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794. Summits View

The facility located in Walnut, Mississippi has been under investigation from the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services for some time due to testimonies from former students and former employees. Recently the facility came into yet more focus as a teenager ran away which prompted a search on federal level. Later a second boy ran away but was found very soon.

If the testimonies are just half truth it is very serious and it will be certain to state that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager. Handcuffs are supposed to be used by law enforcement. Not everybody else.


793. The Gordon House group home

The Gordon House group home was a residential foster care facility located in Pennant Hills, Australia. It was closed after a resident aged 15 died. Articles about the death speak of possible rape and a totally un-supervised facility where people could come in unnoticed from the streets.

Later the Uniting Church, which ran the group home decided to close all their group homes due to case showing to the public that they were in a line of business they did not understand properly.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


792. House of Prayer for All People

The House of Prayer for All People was a kind of church labeled a cult located in Gainesville, Florida has been mentioned in relationship with a number of missing children cases. The cult where the belief was based on the Old Testament. The women had to wear special clothing like full-length robes with head coverings. They also ate a special diet.

At least two children vanished never to be seen. Some of the children are named: Marcos Antonio Cruz was 2 years old at the time of his disappearance. Catherine Barbara Davidson was 6 years old when she vanished. Anna Elizabeth Young has been charged in relationship with the mysterious circumstances at the facility. Finally she is being investigated for the missing 2 year old Emon David Harper.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


791. Lakeside Academy

Lakeside Academy in Kalamazoo, Michigan is presently being investigated after employees tried to restrain a boy who died as result of this process. In general there are focus on how to restrain persons after some police officers killed a possible criminal while it was recorded and later shown on Youtube.

So now there is a general demand for changes in the police force. But what about children in residential care? Many children have died and very little attention has been used on changing the methods or making rules about when possible restraints should be used.

At Lakeside Academy they could use some outside supervision into their treatment approach. A parent writes in a google review:

FIRST My son went over 3 months without his psychiatric medications due to their negligence. I called continuously trying to find out why when he was transferred there his meds were abruptly discontinued and requesting he see the psychiatrist asap. It was a month before I found out he wasn’t getting them (found out from my son) and then another 2 and 1/2 months before they finally had him see the psychiatrist and started him on 2 of the 3 meds yet never requested his psychiatric records to know what his diagnosis and med history was. His behavior went from good to horrible and he took a huge decline with not having the meds that help stabilize his chemical imbalances.

SECOND My son injured his ankle and it took them FIVE days to have it seen and x-rayed even though he was in a lot of pain. He ended up with 3 fractures and required surgery and screws in his ankle.

There are a few nice staff but if you have kids with medical needs be prepared for medical neglect.

It has been reported that the authorities ordered the removal of students to leave room for a proper investigation. It has also been revealed that some students ran off into the neighborhood.

Supervision of this facility is very needed and until that happens it is safe to say that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


790. Cité de st-jean-de-dieu insane asylum

The Cité de st-jean-de-dieu insane asylum earlier known as the Longue Pointe Lunatic Asylum was one of facilities that housed the so-called Duplessis Orphans in Canada. Under the rule of Maurice Duplessis the government sought to save money on the social welfare budget and got the Roman Catolic Church to run asylums. The children who ended up there were sent for a number of reasons but basically because they could be warehoused cheap until they became adults.

It would require more than one post to describe the ordeal the children went through but there were examples of use of lobotomies, electroshock and straitjackets. As when the church is involved there were also examples of abuse, sometime physical.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child


789. New Lisbon State School

Today the facility is called New Lisbon Developmental Center. Beside New Lisbon State School other names were used “Four Mile Colony”, “Colony for Boys” and Vineland State School.

Today 2 boys remains missing: Steven Eugene Anderson and David Williams has not been found. Foul play has not been established but then again. Without any trace of them, who might know what happened to them.

Back in the day abuse took place at the facility. Rapes took place. It must have been an awful place. At some point the authorities decided to change that but when it happened, I have not been able to find out.

It could not have been fun to be there as a child.


788. Escuela Caribe

After the failure with a program in Haiti (number 399), New Horizons Youth Ministries opened Escuela Caribe in The Dominican Republic.

For many years Pastor Gordon C. Blossom continued to manage the program until his special attention towards small girls became to light. Then he moved back and continued as consultant so he could continue his hobby working in a more discreet role.

For many years teenagers suffered until a documentary was made which revealed the horrible conditions the teenagers were subjected to.

Then the state of Indiana moved in and closed their Indiana license forcing the church group out of business. Another church group took over the campus.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.