Archive | February 2019

751. Glen Mills School

The Glen Mills School has seen a number of students being redrawn by the counties which sent the teenagers to the school originally. The reason seems to be the violence the teenagers were subjected to. Why it did not happen sooner, is an interesting questions. Decades have passed since the first reports of violence. Still many counties continued to use the school. Why did they not intervene sooner? Was the school an ideal solution for teenagers, none cared about until the media took notice of what went on at the school?

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


750. Lancaster Lodge

Lancaster Lodge which is charity-run seems to have taken in young people with illnesses, they were not able to deal with due to lack of qualifications. An article speaks of a death and an attempted suicide.

Just because you are able to treat one kind of illnees, there are no promise that you can deal with the all. You need special trained adults for the various forms of mental illnesses that exist. Ignoring this brings the lives of the teenagers in danger.

It could have been fun to be there as a teenager, when you cannot get the specialized treatment you need.

Autistic teen kills herself after she was locked in a psychiatric care unit for mentally ill as parents blame the facility for lack of support (MEAWW news)

749. Unnamed religious school near Regueb, Tunisia

The government has intervened against a local religious school located near Regueb, Tunisia.

The owner has been arrested and there are investigations into various forms of child abuse including sexually abuse.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.

Tunisia in shock over ‘religious’ school abuses (Gulf News)