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30. Building Unique Youth Alternatives (BUYA)

This boot camp program functions in weekends somewhere in California. Now in California they had their share of boot camp scandals. In the prison system they experimented with that around year 2000 and found that it didn’t work.

Now private people has set up a number of boot camps for teenagers with little supervision. One of them is BUYA. They were mentioned in relationship with the Parsedena boot camp scandal.

Hopefully the politicians in California will create some legislation so teenagers don’t end up dead in these programs like it happened in other states.


29. Beiteng School

An article stated:

Chen Shi, 16, died two days after enrolling in Beiteng School in Changsha, capital of central China’s Hunan province, having been beaten up when he refused to run during training

You cannot control how much your child is on the Internet. If you try this could be the result. I have learned that a number of Danish boarding schools called “Efterskoler” are trying to isolate their students for a week. I guess that the parents will have to pay for counseling when the year is over because banning Internet, Facebook and cell phones – that is just cruel.

Chinese teen allegedly beaten to death in boot camp: report (Sino Daily)

28. Alternative Youth Academy

Parents in Control is stated on their homepage. What parents sending their kids of to this program in Georgia get is everything but control. It is kids leaving their home once they turn 18 never to be seen again they get.

The first 72 hours at the school are the most critical for a new student, said Dr. Rommys Chad, the principal of the school.

The student is sent into an isolation room for that entire time. They are not allowed to leave and cannot escape. Ridding the student of their anger and pride is the first step – break them down to build them up new and proper.

“It’s like being in jail,” she said. “We send a message immediately: behave.”

It is basically a prison. Prisons teach violence and anger. This place should be investigated but the owners properly will state that they saw god and then it will be the end of any supervision.

School teaches wayward teens life lessons (North Fulton)

26. Huai’an Internet Addiction Treatment Centre

A group of teenagers managed to escape this camp where they were put because they were addicted to the Internet. What a laugh. (Perhaps not for the teenagers in the camp). It is a made-for-profit diagnose!

Normally these camps only draw attention to them when they manage to kill one of the teenagers. Recently they were banned by the government in China but parenting worldwide seems to call for everybody else to raise their children, so I doubt that they all are closed.


25. Rocklyn Academy – Canada

Rocklyn Academy was a marketed as a special boarding school for female teenagers who needed shielded environment for them to succeed in life.

Shielded they were – even to a point where they weren’t allowed to speak to their own family.

It wasn’t help at all. It was just confinement. In the end school closed and according to the volunteers at a human rights group monitoring the area, the former campus is up for sale.

On Facebook some of the girls who lived there for too long has a facebook group.

Rocklyn (Facebook group)

24. The Krolong Temple and School – Cambodia

Imaging being conned by your family while being on a holiday and then being left behind. That what did happen for Michael Sa-Ngoun and his story was told in The Seattle Times.

In Cambodia he had to beg for food as it is custom for monks to do. Every time of comfort and support from his family he had to miss for two years. The support network of friends was also out of reach.

What did it do for the teenager?

A follow-up story done a year later did show that he lived a life with lowpaid job having being staying abroad far away from student-counselors who could have guided him to the right type of education.

Basically two years wasted. The Danish government does actively fight parents who send their children to a foreign country to be straightened up. The risk of them being left behind exposed to an inferior education system is just too great.


23. LAPD Juvenile Impact Program

Years ago rather disturbing videos of the approach the police take against children reached the Internet. The courts signed so-called at-risk teens up for 12 weeks of bullying by the local police force. That would truly teach them to trust the police officers later in life.

We are talking about the same kind of police officers known to have beaten Rodney King up on national television and then you entrust the care of vulnerable children to them – right move!!

How helpful would these coming citizens be later in life when the police ask for their help?

22. Leake & Watts residential treatment center

Leake & Watts residential treatment center is a residential treatment center located near New York.

They offer services to about 2800 children, adults and families.

Serving that many has resulted in a number of cases where children has been treated very poorly. One even died.

I won’t write addtional information about this place. Just try to google them. It is not a fun place.

Leake & Watts boy’s death: ‘I can’t breathe,’ boy shouts after staffers piled onto him, witness says (LOHUD news)

21. The Family Foundation School

The Family Foundation School located in Hancock, New York opened in 1984 and closed around 2014.

Teenagers being duck taped, restrained and hunted by dogs when they try to escape this boarding school seems to be a vital part of the schools story.

It doesn’t sound like a nice place for teenagers and an American Human rights organization named CAFETY are on the case, but they have not been able to close the school down yet.

Anyhow here are some quotes from the article I have listed as source:

“The horrors I faced at The Family School are so many that I could probably fill
an entire book… I quickly found myself denied every imaginable right. I spent
most of my time sitting in a chair facing a corner. They took my shoes and I had
to walk through the winter snow in sandals. I would spend hours at a sitting
facing the corner of the room….” – Charlie C

“Three staff proceeded to then throw me on the ground and restrain me. As a
result I got a cut on my face and my wrist was sprained. I also had many bruises
on my body.” – Alex D

Update October 2014

The facility was renamed to Allynwood Academy to avoid the consequences from public speeching from former students. It did not save the school and they had to close in 2014


Update 2022

An article mentions a lawsuit.


Survivor993 Is Not Alone: Lawsuits Show Abuse at School for At-Risk Teens (The New York Times)

Update 2023

A Podcast was released offering more details on the life, the detainees had at the facility.

20. Summit School – Nyack, New York, United States

I was just in the movie watching the movie Eddie – the sleeping walking cannibal where a retart sleepwalks due to a kind of trauma from his childhood and start eating people. Fine movie but the reality is often so much cruler.

What if your son was sent to a boarding school where he should get some help and end up being crushed due to a fall from a second storage window. All because your son was placed in the same room as some retart now knowning why and when he was there?

That happen to the parents of Jeremy Gaulin.

He died there. Why didn’t they offer single rooms when we are talking about teenagers with severe problems? Maybe to save money? However their focus på costs ended in the loss of a life.

New York: Upper Nyack: Student Charged In Fatal Plunge (New York Times)