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610. Smyllum Park Orphanage

Investigation has shown that the bodies of over 100 children have been buried in a local cemetary. Of course it needs to be taken into consideration that the facility opened back in 1864 and the medical standards were not as high as today.

Still some of the deaths cause concern. Former residents speak of abuse. Were some of the death certificates made without proper investigation into what caused the deaths? It seems so.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.



557. Catholic Agricultural College

Catholic Agricultural College in Bindoon Australia was constructed using imported children who received no salary for their work. Combined with a level of abuse which was organized by Brother Paul Francis Keaney continued for too many years.

It could not have been fun to arrive in a foreign country as a child only to be put into work without pay.


271. Bessborough House, in County Cork (Ireland)

Children born outside marriage was regarded as shameful for the mother and her family, so the children were often sent to homes hidden from the local communities.

It seems that some of the children were used as guinea pigs in vaccine trials. Some of the children were hurt in the process. Some might even have died. It is not clear if that happened because for obvious reason records were not kept because people realized that it became a dark chapter of Irelands history.

It couldn’t have been fun to be there as a teenager, if a child made it that far in this home.


262. St Joseph’s Industrial School (Ireland)

St Joseph’s Industrial School was located in Artane, Dublin. It opened in 1870 with the aim of caring for neglected, orphaned and abandoned Catholic boys. It closed in 1969.

They used corporal punishment. More important a govermental report provide evidence of sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse of boys was a chronic problem in Artane. The documented and admitted cases show that for more than half of the 33 years under consideration there was at least one Brother in Artane who at some time engaged in sexual abuse of boys. Much more abuse occurred than is recorded in documents because of inadequate recording and reporting procedures and other causes of under-reporting. Sexual activity between boys was also common and there was a significant amount of predatory sexual behaviour by bigger boys on smaller, vulnerable ones.

It could not have been fun to be sent there as a teenager.

261. The Mother/Baby Home Tuam

The Mother/Baby Home Tuam existed from 1925 to 1961. Like many other homes for teenage girls who became pregnant outside marriage they housed the girls until the babies were born. The mothers then returned home if they were lucky. Otherwise the girls were sent to other asylums where they were kept because they had brought shame over their family due to the pregnancy.

The babies were put up for adoption if they survived the stay. Recent discovery of the remains of 800 bodies belonging to babies might suggest that something awful was wrong with this home. They didn’t take the time to buy a coffin for each of these small humans. They just dropped them down in a concrete tank. Where are the Christianity found in such thinking?

It is safe to say that it was not fun to be a pregnant teenager in such a place.


260. Sean Ross Abbey (Roscrea, Ireland)

Sean Ross Abbey was one of the places where teenage girls would be sent if they became pregnant outside marriage. It was considered a social scandal for a girl if that did happen and such girls were often locked up in a convent like Sean Ross Abbey until the child were delivered. Later the child often was sent to the United States for adoption and the mother would be released if she was lucky to live the rest of her life with the secret shame.

Some babies and young mothers didn’t make it. They ended up at the Angels Plot which people connected to church are working to destroy and replace with houses to hide the past.

It could not have been fun to have been sent there as a pregnant teenage girl.


71. Synanon

IRS, people cutting off their balls and a teenager who disappeared never to be seen again are only something of the crazy things which went down with Synanon

Some claim people were murdered. Fact is that things that went by at Synanon established a industry where youth were held captive. The founder of CEDU walked the hallways of Synanon.

It was not a fun place for a teenager to be.


24. The Krolong Temple and School – Cambodia

Imaging being conned by your family while being on a holiday and then being left behind. That what did happen for Michael Sa-Ngoun and his story was told in The Seattle Times.

In Cambodia he had to beg for food as it is custom for monks to do. Every time of comfort and support from his family he had to miss for two years. The support network of friends was also out of reach.

What did it do for the teenager?

A follow-up story done a year later did show that he lived a life with lowpaid job having being staying abroad far away from student-counselors who could have guided him to the right type of education.

Basically two years wasted. The Danish government does actively fight parents who send their children to a foreign country to be straightened up. The risk of them being left behind exposed to an inferior education system is just too great.