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4. Casa by the Sea in Mexico

Casa by the Sea was properly one of most well-known special schools run by World Wide Association of special Schools and programs known as WWASP.

It was closed in 2004 by the police in Mexico on a day where the government decided to clean up in a number of illegal run boarding schools targeted for American parents who couldn’t find a boarding school in the United States ready to go the distance to break their children, so they could have children back acting just as nice as then their children were toddlers.

It wasn’t the first time schools were closed down in Mexico. A school called Sunrise Beach had been closed down some years before. A boot camp known as “High Impact” was closed down only 3 years before. More about the boot camp later.

At Casa by the Sea the teenagers should earn the right to speak to their parents in person. Letters were censored and the parents were instructed to believe that their children were lying.

The so-called counselors were ready to fight the teenagers and violence was not rare.

Datasheet of the school on Fornits Wiki


3. Solhaven – Denmark

A few miles south of here – a life journey for those who are sent there – the hamlet known as Farsoe is located.

It is a name feared by teenagers all over Denmark because there you learn to fear the word “coffee”. When a staff member calls for coffee it is a codeword for them to call musclemen so huge that they are not even seen in professional wrestling and then you experience a beating you will remember for life.

We are talking of Solhaven the most well-known behavior modification program in Denmark. Here are people employed who are happy with their work if they can jump a troubled teenager.

In my town – Aalborg – we have safe houses run by ordinary citizens and priests where runaways are kept out of sight until they become legally adults. Some of the therapists have been jumped by angry citizens when they came for teenagers after home visits. The police has been involved in high speed chases which occur when some of the teenagers try to escape by car.

The latest news is that they have finally fired their director. Maybe something good is in store for the teenagers who are sent there.

Datasheet from Fornits about Solhaven

2. DeSisto School in Massachusetts

The Desisto school was a so-called therapeutic boarding school located in Massachusetts. It was created by one of the many teenage gurus parents turn to when they experience problems with their children.

Michael Desisto may have achieved some degree at some place. Please comment if you know of one of his supposed degrees which did hold up in reality.

I am a boy and had I been placed at this school I would properly have avoid to being forced to sit on his lap as many teenage girls have experienced.

Somehow I feel that he did wrong in his approach, but because I have not have a conversation with him, I will let the readers judge him. Feel free to comment.

There are a lot of people out there who are happy to report that the school did close in 2004.

Datasheet from Fornits Wiki

1. Unknown Koranic School in Sudan

I don’t know about religion. I don’t attend church every weekend. I just hated it on the boarding school when we had to sing every morning.

When I see this weekend I see children being forced to memorize religious texts all day. It must be as terrible as it can be.

This Koran School is number one on my list, but as I stated not necessary the worst.


This blog is about 1000 places you don’t want to be as a teenager. They are published in random order as torment, violence, evilness and torture are difficult to measure.