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771. Unnamed boarding school in Kadunda, Nigeria

The authorities raided an unlicensed boarding school in Kadunda where the students were kept in chains and exposed to abuse, including sexual abuse. The actions of the employees were defended as acts committed in accordance with their religious belief. Despite that charges have been raised against both employees and the owners.

Such unlicensed school exist all over Africa but it is rare that the authorities intervene because it is considered a good thing that youth attend some kind of schooling instead of hanging out in the streets.

However, it cannot be fun to be at such a boarding school as a student.


770. Reflections Academy Inc.

An article in newspaper tells the story about two persons who have been working in the private teenage detention business where the facilities are called treatment centers, who became involved in lawsuits and criminal investigation. While the police stopped the investigation due to the age of the victims, the incident shows a need for better supervision of private detention facilities. Chaffin Pullan and Michele “Mickey” Manning have been working in many programs. Some of them belonging to the infamous WWASP organization and in one case at a facility where a girl died as result of suicide.

Now they started Reflections Academy Inc. and it is at this facility the police investigated claims of sexual abuse and grooming.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager and age out so you become a legal target for grooming and abuse.


2021 update

A student are alleged to have committed suicide. The tragic incident is still under investigation


2022 update:

An article states that the program shut down sometime around October 2021


769. Tutoring School by Pee Nat

The school named Tutoring School by Pee Nat is mentioned in the news due to having its owner, the owners wife and the owners mother-in-law arrested on charges of conspiring to assault a schoolboy who later died.

It cannot be fun to be there as a student


768. The Standard Roberth Higher Secondary School

The Standard Roberth Higher Secondary School has been the center of attention in Manipur since a 16 year-old girl was found hanging in the hostel belonging to the school. The investigation into the death seems to have been conducted with much lack of interest from the authorities. Also the rest of the students remain quiet unwilling to testify.

It cannot be fun to be there as a student.


767. Unnamed Sergiev Posad orphanage in Russia

The family was not notified when a six-year-old Vladislav Zhuravlev died at the orphanage. The case remains under investigation if ever settled.

It cannot be fun to be at the orphanage as a child


766. Unnamed boarding school in Dehradun, India

A 12 year old boy was beaten to death by some of the fellow students because they believed he stole a packet of biscuits. The school administration tried to cover up the death by burying the boy on campus and not notifying the parents that their boy was death.

After the police intervened a 18 year boy disappeared.

It cannot be fun to be there as a student. If anyone knows the name of the school, please write it in the comments.


765. Chelfham Mill School

Chelfham Mill School has been the center of an investigation into past events. The school was a residential school for boys with emotional and behavioural problems. It was closed in 2015 after it was revealed how the boys were treated.

The investigation have since continued to include other schools.

It could not have been fun to live there.


764. The Landon School

The Landon School located in Bethesda, Maryland was founded in 1929. A recent investigation into past episodes of abuse revealed that several students had been victim of a teacher working there between 1946 and 1962.

It is stated by the school that they had no knowledge of the abuse taking place back then. It does seem that they realized that they needed systems to catch possible abuse from happening again and created such a setup recently.

It could not have been fun to be there as a student risking being victim for such a teacher.


763. Unnamed residential treatment facility in Romania

Unnamed residential treatment facility in Romania located in the village of Viseu de Sus was raided by the police and several of the adults were detained.

The managers had set up the program in connection with local officials who informed them of inspections in advance so they could drug the teenagers so they were sedated and not able to make any complaints to the inspectors. The teenagers were Germans imprisoned outside their own country with approval from German authorities because such a facility could be run cheaper with low-paid Romanian labor rather than running it in Germany where the salary levels are higher.

It could not be fun to be detained abroad under such conditions.