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787. Masters Ranch West

Recently the authorities intervened and removed more than 30 boys from the ranch located near Prescott in the state of Washington. One of the employees are investigated for third-degree child molestation and communicating with a minor for immoral purposes.

The result of a visit by both the Walla Walla County detectives and Child Protective Services case prompted the authorities to relocate the children at the ranch.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


782. The Never Give Up Youth Healing Center

Located on the same property as the now-closed New Horizon Academy, the school was raided by the police. The water on the property is still contaminated. It is not safe to drink. Apparently the employees have something to hide as the police arrested on the employees for obstructing an officer executing the search warrant.

A lot on their website indicate that they use the same structure as the other company. It seems that the methods used by the now-defunct WWASP chain are still used by small firms who rent property at buildings that previous housed WWASP schools.

It remains unclear what they treat the teenagers for. Back in the WWASP days it was only about detention of children, the parents did not have time for. A lot of games were constructed to make it look like it was treatment but it was basically the same nonsens you see at many sales conventions motivating good spirit and results. It was not treatment of serious mental health issues.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


780. The Lawrenceville School

A quick search on this school has revealed at least two cases where employees have been investigated for misconduct against students.

A dorm duty master and a housemaster are under investigation. The question remains whether the school has implemented policies to prevent future incidents like those who happened to students in the past from happening again.

Until then it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


779. Phillips Academy

The Phillips Academy in Massachusetts used an employee who also worked parttime at the infamous Boston Childrens Hospital best known in the public for the Pelletier case. The employee was convicted of child pornography charges.

The school had received complaints over the actions of the employee for a number of years and decided not to renew the contract hoping that it all just would go away quietly. It did not. The police started an investigation after findings on the Internet.

The school stated

John Palfrey, the head of school at Phillips Academy, also had said in an email to students and parents after Keller’s arrest that the decision to not renew Keller’s contract was based on professional misconduct unrelated to the federal case. Palfrey said Keller had been reprimanded in 1999 for using a school computer to access adult pornography and had shown an inappropriate cartoon to students in 2002.

The questions remain if parents should believe that story. We doubt that it could be a fun place to be as a teenager.

Doctor in Mass. child porn case pleads guilty (San Diego Union Tribune)

778. Milton Academy

Restless Virgins is a book inspired by an incident which took place at this boarding school in Massachusetts. Some might ask why the school did not take precautions to prevent a number boys from having sex with a single girl under circumstances where the girls might have felt pressured into performing the act. Maybe because the culture at the school was bad and corrupted due to a number of boys having become victim of a teacher named Buono.

This toxic environment resulted in humiliating treatment of a girl and the responsability of that is with the school management.

It could not have been fun to be there as a student.


777. Phillips Exeter Academy

While the school in general has a good reputation, parents might ask themselves if the school has implemented enough precautions to prevent another teacher like the convicted Bateman from taking pornographic photos of students. The teacher was convicted of storing some 300 photos – some of a victim at the school aged 16 when the photos were taken.

Secondly other employees were named in a long line of incidents which should not have been taken place involving minors.

It cannot be fun being a teenager to know that photos of you naked are in the hands of employees, who can use them as they like.


776. Academy of new Horizons

Searching the Internet for old cases, our investigation team found:


In the text, we found:

On May 16, Mr. Grier spoke with Carol Yetter of United Way, who informed Mr. Grier of various complaints of child abuse against Neal Swartz, relating to actions taken by Mr. Swartz during his employment as director of the Academy of New Horizons and Camp New Horizons in Rye, New York. *fn1 That same day, Mr. Grier spoke to Paul Richer of the New York Commission for Quality of Care for the Mentally Disabled, who confirmed that such agency had investigated allegations of child abuse at New Horizons, and that those allegations had focused on the activities of Mr. Swartz. However, due to the confidentiality requirements of New York State concerning the investigation, Mr. Richer could not provide Mr. Grier with any further information. A “serious complaint form” was prepared by Mr. Grier or a subordinate on May 18, indicating, among other things, the facts described above.

The persons investigated ran a facility also mentioned in this blog called Cedars Academy for a number of years before they sold it to Aspen Education Group which ran it for a number of years before Aspen Education Group were hit by a backlash from former participants in their programs.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


774. Mal Niga school, Nigeria

The Mal Niga school was raided by the police just as the police did with two other boarding schools in the country. They found imprisoned and shackled students beside some adults who also were confined to the campus.

It seems that the government of Nigeria has a huge load of work in front of them checking up on boarding schools in the country. It cannot be fun to be subjected to wearing restraints and taught only religious texts as a student.


772. The Koranic and Rehabilitation Centre

The Koranic and Rehabilitation Centre located in Daura, northern Nigeria was raided by the authorities and they found students shackled just like they do in Christian Boarding Schools in the United States. The authorities shut the school down like a number of other similar schools located around in the country of Nigeria.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


771. Unnamed boarding school in Kadunda, Nigeria

The authorities raided an unlicensed boarding school in Kadunda where the students were kept in chains and exposed to abuse, including sexual abuse. The actions of the employees were defended as acts committed in accordance with their religious belief. Despite that charges have been raised against both employees and the owners.

Such unlicensed school exist all over Africa but it is rare that the authorities intervene because it is considered a good thing that youth attend some kind of schooling instead of hanging out in the streets.

However, it cannot be fun to be at such a boarding school as a student.