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582. Milton Hershey School

The Milton Hershey School in Georgia allows underprivileged children attending a top of the line boarding school. It is a good idea. However if the children become ill suffering from mental issues they are not granted leave of absence while they undergo treatment. They are expelled.

Also it seems that some former students have been exposed to anti-gay video so they could be pressured to choose a partner of the opposite gender. It does not matter if the decisions were made by house parents. The school is responsible for hiring and directing how the student houses are run.

It does not sound to be a fun place to be if you choose a life-partner of your own gender or become victim of mental illness.


581. The Colonia Dignidad cult

An isolated small community run by German immigrants were for decades a terrible place to grow up. People were not allowed to live as families. If the parents were against the government they were tortured and the children adopted into new families.

All controlled by a former priest which ended his days in prison after first having escaped Germany accused of abuse. He took control of this small community and turned it into a cult protected by the government in Chile. Electro shock and other kind of turture were used.

The government changed and the police raided the community in 2005. The priest tried to escape abroad but were caught and sentenced to prison where he died after having served 6 years of a 20 years sentence. He got off easy.

It could not have been fun to be there as teenager, while the priest were in charge.

A good movie called Colonia has been made about this community.


580. All Saints Academy, Plymouth

The All Saints Academy was founded in 2013. As a private religious based school they have their agenda. However the state also have theirs and it is to secure that schools in the country deliver a good quality and the Ofsted inspection found that the school didn’t deliver. Especially the quality of teaching was too variable and teachers’ expectations of pupils were too low.

Teaching the students the bible and exclude parts of the evolution history which does not fit what the bible claims does not ensure good quality.

However the schools have not addressed this. Instead they focused on punishing the understimulated students isolating them for 24 academic hours and sending them home with proper communication to the parents. Does that improve the student material? Of course not.

It cannot be fun to be there as student. There are properly other schools in the area. The parents should move their children away from this school.


579. Darlington School

Today Darlington School is mostly known to have hidden abuse according to various media articles. An investigation was lanched to establish knowledge regarding the amount of teenager having beeen abused.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager


578. The Family Bridges workshops

The Family Bridges workshops are used when one parent is claimed to have alienated the children against the other parent. However in many divorce cases it is not the parent who have the best interest in the children who wins custody in the courts. It is the parent with the most money.

In the case involving the Loudon sisters these critized workshops were used and the children had to endure time in court as they were criminals.

It cannot be fun to be forced to attend these workshops as a teenager when you really wants to be with a parent who loves you.


577. Hanna Boys Center

The Hanna Boys Center in Sonoma, California has been around for many years. Recently it was in the news after the former clinical director was charged with 15 counts of of oral copulation of two minors by coercion or duress.

Earlier an executive director resigned after news concerning his action in the past before he came to the facility become public.

It doesn’t sound like a place oversight of the employees are tight.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


2018 update

Early 2018 it was reported that the state sought to close the facility down.

State looks to close Hanna Boys Center (The Press Democrat)

576. New Visions Group Home

The New Visions Group Home located in Clovis, New Mexico lost its license after the authorities investigated the facility. They found improper care of the teenagers held at the facility.

It could not have been fun to be there as a teenager.


575. Devereux School

The Devereux School is located in Rutland, Massachusetts. An officer was fired for hitting a student. Former residents speak of restraints as punishment. Former employees complain of lack of payment and overtime.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.


574. Waialeʻe Industrial School

Today Waialeʻe Industrial School in Hawaii is only a tomb but past generations remember this place with fear. Not everyone was placed there fairly. There was a time where the United States ran the former Kingdom of Hawaii as a kind of colony controlled by private businessmen who didn’t accept democracy or even the kingdom itself. It closed in the 1950’s.

It could not have been a fun place to be as a teenager.


573. Columbia Training School

Columbia Training School closed in 2008. It was about 100 years too late because the treatment the girls received sounded more like something you could have found 100 years ago. Some of the offenses which resulted in the placement of the girls were not real offenses like truancy. Truancy is a school problem, not a student problem. If the school provide an interesting method of education none should punish the children for staying away.

Danish high schools have friday bars so the students can drink beer just to keep them in school.

Anyhow once placed at the reform school the teenage girls could be placed in shackles, isolation or forced to trade in sexual favors just to make life something to survive.

It could not have been a fun place to be.