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877. Northern Illinois Academy

In 2021 Northern Illinois Academy was closed down after the authorities took interest in the poor management the owner – Sequel Youth & Family Services had installed at the facility.

The management lacked putting in place proper supervision with their employees often hired to secure as much profit as possible over other considerations like qualification and interest in treating the children at the facility with the care they needed.

The lack of a proper management at the facility led to a number of incidents according to local media coverage including use of dangerous methods of restraint, criminal charges had been brought against an employee for choking a child, sexual relations between employee and patient, removing family pictures as punishment, increase in medication due to changing rules of use restraints instead of issuing medication based on the patients needs.

Overall it sounds like a bad place to be as a child.


876. Brookside School for Maladjusted Children in Shropshire

The Brookside School for Maladjusted Children in Shropshire was a school used by the authorities as an exile for children who had case files taking up time for case workers in the social services system.

At the school close to 100 children were subjected to rape and abuse. Most survivors mention former head master Jack Mount. Among the victims were children aged down to 10.

Why the authorities never managed to bring the head master to justice for his actions is a rather complicated legal question which is impossible to answer.

But the emotional scars, he inflicted on the children does not require any legal advice for us to understand. That burden is hard to bear through life.

Hopefully such places will be subjected to close supervision in the future so these awful things would not repeat itself. It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


875. Expanding Horizons Family Services Inc.

Expanding Horizons Family Services Inc. ran the group home where the 15-year-old David Roman was stabbed to death by a 14-year-old boy. Such tragedies make it seem like money were saved which should have been used on supervision of the children at the group home.

There were just too few employees around the boys and the profit gained by running the facility with fewer employees can hardly be justified when the price is the death of a boy.

It cannot be fun to be at this group home as a teenager.


874. Xyolhemeylh aka Fraser Valley Aboriginal Children and Family Services Society

Xyolhemeylh aka Fraser Valley Aboriginal Children and Family Services Society was only provide a mother her sons clothes and few personal properties when she came to the group home where he was placed. The reason for that was that her son had died. The authorities were quick to have him cremated so an autopsy was not possible.

Later journalists after som investigation were able to connect other deaths with this firm who cashes in from the tax-payers money.

However, all the money and research did not help 17-year-old Traevon Chalifoux-Desjarlais. He remains dead and his relatives must live with the grief for the rest of their lives.

When nothing seems to be investigated properly when a child dies, it is safe to say that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


873. Carlton Palms Educational Center

In 2020 an article tells a story about the death of a resident. Further research revealed that it was the same company who ran the group home where 14-year-old Paige Elizabeth Lunsford died in 2013.

As it was not enough, the article also mentions a rape conducted by a resident who should have been under close observation. The owner  Attain Inc., also known as Crystal Lakes ran several group homes and they were mentioned to have several concerning reports made about them.

It seem that these places should use a lot more supervision from the state.

Right now it is safe to state that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.