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46. Wendigo Lake Expeditions

As mentioned in the last post sleeping outside in a cold country like Canada is not fun.

It seems that the previous program was not the only one in Canada. Also this program seems to offer the same kind of torment.

Factsheet about the program (Fornits Wiki)

45. Kiatou

An only 14 year old boy escaped from a wilderness program. It didn’t sound like he had a lot of fun there. In generel being forced to sleep outside when you are accustomed to a nice warm bed cannot be fun under any circumstances.

44. Missanabie Woods Academy

Being abandoned in the middle of a forest in Canada does not sound fun. Especially considering the fact this wilderness camp was run by some people from Indiana happy about using corporal punishment.

Testimonies began to slip out about the horrible conditions the teenager had to endure at this camp and in other camps run by the same organization.

I can recommend you to read Jesus Land by Julia Scheeres


43. Robert Land Academy

In Canada some kind of man with a rather unknown career as s soldier decided to found a military bording school which could take care of both odinary boys but also at risk teenagers.

Needless to say: 3 boys have decided that their lives were not worth living after they had been sent there. Two was hit by a train in an incident looking very much like a suicide pact. One jumped out of his parents car returning to the military school into oncoming traffic.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place for teenagers.


42. Sheila Morrison School

This place was supposed to be a school in Canada for children with perceived and actual learning disabilities.

It was hit with a lawsuit because it failed to take proper care of the children. It does not sound like a fun place for these children.


41. Alberta Adolescent Recovery Center (AARC)

Down in the United States they started some drug rehab business called Straight Inc. I don’t know what they exactly did wrong but those who had been in this programmed ended up committing suicide and suffered from both PTSD and depression in larger numbers.

Straight Inc. was shut down after a number of lawsuits hit them, but up in Canada they felt that they had to commit the same mistake so they founded Alberta Adolescent Recovery Center (AARC) and guess what? The story repeated itself.

Alberta Adolescent Recovery Center (AARC) is not shut down yet and until it is it is not fun to be a teenager locked up there.

MLA raises concerns about Alberta drug rehab centre, CBC