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550. Trinity Grammar school

January 2017 it was reported that a former teacher at Trinity Grammar school was sentenced to 11 years in prison for this actions as teacher at the school.

The administration of the school slept instead of doing their job allowing the victims to suffer so much. It is not clear what the school will do in order to prevent such things to happen again if they will do something at all.

It cannot have been fun to be there as a student.


549. Odsherred Efterskole

The boarding school Odsherred Efterskole was mentioned in the second criminal case against people employed at the school in 2017 when a former teacher got a suspended prison sentence for inapropiate touching of girls aged between 14 and 16. A group of parents have announced that they intend to sue the school for not reacting to complaints in time. Numerous newspaper articles read that the management was warned against the actions of the teacher.

Some years before the school was fined for putting about 10 students into danger when they took the students on a boat trip which ended when the engine stopped and the boat started to take water in. Pure luck prevented disaster as a ferry passed the boat and saved everyone onboard. Both the teacher and the school was fined back then.

The lack of management makes it safe to claim that it can be both dangerous and not that funny to be student at this particular boarding school.


548. Knox Grammar School

Knox Grammar School is a boarding school in Wahroonga, Australia which has been in the center of a media coverage about abuse at the school taking place between 1970 and 2012.

It seems that the reputation of the school mattered more than the safety and well-being of the students. The police faced obstruction by the management.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


547. Royal Alexandra and Albert School

The Royal Alexandra and Albert School became the center of the investigation against former a school headmaster. As result of his terrible acts a former student became depressed and committed suicide. The courts sentenced the former school headmaster to 17 years in prison.

It is unclear whether the school has taken precautions to protect the students today against similar actions but it is safe to say that it could not have been fun to be there as student while the convicted teacher was headmaster.


546. Choate Rosemary Hall

Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut are named in a number of article after it was discovered that abuse took place over many years at the school.

None seemed interested in trying to report the many cases of abuse to the authorities and properly the criminals responsible for the abuse enjoyed protection from people in high places.

It is safe to say that it was not fun to be student at this boarding school back in the 1960’s. The question remain if the abuse ever stopped and if it continuing today.


545. Ashramshala, India

A boarding school in the Buldhana area Maharashtra, India locally called Ashramshala are in the media after the police arrested several employees of alleged rape. Rape cases in India occur often. After their independence local laws are close to a joke. Often the people accused of rape die before trial when a trial could expose the authorities lack of order.

Sometime the victims die before giving evidence.

In this case the number of victims are supposed to be around 12 and it is mentioned that one victim was only 10 year old.

It cannot be fun to be a student at this boarding school also going under the name Ninadhi Ashram school and Nimbaji Kokre ashramshala.


544. Shalom Christian College, Australia

Shalom Christian College is mentioned in the news after a rape occured on the campus. Sadly rapes occur in a lot of places. They should be invstigated and the criminals should face prison time. Most importantly: None should try to prevent or obstruct the investigation.

A lot of things point in the direction that someone among the management tried to prevent a full investigation of the rape of a 14 year old student.

Imagine being forced to live apart from your family and then being raped without having the chance of receiving justice in the form of seeing your attackers behind bars. How will that impact your life?

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenage student.


543. Rite of Passage Wilderness Camp, Nevada

When state officias visited the Rite of Passage Wilderness Camp located near the Walker River Indian reservation near Shurz, Nevada, they found that boys were intentionally denied clothing adequate for the harsh conditions, routinely assaulted by staff, and deprived of meals.

The lack of oversight of the children in the program who has placed in foster care in California resulted in changes in procedures.

However it cannot remove the fact that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


542. Woodside Trails Therapeutic Camp, Texas

In 2004 the police saved 22 foster kids from a private run wilderness camp in Bastrop County, Texas.

Two employees at the camp were charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child, a first-degree felony. The camp was closed down by the authorities. The juridical process were complicated and the closure of the camp ended up in backers of the program having tried to white wash the ordeals the boys of the camp had to endure. What became of the truth is impossible to say today.

It could not have been a fun place to be as a teenager.


541. Camp Horizon, Baldwin County, Texas

In 2015 a story was published on various news sites that a 15 year old boy allegedly assaulted a camp counselor and raped her. Now a year later the authorities are investingating the alleged victim about the theory that the so-called rape in reality was about gaining access to disability funds.

At the same time the county who ran the camp decided to outsource the daily operations of the camp to a private company called Pathway, which is now under investigation by human rights group in order to find out whether the teenagers will be safe as many for-profit has profitted from lack of oversight basically warehousing juveniles for the lowest costs possible.

Falsely being accused for rape combined with lack of oversight makes it safe to claim that it wasn’t a fun place to be as a teenager in the past and properly will not be that in the future.