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15. Pathways, Argentina

Down in Argentina they have something called Pathways where children of rich Americans can be sent to so they can find themselves by playing music and working for free for the locals.

As a Dane I find the concept of working for anyone for free bad and cruel. Here we support our society by paying taxes and it demands a paychecque to do that.

I understand that the concept of taxes is not very well-known in Argentina and until they learn to pay for their expenses as a population I don’t think we should support anything down there. Why waste the lives of teenagers by helping a country which are unable to pay the bill for all the goods people want?


14. Ibicuy, Argentina

In Maine they had a special boarding school called Elan. It closed down after the boxing matches became known. It is actually wrong to call it a boxing match when the one opponant is the student which should be pressed to confess his or her abuse and the other opponant is the entire student body trying to achieve a leap in their treatment program by doing their best. It was a approved therapy form believe me or not.

Anyhow. In a remote area of Argentine far away from any civilization a copy of Elan has been built by one of the former students who threw a good punch.

It doesn’t sound very nice to lose months or years there of anyone’s life.

No wonder they try to escape all the time.


13. Masía Can Gener – Spain

Students was placed in cages as punishment. It sounds very much like the typical private run boot camp but in fact it was something a firm in Germany named TimeOut arranged for in Spain.

The original plan was that German students should run a farm in Spain but somewhere along the road something went terrible wrong and the students ended up in the cages. The entire matter was solved somewhat quietly.

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


12. Canisius-Kolleg Berlin – Germany

Maybe they cleaned the place up. Maybe not.

I would not risk my welfare or anyone in my family by attending this school.

The priests had their joy with young fresh flesh. Not a unique case but neither a nice one either.


Update 2023

The media focused a lot on the past at this school back around year 2010 but the question remains if they cleaned the school up entirely and if they ever got a full picture of how many victims there were.


11. Anchor Home For Boys in Texas – United States

A preacher named Lester Roloff created boarding schools for young boys and girls. The one for boys was named Anchor home. They were forced out of Texas when the police wanted to inspect the school and some claim that they exist today after being forced to run from Montana too.

Teenagers living at the Anchor home do know about paddling. Corporal punishment was their breakfast. Isolation rooms with loudspeakers running 24/7 prayers was their lunch. Leftovers from good people in the neighborhood became their dinner. The school work was church inspired and difficult to get credits for if they wanted to study after they were released.

Lester Roloff died when his plane crashed. Riding with him was a lot of young girls who traveled with him and sang for those who wanted to hear him talk. It is not known if they provided other services to him. After his death many of the employees started their own schools inspired by his teaching. Unfortunately many are still in existence.