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929. Roost Services

Roost Services is a group home located in American Fork in Utah.

The target group is people with developmental disabilities. In 2021 it attracted attention from the media when it lost an 11-year-old boy 9 days before the boy was found dead in a hot car.

The facility was placed under extra supervision but it safe to say that it cannot be fun to be there as a child.


928. Maple Lake Academy

Maple Lake Academy is located in Spanish Fork, Utah

They have both a department for girls and one for boys. Complaints have been brought on Reddit regarding lack of willingness to bring children who are ill to doctor or hospital.

The facility has been given a warning after employees acted unprofessional.

January 2022 this policy resulted in the death of a girl according to the authorities. Other complaints have been brought on Reddit and the website of BreakingCodeSilence. Later in 2022 the authorities moved to have the facility closed.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


927. Faderhuset

Faderhuset is a cult with roots in Denmark. Officially it has been disbanded but Danish new media have found traces of it located abroad in countries like the Czech republic where the Danish authorities cannot get an agreement with the local authorities to protect the children.

The cult was founded around 1990. They started a school in Copenhagen in 1994 which was closed by the Danish authorities due to the use of an ACE-based curriculum which is found as totally inadequate as curriculum in a civilized society like Denmark is.

They became involved in the political intrigue and basically used as tool by the authorities against Ungdomshuset which was a public house for youth culture in Denmark that was teared down resulting in citywide riots for a full week.

They etablished themselves in a village on the southern Danish island Lolland and took over a hotel in the village of Bandholm. When the local child protection services and the media became concerned about the welfare of the children, the cult declared itself closed and official dismantled. The hotel was sold and went bankrupt because the workers now had to be paid instead of serving for free for the good of the cult. However, the children disappeared and in 2019 the children was tracked to the Czech republic which is known to have housed cults like the infamous WWASP school Morava Academy before.

The Danish child protection services are investigating the cult but they live in protection in the Czech Repulic due to the local authorities lack of interests.

It cannot be fun to live in a cult like Faderhuset if you are a child.


Update 2023

A recent article suggest that they were sided in Greece near the village of Melissohori near the city Thessaloniki. However they seemed on the move and is no longer residing in the region.


A mysterious sect that came and swiftly left (Ekathimerini)

926.  Daniel’s Academy

The academy is located near Heber City in Utah. Reviews are mixed and the management has changed. A review based on a recently stay states:

I haven’t been a student here since may of 2020, however, while i was there many things occurred. an extremely  high ranking staff member was caught molesting/sexually abusing a child and her mother at a nearby roller skating rink. other things that occurred were that employees that actually help are near- completely ignored. this facility is completely profit based, and contrary to advertisement, we had very little outside interaction. the head of the school, Jay Williams, is very condescending and regardless of whether student’s complaints are serious and valid, ignores it using DBT and CBT as an excuse, telling them to just deal with it. usually understaffed, many staff go mad with power and punish students they find in opposition to their beliefs and decisions, regardless of whether they are right. staff ignore important rules and vigorously enforce ones that make little sense. students leave with more phycological damage than they came in with. recreational therapy. most times. we had to earn any and all privileges, and sometimes had to restrain students who were attacking others because staff did nothing. think twice between sending your child here or applying for a job

Chris B.

In the media the facility is mentioned in relationship with a police investigation into a case where an employee accidentally shot a student with a pellet gun and tried to cover it up by giving a student a magazine which for strange reasons is illegal to give to minors in that state.

It seems that it is not fun to be there when even litterature teenagers in other countries read normally can be read in that state and it cannot be fun to be shot by a pellet gun either.


925. The Franklin Academy

The Franklin Academy is the latest facility on the campus which house it. Before the campus housed Haddam Hills Academy. Other schools who used to be located at the campus was Becket Academy and the Founders School.

Testimonies speak of employees which could use training to deal with the issues the children arrive with. Training they clearly never got before they started working.

I was in a difficult position in high school. I didnt have any understanding of any difficulties and how to manage such difficulties. Looking back at Franklin academy I recognize my own short comings in me putting forth a full effort in my time there but also in retrospect I did not receive any meaningful help into understanding myself and recognizing any of my core strengths and how to cope with my struggles with my own mental health. I understand that for some it does work but I find that was mostly due to the kids and social environment they were in rather than the support or education received at Franklin. Most of the staff seemed overwhelmed when kids had meltdowns and couldn’t spare the attention to manage such situations appropriately. I hope one day this institution finds away to help kids more than it does just take in money

Cobb on Google maps

School prohibits all activities that are enjoyable during non class hours, This School is run by the least empathetic and caring staff ever, every teacher who was even the slightest bit caring or kind to students was fired average teacher there only lasts a couple years with such a ruthless and budget cutting administration that tells teachers “My way or the highway”. The administrative practices and structure in punishing students are a stain on the great reputation of Connecticuts schools

Wilson on Google maps

Very poorly run school with lots of very troubled kids who are often unattended and in stressful situations and academics are very standard public school basic courses. Not worth your money when its basically an extra white public school with the price tag of a fancy collage

Jerry W

The lack of training of the employees suggest a poor management which means that it cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.