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425. St. John’s College, Australia

Richard O’Connor was sentenced to 10 years in jail in 2015. His crimes took place decades before in the 1980s.

While he worked for St. John’s College in Woodlawn he committed his crimes. It took very long to bring him to justice because people covered for him by ignoring claims instead of investigating them.

It could not have been fun to be there as students while he worked there.


424. St. Teresa’s College, Australia

St. Teresa’s College in Australia was mentioned in the media after suicides among former students. A principal faced charges of indecent treatment of children under the age of 17.

There has not falled any verdict in the case yet but based on the number of suicides it must be safe to state that it could not have been fun to be there as a student at the time where the alleged abuse took place.


423. St Patrick’s College, Australia

St Patrick’s College in Ballarat, Victoria in Australia became the center of articles in the media after it was revealed that teachers in the past abused some students. Later some of the former employees were convicted in court. While the legal stuff now is over, the emotional scars inflicted on the former students may never go away.

It is safe to say that it wasn’t fun to be student there at the time where the abuse took place.


422. Groton School

Groton School in Massachusetts was the center of an investigation into abuse conducted by older students against younger students. The school failed to report the abuse to the authorities. They were fine. They apologied to the victims.

It is not certain which procedures they have introduced to prevent this from happening again but it is certain that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager while the abuse was ongoing.


421. Tobinworld

Tobinworld is the name for 3 dayschools in California. Recently an employee was arrested and the management distanced themselves from this case. However the not so funny thing by being a teenager at Tobinworld is not so much the actions of individuals. It is the policy of shock treatment used in the school like they do at Judge Rotenberg Center in another state.

The shock treatment is the factor that make it safe to state that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


420. Riverside Baptist Boys home

Back in 1992 the authorities investigated abuse at this facility. Riverside Baptist Boys home in Rock Hills, South Carolina closed after the investigation but the authorities were not able to lift the burden of proof against the manager Reverend Johnny Cabe.

The Reverend moved on conducting a Ponzi Scheme. He served prison for that. In 2010 he was investigated again for touching a boy playing doctor. Finally he was convicted but managed to avoid prison with a plea deal.

It could not have been fun to be at the boys home.


419. St Mary’s Mother and Baby Home

St Mary’s Mother and Baby Home was located in Tuam, County Galway in Ireland. It was a feeder home to the The Magdalene Laundries. When the children didn’t die or were adopted illegal to other countries the children would grow up and start working in the Laundries.

The remains of 800 dead children was located on the property of the facility.

Investigation is still on-going but it is safe to conclude that it wasn’t fun to be there as a child.


418. Discovery Ranch

While some parents seem happy for their children’s stay at the ranch so they could go on cruises etc. the now adults seem less thankful for their stay. Are are some testimonies:

Ally K. writes:

Discovery Ranch was the worst experience of my life. I couldn’t stand it there. the staff lied to me and my parents. when I was struggling my therapist told me I deserved to be in a straight jacket or jail. the staff told me that they wanted me to walk (sign myself out) and that they would even help me pack. when I finally had enough, I told them I would. they made me leave the property and then called the police to have me arrested. they don’t care!!! one staff called my parents and told them that I hit a staff member when I never did!!! I was traumatized from my stay and I would NOT recommend it to ANYONE. when my therapist was retiring, I had asked for a female therapist, and told them which one. my parents told me later that the only reason I didn’t get the one I wanted was because they didn’t want me to get my way. the therapist they put me with was someone I didn’t get along with at all. but for months I suffered. if you’re thinking about going here or sending someone here, DONT.

Ray M. writes:

I was a student there and 7 years later I still have trauma from what happened to me and have since had to go to therapy for what was supposed to my therapy. Words cannot express the pain in my heart when I think of this place profiting off of kids who are shut down and told their own voice doesn’t matter. I hope in my lifetime to see this place shutdown.

Keith S. writes:


I wish I could give negitive stars!
Discovery Ranch only wants to know and talk about their truth which is nothing close to reality. When you try to induct real truths into the once a week, 1/2 hour, monitored phone call, the therapist redirects you to la la land. They dont want to discuss what’s actually wrong. They don’t give the children any hope of getting out whatsoever. The chidren can’t even have open discussions with other inmates there for fear of being punished and losing privileges. The schooling they provide is a joke. They are left up to their own with limited to no help from the teachers. The website is misleading. The facility is run like a prison.
Seek other avenues for your child,

Michele S. writes:

This is the worst place to send your child. Your child will be put in with kids that are older than their age group, that were in gangs, that are addicted to drugs, etc.

It is run like a prison. They don’t let parents talk freely to their own child. They want the parents to say only what they tell them to say.

Overpriced, over rated…do not send your child there if you care about them.

The kids come out shell shocked, traumatized and fearful.

Discovery Ranch (Yelp)

417. Discovery Academy

Discovery Academy is located in Provo in Utah. It was founded in 1989. Over the years the facility has been sold to new management.

Today it is mostly know for the 2002 rape of a female student. The rapist was convicted in court

The school was also sued by a mother who claimed her son was assaulted by other students.

The school has been sued by the Disability Law Center.

Finally there have been difficulties getting credits transferred which seems to have been a larger problem under the old management.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


416. Cross Creek Center

Cross Creek Center was the male version of the Cross Creek Programs. It closed around 2009.

Isolation cells were used and former students often spoke a number of manuel restraints taking place.

The WWASP system consisted of 6 levels. Often it took months before students were able to talk to family and friends.