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450. Teen C.A.R.E. Camp

This rehab started in California but soon moved south of the borders where regulation and oversight was none-existing. Former clients speak of mechanical restraints, use of tear-gas against clients and a lot other things which indicated poorly trained employees with none or little knowledge about the level of care such a complicated decease like addition requires.

In the long run the operation became too much for even the authorities in Mexico and they moved the operations to an unknown location inside the United States where they shut down a short time after year 2000.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


449. Eagleton School

The police has made arrests in connection with an investigation into child abuse related to the Eagleton School in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

While none have been convicted and the shool is rather old and is considered to have a good reputation locally, reviews made by former employees speak of high turnover of employees and a management with little control over the daily life.

Taking into consideration that the approach taken in connection with children suffering from autism and Asperger syndrome needs to be very structured a messy approach is bound to cause trouble and then a child can be hurt in the process.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be teenager when the employees are not following common known guidelines in connection with the challenges the teenagers face based on their illness.


448. Gøgereden

The group home Gøgereden (Cuckoo’s Nest) located in the northern part of Jutland had a cottage on the remote island Læsø they used to isolate girls placed in their care by the social services in Denmark.

One of counselors had sex with one of the girls. Normally the courts wouldn’t take the word for it but the girl had kept a secret recording of a confession made by the counselor. She also hit sperm from the man after the intercourse.

The counselor was sentenced to 60 days in prison. After a retrial the verdict was confirmed but the prison sentence was suspended. It was quiet a remarkble verdict as the system in Denmark looks down on children placed in the system.

It could not have been fun to be at the group home as a teenager.

Sources (in Danish language):

447. Tettenhall College

When you were a student at the Tettenhall College in the 1970’s you better had to look after yourself. Not so recently the former headmaster was under investigation of sexually abusing pupils. A lot of his vicims had come forward now where they were adults and no longer had to fear the headmaster.

An earlier investigation was halted when the police believed that the former headmaster was too sick to stand trial but it seems that he fooled them. Video showed an active man to the very end. He fooled the police and his victims never got justice for his terrible actions against them.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


446. Jeongeup boarding school

A well-respected teacher at the Jeongeup boarding school in South Korea was charged with child abuse after he bit a hamster to death in front of the students and started to eat it. Hard pressure from parents forced the authorities to intervene against the teacher in a country where parents often buy canes for the teacher to use on their children. It seems that there were a limit for the parents in this country who seems to accept use of violence against their children for them to do good in school. They call it the “Stick of love” ceremony.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


445. Swedish foster care home near Lund

A 15-year-old girl died from pneumonia after having been sick for 3 weeks placed in foster care at aged 10 after her mother briefly was hospitalized.

When the mother regained her health the social services wouldn’t let her home. As a stigmatized single mother there are not much her mother could have done legally against the Swedish social services which in a country with strong socialist roots are a kingdom of their own.

So the girl settled at the Horse farm where she was placed.

Even being a kingdom of their own the social services had a few rules they were supposed to follow. They should:

  • Visit the girl from time to time securing that she a good life
  • Make sure that a girl like this would alone in the placement because her papers stated that it should be so
  • Make sure that one the foster parents was at home. The foster family was paid so one of parents didn’t need another job.

But the foster parens were busy with their horse breading. There were 5 children placed at this foster family.

So when the girl got sick the girl was not taken to the hospital. Doctors appointment at home also never took place.

She died untreated after 3 weeks of illness. She was buried in an unmarked grave by the social services so the scandal could be forgotten.

It could not have been fun to be placed in foster care in Sweden under these conditions.

Sources (some in local language):

444. Små Enheter (The small units)

Located in Norway this group home was blasted into the media when a 15 year old girl at the group home strangled one of the counselors. The management blamed the employee but the counselor was alone in the unit with the girl while another employee was sleeping. The authorities conducted an investigation into the procedures at the time of the murder. As it turned out it was not the first time this girl posed danger to the employees. Some months before the employees had to call the police because the girl had armed herself with a machete.

The management had no doubt that the girl posed a security risk but taken into consideration that the social services are under heavy criticism from parents on media platforms like Facebook there are a lot of indicators that both management of the group home but also social workers inside the social services neglected their responsibilities when they allowed this girl to live at a group home with so sparse staffing.

It could not be fun to be there as a teenager taking into consideration there was no procedure to secure that non-violent teenagers were put together with violent teenagers. It could just as well have been one of the other teenagers who were strangled instead.

Sources (in Norwegian):

443. Alliance Girls High School

This boarding school made the choice of silence when being asked about the mystical death of a girl in 2015.

The ideal approach would be if the school announced that it would investigate the procedures used when a girl becomes sick. Why didn’t this girl go the hospital sooner? Why did the local nurse insist on treating her without access to laboratory.

Without access to proper medical it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


442. Sapphire International School

Once in a while you can just hire the wrong person. Sapphire International School hired a teacher now under arrest suspected for killing a boy because the boy didn’t want an improper relationship with the teacher. A bad apple can happen for everyone. Especially in a country where it is impossible to screen anyone for their past acts.

But in this case we are talking of a cover-up and that is where it becomes serious. Unless the management are political well connected the authorities must intervene and conduct an investigation. The hopes are there but we are talking India where even the students believe that they are entitled to cheating.

It is a tragedy for the family of the poor boy and it is safe to state that it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


441. Stephjoy Boys High School

Ambitions killed several boys. Too much focus on education brought a tragic end to the lives of several boys when their boarding school was victim of arson. Some students have been detained. However the reason seems to be use of corporal punishment combined with high expectations from both school administration and parents. It is kind of odd because seeing the migration to Europe which take place during these years it is clear that the kind of education they can get in their country even when they achieve top grades brings them nowhere in Europe. They often end up serving as dishwashers in the food industry working illegal without paying taxes. Many cross the ocean in boats of poor standard.

It is clear that they should use less time on their academics and more on enjoying life while they have it. Going to school in such an environment cannot be fun as a teenager.

After the fire some of the students were arrested suspected for having destroyed the school by arson.