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818. Auldern Academy

Looking at feedbacks from students like Peyton’s

It’s taken me too long to write this post.. please do NOT send your daughter here. She will be stripped of her voice (emotionally and literally) and be taught that being herself is wrong. I spent a year too long here and I’ve been in trauma therapy ever since. They left me on Non-Communication (I cant speak to any staff or any one and have to write all words on a piece of paper) for months. I slept outside and pulled weeds all day instead of going to class. The staff was so mean, I watched a girl try to take her life because she hated it there. Everyone wanted to run away, it’s all we thought about. Please do not scar your children. There are much better options. I’m begging you.

and Harrison’s

In my opinion this place is not where I would recommend sending anyone. Especially not children! Terrible environment for children with a terrible staff. Kim Field and the rest of the staff is unprofessional and would not trust any of their employees around my children ever again. Definitely not worth the money to send your children here either. Please, please reconsider before sending your children here. There are plenty of better, cheaper, and trustworthy options for your children.

make you have your doubts about this facility. Combining that with testimonies from employees like this one from Glassdoor:

I worked at Auldern Academy part-time
Good mental health experience. Looks good on resume
High turnover rate, can be a high stress job

it makes it clear that it is a for-profit place as many other places run by Sequel Youth & Family Services. People are not there for the children. They are there to gain a footing in the line of business before they move on to work in an ordinary prison.
When employees moves away knowledge is lost and it makes it a not so funny place to be as a teenager.


Update 2021

It has been reported that the facility closed after reports of abuse made the owner Sequel Youth & Family Services lose enrollment in their facilities.

817. Bryn Estyn care home

The Bryn Estyn care home which have been closed was in the news due to the trial against a former employee. The buildings now house a conference center named Erla Centre. Former employees were sentenced for offenses like violating boys as young as 12, offences of buggery, attempted buggery and indecent assault.

It is safe to conclude that it could not have been fun to be there as a child.


816. Ty Mawr School

The police in Wales are doing an investigation in the past at Children’s home called Operation Flight. One of the results were the conviction of former employees at the Ty Mawr School near Monmouthshire.

A total of 23 years jail were handed out and the employees were ordered to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.

It cannot have been fun to be there as a child