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128. Shepherd’s Hill Farm

It is an ungodly place where they use corporal punishment and the employees have very little education regarding the complex diagnoses struggling teenagers suffer from. Short to say they believe that violence combined with Gods word can cure anything.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place for a teenager.

127. Ruths Home of Compassion

Ruths Home of Compassion was raided and put through a number of police investigations. Based on the learning of Lester Roloff the school ended up in Georgia when the state of Texas shut them down.

Corporal punishment and a lot of other things mentioned in articles from the 1980’s made it look like it was not a place to be as a teenager.


126. Phoenix Adolescent Institute

It is not known for how long this so-called drug rehab was in operation. It made use of the same methods another rehab program used. Senior kids in the program held the newcommers as hostage. Therapy was psychodrama. Suicides among those who left the program were many.

Phoenix Adolescent Institute doesn’t seem to be in operation anymore and that is kind of fine. It didn’t sound like a fun place to be a teenager.


125. Hidden Lake Academy

During the years of operation (1994 to 2011) this facility was in operation it had a lot of names. Every time there was problems with the money paid by the parents and every time the founder (Doctor Leonard Buccelatto) managed to move money around in the system for the facility to remain open.

According to a 2008 hearing before the Committee on Education and Labor, some of the staff members had their credentials removed. Some used diploma mills like Farington University. While accredited by some institutions, it would be doubtful if the students could have used their papers to pursue further education.

Well it ended at last but not before talented people like the artist Dash Snow had been damaged in a lasting way due to their stay at this facility. Damage which did not only impact those who were there but also people they met afterwards like it was the case in the Katherine MacDougall murder case. Her boyfriend had been put through too much to handle a relationship.

It couldn’t have been fun to be at this facility if you were a teenager.


124. Darrington Academy

The academy closed 2009. As always the economy was to blame. Later it was revealed that a police investigation had been started.

Richard Legrand Darrington, 36, of Blue Ridge, the former headmaster of the school was charged with aggravated battery, a felony, and simple battery, a misdemeanor.

It couldn’t have been fun to be there as a teenager.


123. Coastal Harbor

According to statements the staff like to tease the patients of their body structure.

It is not fun when you are a teenager at a stage in your life where you per definition is not satisfied with your body.


122. Broken Shackle Ranch

15 year old Bryan Jones was placed at the ranch. He was electrocuted during work at the ranch. His mother sued the state and got some money but no her son back

Working with faulty wiring when you have no training cannot be fun for any teenager.


121. Anneewakee Treatment Center for Emotionally Disturbed Youth

This asylum functions under another name today and hopefully they are using other methods than back in the 1980’s dealing with the children.

It is hard to find evidence of the exact number of employees who were jailed. Two cases are listed in one of the sources below.

It didn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


120. The Seed

As an experiment built on the experiences of former POW this drug rehab had the honor of being closed by the Senate.

It built on learnings about how POW were treated by the North Koreans.

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


119. The Potters house girls home

This group home closed recently. A girl who had been there writes:

I attended during the summer of 2003 along with 20+ other girls. This girls home is ran by an older couple in their 70s (back then) named Sandy (woman) & Manny (man). They charged my parents and most folks $800/month supposedly for food & board, forced you to give up custody of your kid to them, and addamantly pitched to the parents that they were active christians and would teach their children better morals then those they came to the home with. On the day you arrived, both owners were present, they assured you that Sandy would always be present, any unchristian items were taken away from you, and your hand was tied to another girls hand (who’d been there for a long time) in front of your parents to show the seriousness of their words in front of them. What they DIDN’T tell you is that they used that money to buy a dozen horses, and Sandy was NEVER present (which left Manny to “tend” to the girls alone) because she would take their daughter & grand-daughter up to North Carolina with a horse of two to race them. Some of the girls were promised that they would be allowed to ride the horses as long as they signed a contract stating that they would wake up at 3-4am cleaning up horse crap, clean the stables, then finally wash and fully groom each horse on a day-to-day basis. These girls already had other chores to do on top of that and would miss school because of it. Now as far as paying for food comes into play, they should be charged with for starvation and feeding under aged kids rotten food. They would get expired and moldy food from a nearby grocery store to feed us. For breakfast/lunch we’d have 15mins each course to stuff our faces with who knows what and if we didn’t our chores perfectly then they would take away our time to eat and time to sleep. Girls would try to get their chores done so badly that they’d miss meals (if you’d call them that) and sleep. Isn’t that border line torture? Now as far as Manny goes he shouldn’t be allowed to step miles near any child. During the first week my shoulder was sore so he attempted to give me a sensual message to which I elbowed him and told me to never touch me again or else. I understand that they want to “help” girls out but you don’t touch someone else’s child and there is NO excuse. I had to pull a girl out of his lap because because she said that her head hurt so he told her to put her head in his lap because “the power of god runs through me” and began to message her head and shoulders. There was a girl that I we were all convinced was having relations with him. She was constantly obsessing about how great he was, and always all over him. The reason why we thought that there could even be a possibility is that he never pushed her off of him, told her that it was not right because he was 55yrs older than her and that he was married, and in fact would call her over to sit RIGHT next to him. A girl was caught sleeping with a knife under her bed because she was scared of him. For all of our chores we earned points to visit/call our family but they would always get taken away for some b/s reason. So when my family demanded to visit I told them exactly what was going on and threatened to take me out right then and there. They would have, but the thing is that YOU HAVE TO GIVE UP YOUR PARENTAL RIGHTS IN A CONTRACT GIVING CUSTODY TO THESE TWO STRANGERS YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. So Manny threatened to call the cops and have my grandmother who can barely walk arrested and told them flat to their faces that he can do whatever he wants and get away with it. This is a scam and your daughters will be forced to spend months with a pentecostal old pervert while his wife takes your money to ride horses. She could care less and was in fact known to beat up on the girls if they didn’t listen to her. Punches, choke-outs, belts..the phrase was “anything to get you down”. After my family left from the visit I received extreme punishment, 5min meals, no school, and hardly got to sleep. 2 weeks later my family threatened to sue and reveal the happenings of the school. I still think to this day they should have and I am trying to track down the girls I went there with to make sure it closes for good. After I left another girl from my church was sent to the girls home and had VERY similar experiences. Her father had to be taken away by family members because he was about to beat the crap out of Manny for touching his daughter. Please hear my warning.

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.