Archive | June 2016

461. The Ozark Center

The Ozark Center, which runs Turnaround Ranch near Joplin, Missouri has been in the media at least two times about concerning incidents.

The authorities were not notified in time about an alleged rape of a boy. An empployee was reported to the authorities by envious girls who didn’t get anything from the employee unlike one of the girls in the program rather than the management.

Lack of supervision seems to be the standard inside this facility and that makes it safe to say that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


460. The Grove

This now-closed residential treatment facility has recently been in the media due to a alleged rape-case. While the prosecution didn’t prove their case, the question arise whether the facility had guidelines which ensured the moral safety of both employees and the youth forced to live there.

The question not asked in the court was why the management didn’t ensure that an employee never should be alone with a vulnerable youth. It is clear that these lack of guidelines and rules placed both the youth and the employee in a situation where one of them would be hurt in the end.

It could not have been fun to stay at this facility.