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205. Piney Woods School

Because this blog is founded in Danish and schools on this blog are judged by Danish standard, we believe that the work Piney Woods Schools does is wrong. Social heritage matter. It creates structure in a society. That is why Denmark is among the most peaceful countries in world. Danes settle to their destiny and don’t become frustrated when they don’t reach the top in the society. A number of people have tried to immigrate to Denmark and have not accepted their faith where they as a family must prove themselves slowly over a number of generations. Their frustration often lands them in prison.

Then there is the use of corporal punishment. Maybe the use of this have been stopped but it is not enough for the school not to be on this list.

As we see it is not a fun place to be as a teenager.


204. Magnolia Christian Center

Magnolia Christian Center was a summer boot camp so parents could have time off during the holiday instead of raising their children. Corporal punishment was used.

Fortunately the program seems to be closed.

It didn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


203. Hope Christian Home And Academy

Yet another Christian Home believing in violence.

A former student wrote:

One of the punishments there that I experienced and which most disturbed me was isolation. I once mentioned atheism to another girl there, she told a staff member, and they separated me from the rest of the girls in the home. I was not allowed to talk to or even look at the other girls for a month. I was in a room in the other end of the house, by myself and could only talk to staff members when they talked to me. This was called being on “group separation” and “silence”. Though I never experienced it, I certainly heard the effects of what they called “licks”, which were spankings. Other punishments included writing sentences, standing against the wall (from 30 minutes to hours at a time), being on silence, and being on separation from individual girls. Even though most girls are sent there after being sexually and emotionally abused at home or in various foster homes, there is absolutely no counselor in the house.

A video report from HEAL-online explains a bit about the daily life at the facility

If the news the facility is mention in connection with a police intervention and following removal of the girls conducted in July 2013.

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.

In more recent years the old management made the choice to sell or rent the campus to a school that moved from Florida, which is also mentioned as number 110 in this blog. Marvelous Grace Girls Academy as the new operator of the campus is named seems to have closed down in 2022 as result of another visit from the authorities. For more in-deed coverage of this, we refer to article 110.


202. Happiness Hill Ministries

Use of stress positions like being forced to rest on your knees with a pencil under them, corporal punishment combined with loss of access to television, internet and extended social network which is important for teenagers of today sounds not like it would be fun for any teenager.

It is doubtful that any God would approve of that.


201. Knowl View School

This place existed between 1969 and 1995. The security was poor so several students down to age 8 were forced to have sex with intruders. Among those who should have stopped this abuse was former chainman of the Co-operative Bank and Methodist minister Flowers.

One thing is to be removed from home and your parents. Another thing is to be forced to have sex with stronger unknown men who put you in risk of contracting AIDS.

It does not sound to have been placed there.


200. Gulf Coast Academy

After the failure with Bethel Boys and Girls academy and an attempt to restart the business, the Fountains sold the operation to the WWASP group. WWASP had a feared facility on Jamaica named Tranquility Bay. For some reasons the government in Jamaica was tired of the bad press, so they put the management of Tranquility Bay under pressure. WWASP decided to relocate the students from Jamaica to Lucedale, but as always they hired lowpaid employees not suited to handle the job. Also a number of hurricanes had damaged the buildings and neither the Fountains or WWASP had other thing in mind than profit so they didn’t fix the buildings. As result it was chaos with students running away.

The facility did only last a year or two before it shut down.

Anyhow it could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


199. Bethesda home for girls

The facility was also mentioned as Christian Life Academy. It was located near Hattiesburg in Mississippi.

Its was yet another so-called Christian boarding school involving yet another police investigation. It became yet another example of a place where they used violence as corporal punishment is against teenagers.

A lawsuit which was settled mentioned cases where a Reverend allegedly paddled pregnant teens and detained a 19-year-old against her will. It is mentioned that a girl died while trying to escape the facility in 1980.

After the closure of the program, the manager Reverend Bob Wills went on the establish Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy, which closed after 2 students murdered another to escape the horrible conditions at the Missouri boarding school.

Fortunately no teenagers can be tormented there anymore as the campus burned down.

It could not have been fun to live there as a teenager.


198. Bethel Girls Academy

Owned by the same people who ran the Bethel Boys Academy the girl home also had its problems. The authorities removed the girls for their own safety.

It could not have been a fun place to be as a teenager.


197. Bethel Boys Academy

Corporal punishment, raids by the authorities followed by taking a number of new names trying to restart the business and prevent parents from finding out the truth.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


196. Wilson Center

The Wilson Center (full name Constance Bultman Wilson Center) in Faribault Minnesota does no longer exist. It was sold in 2009.

In the public it was mostly known for the poor treatment of Nikki Bacharach who lived there for 10 years suffering from Aspergers which was not known as an illness. As result she didn’t get the treatment she needed and she properly ended her life based on the teaching of the center many years later. The Center also experimented with treating teenagers suffering from gender identity problems, which was not helpful.

Being treated for something there is no treatment against cannot be fun for any teenager.