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70. Shepherd’s Ranch Christian Academy

It was only in operation for a short while. The Campus used to house The Cascade School and now the campus houses Julian Youth Academy. It is located in a isolated place and it seems that the teenagers shouldh have been held captive in the name of God.

It does not sound like a fun place to be and I am happy that it is closed.


69. Sarge’s Community Based Training

Boy being harassed

When investigation into another boot camp program started in the Californian town of Parsedena it was soon clear that it was not the only boot camp harassment program which was in need on an investigation.

There was employees jumping from one program to another and children being forced to drink so much water that they became sick.

All this because some parents have given up.

It is not a fun place to send your teenager. It is something you should be reported to the social services for.


68. Victory Christian Academy

Book cover

Today it is located in Florida where crazy activities are allowed if they claim that the homes abusing teenagers are religious. Maybe they will clean their act up in Florida one day like the they did in California.

Victory Christian Academy was forced out of the state when building materials crushed a poor girl.

There is even a book called “Reform at Victory” where you can read how it was for the girls to be confined to this awful place.


67. River View Christian Academy (Julian Youth Academy)

Isolated from peers and the sunny life at the beaches of California does not sound like fun. Adding crazy religious so-called counselors who have just left the program themselves. People who are so ill that they would rather kill their babies rather than adopting them to people who would like them makes me sick.

Such a place is Julian Youth Academy.

Various testimonies make it look horrible and not a place for teenagers.

Update 2018

The official name is now River View Christian Academy. They still run the website TeenResue. The name was changed after a former student which became employee after graduation (They offer about 10 dollars per hour to employees) became pregnant. Due to destroyed outlook on life caused by her stay as a student, she did not know what to do with the baby and it died. She was sent to prison. The new name is an attempt to hide the past.


66. Gentle Spirit Ranch

Gentle Spirit Ranch was located near Aguanga in California

A police investigation took place and the owners found another line of business to operate in and in another state.

Something must have been wrong for them to give up their work.

It must not have been a fun place to be as a teenager.


65. Fred D. Jones Youth Center

Fred D. Jones Youth Center located in Hesperia, California has experienced a melee. Teenagers try to escape all the time.

It is a part of VisionQuest. You know the company with the waggon trains and the same company responsible for a number of teenagers who died on a boat in 1980 when they ran into wheather neighter the teenagers or the crew was trained to handle.

It does not sound like a fun place to be for a teenager.


64. Family Life Center – Petaluma, California

What are the users saying about this place?

If you would like your kid to be forced to scream and cry and be totally hysterical while being made to confess their sins and ‘share’ their life story by a therapist who appears to get his rocks off on watching this mass hysteria take place , go here. Some kind of ‘school’ modelled on Gestalt therapy. It has a high sound proof wall around it to drown out the crying and exorcism that take place here. Because if people knew, they might be sued.

I went to FLC for an eating disorder. It made things worse, way worse. The people there were constantly yelling at us, making my anxiety go way up. Instead of focussing on myself, I had to focus on the little things like outdoor maintenance, making my bed perfectly neat, and telling a staff any time my shoulder accidentally brushed someone else’s. I was publicly humiliated several time, and was not aloud very much contact with my parents. Instead, the staff would tell my parents that I needed an even stricter environment….im glad they listened to my outpatient therapist instead of the ignorant staff.

Gestalt therapy is something odd and it does not sound like fun for teenagers.


63. Families 1st

Families 1st was or is a boot camp where parents can dump their kids at when they don’t want parent anymore. The teenagers are then humiliated into being nice kids again.

It seems that business was not going that well because the manager handcuffed a truat girl on the street and dragged her home to her parents demanding that they should pay for him to enroll the girl in his program because they were poor parents.

Boot Camp video

The manager was arrested and an investigation started. It soon spread to another program and now legislation is about to be done trying to regulate the manner these boot camps are run because it is certainly not a fun place to be as a teenager as it is run today.


62. Echo Malibu Youth Treatment Center

It was placed in a very nice place. Ocean View and everything.

But the residents didn’t like it and one tried to set it on fire.

A larger firm connected to Mitch Romney purchased it, but the neighbors were tired of the place.

In the end it closed.

It didn’t sound like a nice place to be as a teenager.


61. Saint Vincent

Saint Vincent – located in Harreveld, The Netherlands is today know for an infamous case involving Henk Heithuis. He was castrated because the monks accused him of seducing him. When he died the police was involved in a cover-up and destroyed all his belongings.

They cut the balls of some teenagers at this school because they preferred the normal man-woman relationship. It is a kind of cure but it is not nice. I prefer woman but I dislike being told who my partner should be, but I was angry when I read this.

The case was linked to the highest places in the Dutch society. Awful!

It was not a fun place to be as a teenager.