate Academy were marketed as remedial math and science classes. However it is just a boot camp where the teenagers are subjected to  yelling and screaming by the employees. The boot camp is administered by California National Guard troops who are neither qualified teachers nor given any background screening to protect the children from the possibility of abuse or neglect.

It cannot not be fun as a teenager to be subjected to this treatment when the marketing is telling another story.


596. Triangle Cross Ranch

The Triangle Cross Ranch established itself in the state of Wyoming quiet believing that they could run the place without state supervison and approval. When the Wyoming Department of Family Services discovered the presence in the state, they demanded the state facility should aquire a license and subject them self to state supervision.

In the end no license were issued and the facility closed down. It could not be fun to be at this place being forced to deal with various issues using prayers only without the security the license and the standards state supervision sets.


595. Whakapakari boot camp

The Whakapakari boot camp located on the Great Barrier Island opened in the late 1970’s and closed in 2004. Already in the 1980’s there were allogations of abuse. However the authorities made the choice to ignore them.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


536. Gateway Christian Military Academy

The facility also going under the names Teen Challenge, Bonifay or West Florida Boys Ranch was the center of an article from Tampa Bay Times.

It is structured somewhat like a boot camp and the relatives of the young boys who are sent there have very little contact.

Also one of the boys ended up in Hospital because they forced him to exercise too much.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


495. Jump Up Internet Rescue School, South Korea

Yet another camp targeted against minors who use too much time on their computers instead of being with their parents who for some reason are not even there anyway was in the media in 2007.

It was labeled as the first but in reality such camps popped up in a lot of countries around that time. The deaths started to happen a year later. Forcing untrained children into exercise without proper medical supervision will kill some and they did.

We got no reports of death in this specific camp but in general they are unregulated and the question everyone ask. Will parents be able to demand the level of exercise of themselves that they put their children up for when they sign their children over to the instructors? Do they even know what they order for their children?

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


481. Shandong Science and Technology Defense Academy

A girl who was there and escaped the facility managed to stab her father and starve her mother to death. We can only guess how cruel the conditions must be when the outcome can become so tragic for the entire family.

The entire concept of treating Internet Addiction – an illness invented as part of a hoax in 1995 – is tragic. It is an industry motivated by money displaying no remorse against all the victims they hurt.

It is safe to say that is not fun to be there as a teenager.

475. Liahona Academy

This facility located near Hurricane in Utah is male-only. Today it is mostly known for a death, which occured around 2010. Several employees used to work for the now-closed controversial Cross Creek facility.

The students seems to have been subjected to forced hair cuts. A former student named Ryan writes:

It’s my moral obligation to inform parents of the abuse. After suffering from clinical depression and being diagnosed as having a true chemical imbalance I can tell you The actions takin at this school only worsened my condition. After attempting suicide while in attendance and being beaten by Parker Haslam (on multiple occasions) I was told by Parker himself that I should kill myself, But I wouldn’t be able to because I was so selfish. Every cry for help was called manipulation by the staff and this facility left me with trauma that still creeps up till this day. I’m a grown man now, I’ve had real phsychological help from a therapist who actually addresses my issues including the trauma I received from the mental/physical abuse at liahona. I’m happy and have found joy in life again thanks to God and the love of my family. I just have to speak my peace about the abuses here and both me and my mother regret ever deciding to attend this program.

A strange essay program combined with schooling which is difficult to get credits for when the teenagers return to their home state makes it safe to state that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


2019 update

An employee were charged with child abuse.

A staffer at Liahona Academy, a school for troubled boys, charged with child abuse (Salt Lake Tribune)

463. Australian Navy Cadets

A ritual mentioned as a rite of passage has brought the Australian Navy Cadets in the focus of the media. Several cadets mentions being forced to engage in sexual acts with older cadets as a “rite of passage”.

It seems that it was an old traditions which have continued until present day. Still active cadets were pressured not to speak about the rituals or risk being thrown out of the organization. One cadet took her own life after being victim of this pressure.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


432. Pacific Coast Academy, Samoa

No to be confused with the school of the same name used in a TV entertainment serie this school was one of the many scams located on Samoa. As a country Samoa has never shown interest in monitoring such facilities leaving the country to a legacy of housing scam-artists who targeted parents concerned about their children.

The authorities became interested but the money men who ran the facility has not yet been brought to justice.

The videos above says it all. It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.