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840. The Youth Development Center in Manchester

The Youth Development Center in Manchester also named the John H. Sununu Youth Services Center is in the news due to the investigation into the actions of so-far two former counselors who has been charged with repeatedly raping a teenage boy in the 1990’s. Dozen of former victims have stepped forward.

While a youth detention facility is punishment, the punishment should never include rape. We can only hope that the victims are able to ask for a compensation using a private lawsuit against the state, which should have ensured that this form of abuse could not take place.

Today the detention center is known as: Sununu Youth Services Center 

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager during the periode described in articles.


2022 Update

The facility is reported to be closed and lawsuits have been made.


777. Phillips Exeter Academy

While the school in general has a good reputation, parents might ask themselves if the school has implemented enough precautions to prevent another teacher like the convicted Bateman from taking pornographic photos of students. The teacher was convicted of storing some 300 photos – some of a victim at the school aged 16 when the photos were taken.

Secondly other employees were named in a long line of incidents which should not have been taken place involving minors.

It cannot be fun being a teenager to know that photos of you naked are in the hands of employees, who can use them as they like.


288. Wolfeboro Camp School

Wolfeboro is a primitive summer school where parents can get their children detained at if the child does poorly in school. A former student wrote about this place:

Ugh it was a shit hole. It was this “Summer boarding school” but it was really just boot camp with school mixed in. It was extremely structured and there were no computers or cellphones or anything like that.

Another student wrote:

I went here as a high school student when my parents decided they wanted to punish me. I hated it. Hated, hated, hated it. Hated every moment of it. It’s sheer torture and a terrible place in every way. If you’re parents are sending you here, avoid it at all costs. It is an awful place.

Dr3rdeye (September 19, 2009 at 07:18 AM)

I find it odd that such a place exist when we today are talking year 2014. No computers and no cell-phones outside classes. If my wallet gets stolen I cannot even go down to the policestation and report it. My grandmother tried and she was sent back home to report her crime to the police by computer. Everything is on a computer these days.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


280. St. Paul’s, Concord, New Hampshire

It took some discussion in our group whether to put this school on this list. It isn’t that we are against rituals which involve sexual acts. In fact we have a kind of education crisis in Denmark because some of the universities have decided to attract foreign students instead of Danish students by ordering the introduction courses to include less alcohol and sexual rituals.

It is hard to explain to the Danish tax-payers why we should pay for universities which don’t focus on Danish traditions and attract Danish students. We understand that our customs can be viewed as strange and scary for some foreign students but to stop attracting Danish students by denying our customs to be used in the universities should be center of attention for our politicians.

But we do understand that the girl in the case from Saint Paul was forced into something she didn’t want and a gentleman should respect the boundaries of a woman, so Saint Paul want put on this blog because it cannot be fun to be there as female students if the male student body see them as objects instead of human beings.

Boarding School Student Sexually Assaulted in Annual ‘Dating Rite’ (Jezebel)

265. Shortridge Academy

Shortridge Academy was founded by a former student from CEDU who wanted to re-create the same kind of enclosed boarding school he went to.

A couple of years a documentary about CEDU and the long-term emotional damages this program inflicted on its former students was put on. As result enrollment at the CEDU-clone schools dropped. A parent to a student at Shortridge Academy writes:

This school was an utter disapointment. Enrollment has fallen to the point where there are now only about 20 kids at the school, and there is an absolute lack of resources and staff to accomplish what they represent they will do for the kids. The staff is augmented by half trained college students. My child arrived at this school from a wilderness school, and he was an absolute joy. Now, after almost a year he has regressed to being disobedient and defiant. All through this time I was told to just wait, that my child could be helped, and that my child was the perfect student. After about $100k I’ve come to recognize that none of this is true. There has not been any perceptible improvement in behavior or attitude. I feel as though I’ve been defrauded. I don’t know if other theraputic boarding schools have better results, but this one failed in every respect for me and my child. Sorry. Just my honest opinion.

Greatschools review – might have been removed by the schools marketing department

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.